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When I was a Mum of little babies I used to moan my arse off about having no sleep. Baby got me up TWICE or even God Help Us FOUR times in the night. I would cry. Poppy  the sow feeds her piglets every hour… Continue Reading “PORCINE SLEEP DEPRIVATION”


I try so hard to allow myself to feel the contentment of what is in my moment. To lie in the damp sunlight and chew my cud.  To wander from patch to patch lazily searching out green. Instead, I endlessly worry about things that have… Continue Reading “TWO BY TWO”


Imagine building a barn like this.  It must have been an enormous undertaking.  I am not sure how old the West Barn is  – definitely older than the cottage that stands beside it, but it will be shelter for the cows this winter – though… Continue Reading “OLD BARN”

Nine Bouncing Baby Piglets

After the longest labour I have  experienced with a sow  (five hours) Poppy gave birth to her sixth piglet. After an hour of cycling them in and out of their box having a good drink so there were at least three on her at one… Continue Reading “Nine Bouncing Baby Piglets”


We never got the piglets new fence finished yesterday but maybe tomorrow. Farm work has a delightful endlessness,  there is always more to do but when you don’t quite finish every job it does not really matter – there is always tomorrow. The important… Continue Reading “Creeps”

Pigs love Pears

They say that pigs will eat anything but I have never seen that – there are many things that pigs will not eat, onions, celery, to name a few, but they all love pears.  Tima is able to fit up to three pears in… Continue Reading “Pigs love Pears”

Poppy Comes Home

I THINK. (Emphasis on the Think) – that Poppy is indeed pregnant.  Her first due date was actually yesterday but her udder might be changing and I think I felt a piglet kick from within her belly. So I took advantage of having my… Continue Reading “Poppy Comes Home”

Water in the garden and an important discussion.

I have always been fascinated by water in the garden. And butterflies, bees and birds, not to mention toads, frogs, snakes and our collection of  little garden inhabitants share my fascination.  Water adds a reflective shimmer to the ruffled, vibrant, undulating collection of colours… Continue Reading “Water in the garden and an important discussion.”