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This morning I spoke at an organic grain conference. It went well and I had a good time. Putting the 160 into organic crops has certainly opened the door to hew opportunities. The ice was heavy yesterday. And the light low. However today the… Continue Reading “AWAY AWAY”


After almost two inches of rain, and no evaporation, no rain soaking into the frozen ground, we have slowly descended back into the bad cold. See this? All ice. Not polished like a skating rink but just as slidey. Like throwing buckets of water… Continue Reading “THE ICEMAN”


When snow first falls it is pretty. Then when you are out in it it is pretty cold but soon it is just as used and worn out and unpretty as the rest of us. Though not without a certain  formidable charm.

Slow Learner

That Cat is a slow learner though he was safe in yesterdays cold. The ice was thick. No quick dip for him.  Sheila has got her eye on me. These cats have their eye on something. We had a morning of sunshine! And there was… Continue Reading “Slow Learner”

Moldy Oldies

Frozen. All day yesterday my world sat like a large silent hesitant animal, softly freezing into place. Shiny and undecided. Waiting. Everything was crunchy with ice. I am leaving these gloves on the clothesline for the whole winter. I am not sure what the experiment is… Continue Reading “Moldy Oldies”

In the night,

as one lone coyote howled out on the frozen tundra (and Boo answered from THE COUCH! ), the temperatures dropped soundlessly to -12F/-24C. By midnight the wave of frigid air had rolled through and without pause the temperatures began to rise again. Not a… Continue Reading “In the night,”

The Ring-Master

Sheila. Showing you her performing cows.  She literally has them running rings around her. They obey her every bark. Not a lot of news from yesterday unless you want to call weather news. Which I would rather not but that is all I have.… Continue Reading “The Ring-Master”

the full moon night

After the dinner is done and the dishes  are done and the writing is done. I  stand in front of the fire and put all my cold weather gear back on, my clown suit, the jacket, the hats, the scarf, the gloves, pick up… Continue Reading “the full moon night”

oops, I forgot

Remember how I told you it got really cold the night before last but that was OK as i was all preparde for the cold? Well, I completely forgot that the milking pump and the pulsator hate cold and I left them out in… Continue Reading “oops, I forgot”


Elsie and Lady Astor, the Dutch Belted Dairy cows, went through their pretend milking routine with perfect precision yesterday afternoon. So you CAN teach old cows new tricks. They walked into the milking parlour one at a time. Lady A first, as usual. Elsie waiting… Continue Reading “Chipping”