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Fifteen Teats

The big digger has done his pass along the bank and left behind a huge ugly mess but he did not tear down the trees I have up there and evidently the path is still intact but I am not walking it anymore. The… Continue Reading “Fifteen Teats”


We never got the piglets new fence finished yesterday but maybe tomorrow. Farm work has a delightful endlessness,  there is always more to do but when you don’t quite finish every job it does not really matter – there is always tomorrow. The important… Continue Reading “Creeps”

Grim weather and Great Escapes

Yesterday began cold and blustery. Sprinkles of rain but nothing to write home about. This morning is more of the same. I hate to say it but winter is coming. Yesterday I miserably hunted out my winter jacket shook the spiders out of it… Continue Reading “Grim weather and Great Escapes”

Not Thursday Yet

The Weather Mob  are forecasting high temperatures for Thursday. (see below)  In themselves the high temperatures are not a problem and not unusual: it is summer after all. But high temperatures after 5 inches of rain IS a problem because that brings excessive humidity.  Though… Continue Reading “Not Thursday Yet”

Food, Friends and Runaway pigs

And now the fun starts! Sunday lunch is our favourite meal.  Yesterday we were joined by Kim who drove up from Texas for a few weeks.  So we delved into my new book and cooked empanadas, domino potatoes, and later in the evening we… Continue Reading “Food, Friends and Runaway pigs”

Fat Pigs

Well not fat exactly. But I certainly have two fast growing pigs on the Farmy. At least we have a date for Poppy.  July 3rd.  She is rounder.  Pulling in before the hips.  And her udder is showing signs of dropping (I think). But for… Continue Reading “Fat Pigs”