Right this minute – it is 5.23am  -it is 53F/11C, really warm. And wet, sopping all over, really wet, wet air and wet ground and wet all around. I can hear water dripping off the eaves into the gardens and the water barrel. yellow-001

Molly has settled down into being a nice pig again now that she is back out in the big vegetable garden. She was getting stir crazy in her own little pig garden.


The new wee Bobby slept most of yesterday – I always worry when I cannot see them feeding but she is already pooing like a well fed baby.  Two reasons why she will go into the beef herd. One – She is small and if she is bred she may end up with an Ayrshire sized udder and this would be awful for her and for her health. Two –  she had a male twin which means she has a 90 percent chance of being a freemartin this means she will be infertile.  It is a cow thing.  Do you remember we went through this discussion with Queenie.

Not to worry though – as I said in reason number One – It would be irresponsible to breed her anyway.  Plus I am not breeding cows for the next wee while.  Just growing them and hopefully selling them. I am well stocked now!


Lady Astor is milking just above 20 pounds (9 liters)  a day – once she drops down a bit further I can dry her up.  I will milk Aunty Del once a day, and I am leaving her calf on her 24/7 with no bottle.  I hope I do not get a crippling winter in case I have to milk Del right through.  But having baby with her all the time gives us lots of options. This is a good healthy wooly baby – I am pretty sure she will take over ok.  As long as Aunty’s production remains low. yellow-016yellow-018

Piglets in the garden – they are so happy. The day is punctuated with occasional squeaks as they investigate the electric fence and get zapped.  Not the fastest learners but they are the fastest runners.  And they honk like geese as they run – very funny.




The cows and I had a good day in the fields fixing fences.



Very exciting news! The Calendar is ready.



And while you are there maybe add some postcards – they make wonderful Christmas gift cards and they are only $1.50 each. And maybe a Sheila T shirt?.   I am working on the Christmas Cards today – (looks like the weather might keep me inside) and I will give you the links to those asap.

As a treat – below is the link to the newsletter.   Join the mailing list if you want one once a month.


WEATHER: Wet. Wet. Wet. And maybe a Storm or two. A good day for little calves to stay inside with their Mums.

Sunday 11/05 70% / 0.36 in
Variable clouds with strong thunderstorms. Damaging winds and large hail with some storms. High 58F/14C. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

Sunday Night 11/05 20% / 0 in
Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later at night. Low 36F/2C. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.

6:28 am 4:43 pm

Waning Gibbous, 95% visible 6:20 pm 7:52 am



27 Comments on “MISTY STILL DAY

  1. It looks like a happy day in spite of the damp. We’ve got the same temperature here, but with bright sunshine.

  2. Sweltering 32C here, wish I could windmill some warmth and sunshine over to the farmy 🙂 Now there is Peghorn, still very handsome. The new baby, born on the eve of full moon, is very cute. Look at Inky sporting perfect highlights in her ears … don’t they start young these days 🙂 🙂 Calendar looks great too. Laura

    • we are quite warm – in fact I am finding the temperatures quite perfect. I am pleased with the calendar and look forward to making a few more on there too as soon as I get a minute..

  3. Aren’t these mild temperatures wonderful? We had a foggy, damp morning yesterday. Today will be 83 and our last really warm day. I might blow off work today and walk to the river… I’ll think of you with your stormy weather. I may even find a nice carpet of fallen leaves and just sit a while. 🙂

    • YES! I love the idea of you sitting in the autumn leaves. I love the idea of just going ‘for a walk’ Not something I do here, just one long straight road after the other – I walk TO places.. c

  4. “Deviled hams in a cancan” So hilarious to have such a wonderful laugh first thing in the morning! The calendar is gorgeous Miss C 🙂
    How can Lady even walk with that udder? I can see why you continue to be worried about injury for her.

    • She is pulchritudinous, is Our Lady. My spouse and I saw our first bovine bra while on our honeymoon—on a magnificent cow in the dairy wonderland of Allgäu. Even when wearing that support contraption, she had to move rather slowly with such a massive udder to avoid being immobilized entirely. But she looked as contented as the rest of her herd, and there can hardly be a more romantic thing on one’s honeymoon than to hear cowbells clinking softly and the occasional gentle lowing of the cows all along the hillside behind the open window from dawn to nightfall (and having unbelievably delicious grassfed butter with everything one eats!).

      Lady is mighty well looked after, so she’ll do the best any can!

  5. I still can’t stop shaking my head at Carlos the wonder bull. He was a slow starter, but sure made up for it in the long run. As you say, you are now well stocked, and have figured a way to accommondate your itchy feet. Good for you!!

  6. Sunny here…I guess the old comic of a cow stepping on her own teat ISN’T a joke after all. That looks so uncomfortable! Do her hips hurt from carrying a huge bazonka like that around?

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