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I try so hard to allow myself to feel the contentment of what is in my moment. To lie in the damp sunlight and chew my cud.  To wander from patch to patch lazily searching out green. Instead, I endlessly worry about things that have… Continue Reading “TWO BY TWO”


When snow first falls it is pretty. Then when you are out in it it is pretty cold but soon it is just as used and worn out and unpretty as the rest of us. Though not without a certain  formidable charm.


Right this minute – it is 5.23am  -it is 53F/11C, really warm. And wet, sopping all over, really wet, wet air and wet ground and wet all around. I can hear water dripping off the eaves into the gardens and the water barrel. 

You sure?

BooBoo comes with me every evening to put the cows through to their evening field. We have to move Lady Astor far away from the barn where her big calf sleeps or she opens the door and lets him out.  He is stood here… Continue Reading “You sure?”

As the trees grow

Every year I plant as many trees as i can buy or grow or find. And one thing I have noticed about the mornings is how loud it is with bird song this year.  Especially the cardinals. I seldom see them as they love… Continue Reading “As the trees grow”