The Best summer home for your Rabbit

All winter long Nelson the rabbit lives in her glasshouse sneaking up and down the steps, in and out of bedrooms, eating clothing, sleeping in washing baskets and nibbling on any paper left lying about at all!

I know a bunny in the glasshouse sounds a little unusual but Nelson does not like greens. So my winter food is safe. But summer is coming and the glasshouse has begun to fill up with vegetable seedlings.

Silver Grey rabbit looking at camera. Two ears straight up listening.

The only thing Nelson the rabbit has ever eaten in the glasshouse was the rosemary – that was a little disappointing – it looks like a bonsai lollipop tree now – but once the bush was placed out of reach we were good. Which reminds me I must take some rosemary cuttings for this years gardens – I need to do that today!

Herb plants on window sill, basil, parsley and rosemary cuttings in kaseys drink container


(Someone walked into my house the other day holding this ENORMOUS Kaseys drink container with something blue sloshing about inside it. (With a plastic lid and a plastic straw god help us all) I had to work very hard not to allow my face to curl its lip then give a lecture on single use plastic that cannot be recycled and will still be on the planet long after she had met her natural demise. And how that is not sustainable. But I stayed silent because I do not know her that well. As they left she flicked the empty container straight into my rubbish bin. I waited until they were off the porch before grabbing the container back out (5 second rule) washed it and with a couple of holes in the bottom it has made a lovely pot for striking my rosemary.)

Anyway: Nelson cannot stay in the house all summer – she is a rabbit. And now she has discovered her summer digs. The South porch where my washing frame is. It is easy to gate off and has a lovely sunny aspect. In the late summer the trees shade it beautifully. And yesterday she was walking in and out as though she already owned the place.

She loves her summer porch even though Spring has not even arrived yet. (though it is getting up to 60 today!).

Yesterday she was peering back in the screen door just in case I had dropped a piece of paper on the floor for her. Similar to the longing look Boo gives me when I am working in the kitchen.

silver rabbit looking through the screen door into the house with hardwood floor

Did you know that rabbits make little grunty noises? I am not sure why that surprised me. Little ‘get out of my way’ noises when I place her food down and she pushes my hand aside in her eagerness.

Blue Peacock in front of old barn, looking directly at the camera with a brown duck in the background

Mr Flowers is still beautiful. His tail is already long.

Good morning!


44 Comments on “The Best summer home for your Rabbit

  1. Good morning! It’s good to see Mr. Flowers. Such a regal gentleman!

    • He is looking fat and lovely. It is sad that he does not have his mate now but is much more friendly. He stands very close to me when it is dinner time!

  2. Yes, Mr. Flowers in beautiful! In all his splendor! And it seems that Nelson the rabbit is quite the happy camper too. So wonderful to read your blog more often these days! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yes! I have added another shift to my morning schedule so as to blog more often. And I just feel so much better as the rhythm catches me.

  3. You must have a lot of energy–or a lot of help– attending to all those animals. I guess Nelson the rabbit knows to stay out from underfoot.

    Very impressive and admirable.

    • A lot of energy! My husband does the morning feedings while I teach but I strive to be very organized and I walk very fast! Plus ( as you know) I don’t have TV!

  4. I’ll have to forward this to my friend Audrey in Auckland – she’s got two house rabbits and feeds them flowers.
    Great reuse of nasty plastics 😉

  5. How nice to see Nelson today, and how appropriate. I have British friends who begin each month by saying “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first day (although one insists it should be “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.”) Do you know the custom? If it brings good luck, as it’s said to do, why not? And if it’s merely a bit of fun, there’s nothing wrong with that, either!

  6. Good morning C! Nelson has done so well since coming to the farm. Is it odd that a rabbit doesn’t eat greens? Good to see regal Mr. Flowers this morning-such a handsome bird. He seems to know that fact 😉 Thanks for the laugh imagining your face during the plastic encounter- I see such a look of horror and can hear your brain whirling… precycle, carbon copay…

  7. Good morning! 67 and partly cloudy here today, heavy rain and thunder tonight, snow three days next week. Definitely not spring yet, but my plum is blooming. Guess there will be no plums this year.

  8. Ah, gorgeous Mr Flowers. So glad he’s still strutting about with us. Good morning, C.

  9. Mr Flowers !! He looks quite healthy….and Nelson the bun bun…thriving

    I remember now…my first email to open was always theFarmy …..yeah it’s back and a wonderful way to start my day…it’s Wednesday so snow is expected here in Colorado ☮️💜something to do with the jet stream pattern 🤔

  10. That rabbit cracks me up! When l used to have an allotment l wish all the rabbits around did not like green stuff!! Lovely Mr Flowers💕

  11. You know – looking through these images of Nelson – she is looking quite old! I mean she is old but – is looking it. She eats a lot!!

  12. Refusing plastic, for years I made my seedling pots out of newspaper. And then I stopped buying newspapers. Then it was toilet roll inners. And then I stopped using toilet rolls (I use a bum gun instead now, nothing grim or scary). So now I have a seed block maker and don’t need pots at all. I think I’d probably use a jam jar for striking roots; I have quite the collection, especially when they’re a useful size or pretty shape. I have a row of tiny variegated ones in the fridge right now with Brazilian cherry jelly in them. Why did we ever need plastic, really?

    • Exactly!! And it was not that long ago that we were doing without all this plastic. Definitely in my lifetime!

      I have rows of little jars too! I use them for everything. Is Brazilian cherry jelly hot? It sounds hot!

      • No, it’s delicate, tart and a little like plum in flavour. I’m sure you could add chilli if you wanted to, though… Has lots of akas, but you can get a good description of it here: ( Our neighbour at the back has a bush and puts bagfuls in the over-fence basket we use for our local bartering system. They get fresh eggs in return!

          • We have a basket that hangs over the fence between us. It can be flipped over to either side. If either of us has something to give the other, we put it in the basket, flip it over and send a text to say it’s there. The other will then reciprocate with whatever they have. Chook scraps, eggs, fruit, vegies, or a note promising a barrow-load of chook pen compost. They have a lot of unusual fruit trees: Brazilian cherry, cumquats, etc. I have eggs and a large passionfruit vine and banana trees. It works well, and they chook-sit and get all the eggs when we go away.

  13. Is that back porch area where Nelson is starting to hang out enclosed? If not, do you worry about something getting to her? We barter with our neighbors too. Bread for eggs, or veggies or firewood or whatever each of us has too much of. It’s great! When all of our kids were home and growing up, it was clothes and sporting equipment. 🙂 You could encourage your people to start up something like that with their neighbors or friends. Some communities have a trade/borrow/free stuff website.

    • Yes! It is enclosed. She is fine there a d just walks in the door in the evenings.

      Barter is so wonderful for a local food economy! I think there are a few FB pages who do something like that?

  14. Question – how do you create your rosemary cuttings? Just stick them in potting soil or is there more involved? I had no idea you could do this with rosemary! : )

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