Not Thursday Yet

The Weather Mob  are forecasting high temperatures for Thursday. (see below)  In themselves the high temperatures are not a problem and not unusual: it is summer after all. But high temperatures after 5 inches of rain IS a problem because that brings excessive humidity.  Though once again – not unusual. But I have two very pregnant pigs who totally ignore their fans preferring to sleep like the dogs in the drafts from the doors.  Dogs always know the best places to sleep. The poor old things are uncomfortable. Pregnancy and Heat and not comfortable together.


Storms are, of course, still in the forecast but that is expected too and we see nothing severe. Touch wood please.

pregnant pig

We have a baby staying in the house so I have caved in and started up the Air Conditioning and gosh it is lovely inside. But going in and out is brutal.  Though I still refuse to actively complain about the heat – this is only short term – Winter will return you know!

Bobby T and Difficult BobbyAunty Anna and Bobby 2

I am freezing chopped up watermelon for the chicks to peck at and the big chickens will be let out of the coop to wander in under the trees in the day time.  Both will have ice in their waters a couple of times a day.  The cows will stand in their waters under the trees and the pigs in their wallows. The pregnant pigs (and Sheila) will get Gatorade and water to encourage hydration (they love Gatorade it is a great pick-me-up for stressed pigs).  The first milking of the day will be earlier and the second milking of the day will be a bit later when it is a bit cooler. I will keep a close watch.


For your information here is the notification of hot weather.

Excessive Heat Watch
348 PM CDT TUE JUL 19 2016





Much ado about summer.

Plan ahead – my favourite piece of advice. But it is not Thursday yet and compared to some other areas of the United States not even that hot.  Today we garden, garden, garden. It is Sam and Axels last day tomorrow so we are not starting any new projects, just gardening and tidying and planning the last dinner!.

I hope you have a lovely day.


53 Comments on “Not Thursday Yet

  1. I also refuse to complain about summer heat because winter will be back soon enough and I want to savour every last bit of summer!

  2. It’s hotter than hell here. They had someone on the news demonstrating sunblock for pigs – I did wonder why they didn’t dig a hole and fill it with water so the pig could coat itself with mud…
    This time of year I like to pop into supermarkets and stand in the chilled section for 10 minutes to cool down 😉

  3. It seems you are having every kind of weather summer can throw, so I hope the principle of wait a minute and it’ll change applies to the extreme heat too. Loving your Instagram pics… Instagram is great… it’s so… instant ☄

    • Instagram has made a difference to my work too – often I take a shot with my camera but getting it to the PC for you is so hit and miss – so I see the instagram as running together with the blog. Hopefully people will join.. c

  4. We were laughing at the Cincinnati weather boffin last evening who promoted the late weather update with ‘we’ll tell you how bad it’s going to feel’ 😆 Best wishes. We start our return to Australia today, where the daytime high of 27c awaits us on Friday. Yay. xxx

  5. I hope you and the Farmy Family survive the heat. Of course, it’s possible to get used to prolonged heat and high humidity, but you need a gentle run up to it, and your weather seems to change like flicking a switch. I love the idea of the pregnant mums swilling Gatorade – I wonder if you told the Gatorade people how invaluable it was for your pregnant girls, they might send you some free samples? Worth a try!

        • This kind of free ‘ad’ is worth a million! I certainly would do it and be so ‘bold’ as to ask whether they could please make the lives of two very pregnant pigs more comfortable and a little cheaper for you!!! Celi, that would be world-wide advertising for them

          • Just attempted to send your today’s blog to Gatorade . . . can’t find the email address but they certainly have a free number to phone from the US during your daylight hours!! I certainly would tell the story 🙂 !

  6. It is SUMMER for sure…… I wonder if the University of Florida would endorse using Gatorade for Pigs? After all – they are a football loving university and footballs are called Pigskins right?

    Do you have a problem with mosquitoes with all the rain and heat? They are horrible here in Texas – and we have the horrid West Nile Virus going around.

  7. Enjoy the summer, escape the extreme heat in what ever manner you can, my turn soon I hope. Those piggies do look very pregnant and uncomfortable 🙂 Laura

  8. Celia, here is a hand-out I wrote for my Ladies Homestead Gathering presentation awhile ago. I keep it posted and read it occasionally to my interns in the great heat. I thought you could post it for your helpers.
    Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke – Diann Dirks

    • Thank you Diann – I copied that but I had to edit it off the comments as it is way to big for a comment section. (The majority of people read on their phones and large comments like that take up too much space. I am sure you understand) Please do not worry about my workers. I do not send my workers outside when it is that hot. That would be bad. I had a brush with sunstroke some years back and we are very careful. Maybe you could put this document in a post on your own blog and link it back here? That would be kind. c

  9. You’ve reminded me, I have a neighbor I should check on. I resist the air conditioning as much as possible too but I find that I need it more now than I used to. Here’s hoping no storms do harm to your beautiful farm!

    • I grew up in a country that does not use air conditioning – most of us simply could not afford it even if it were offered. But the visitors are used to air conditioning and asked me to coo the house for baby. And now I find I like it too . But onlyl for the next three days and then everyone but John and I will be gone. c

      • It is a tad cooler here today, so I’ve got a window open and I’m listening to the cicadas. I do love them! And the air conditioning prevents me from hearing the birds, too. Can’t wait to be able to turn it off.

  10. This summer heat is horrible for humans and us anipals. We agree to that my sweet friend. You can find me these days in the house on top of an air conditioning vent or under the ceiling fan. I guess I can admit it – I’m a spoiled oinker. Stay cool and safe my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  11. Perhaps becoming so used to AC (or being born in a generation that has never lived without it) makes more totally unaware of the dangers – and how to take care of yourself and animals in your charge. We managed for years – maybe with less energy to do things in the summer and less productive due to common sense? HA HA.
    Babies need that cool air to keep adults around them sane.
    I heard last night they were worried about the midwest heat wave. They said after rain corn fields “sweat” and raising the humidity levels very very high. Makes sense. Get up early, and find shade mid day. Take care! (It’s been 99F with high humidity the past few days – we’re in the edge of that weather pattern.)

  12. We have no air conditioning here but are managing ok. It’s been in the high 30’s for the past few days but looks like a thundershower might cool us down a bit. Let’s hope so.

    • Yes – I never had air conditioning in any country I lived in until i got the the US. I think it is an anti social thing. When I was here and 16 no-one had it and everyone was out on their porches in the evening, doors and windows open to catch a breeze, fans. Now that people have AC they close all the doors and windows AND curtains and you see no-one. Everyone is tucked up in the cool houses with no idea what is happening outside. Fewer vege gardens or flower beds. No-one want to be outside. I know a lady who keeps her house so cold she has to put a blanket over herself when she is watching TV! c

      • When I moved here some 23 years ago the ancient AC did not work: still does not – shows how much it has worried me . . . . well, we are over 40 C perhaps 6-8 days a year . . . doors do get opened and shades half-drawn in the afternoon . . .I suppose one does not undertake to mow lawns or cut trees 🙂 !

  13. We are operating under a heat warning too, in southern Ontario. A ‘warning’ being one step further than an ‘advisory’. Here is an interesting link — the earth keeps breaking heat records: So I guess no wonder we’re all feeling this heat, regardless of our location. I am on a weight loss diet and this heat is an advantage because you simply don’t feel like eating when it gets uncomfortably hot… so that’s good. heh heh
    I was fascinated to see Mad Dog’s video that he posted; I had no idea that camels were ‘farmed’ in the U.S.
    Yes, plan ahead and try to keep cool…. and have a great day too! ~ Mame 🙂

      • Well I live in a gated village in the Australian countryside: quite fun having a llama farm next door tho’ they do not seem to be very friendly to those of us wanting to share excess food . . . 🙂 ! [To us they are as strange as camels!!]

  14. It’s cool and foggy on our California coast but hot inland. You take great care of your animals, try to stay cool.
    I remember driving through Nevada in the middle of the summer without air conditioning , it was brutal. I wrapped wet towels around my head and neck.

  15. I like it hot. Don’t use air conditioning. My father would have the house so cold you had to put on winter clothes inside to not freeze. I spent almost all my time out on our screened front porch which was lovely and shaded and covered the vent (it was central AC), stuffed a towel under the door, had both windows open and a fan and was quite comfy at night. I end up getting sick when forced to be in air conditioned spaces for prolonged periods of time. I’m sure you and the critters will manage fine.

  16. We are also under a heat advisory for Thursday and Friday. There’s no air conditioning in our house either, you just slow down. I find air conditioning difficult to live with I think because I am in and out of the house a gazillion (it seems) times a day. That and the fact that the house is sealed up all winter, I just hate to close it all up in the summer too! I do my best not to complain about the heat, I save the complaining for winter. The only advantage I see for air conditioning is to dry things out. I do not care for everything feeling tacky.
    Funny your pigs like the gatorade. I much prefer switchel, with the honey and ginger and cider vinegar it has the same effect without the additional ingredients gatorade has but it is something you either love or hate.
    There is a hobby farm not far from here that has, in addition to mini horses and donkeys and goats, a camel. I don’t know what they do with it but I kind of feel sorry for it, living it’s life alone in a paddock.

      • It’s not something you buy, it’s something you make. In a half gallon of water add 1/2 cup cider vinegar and 1/2 cup honey or molasses. Put a few slices of ginger in and stir well. It’s very quenching and apparently was used in the past by farmers, particularly when doing hot dusty jobs (like haying).

  17. Heat wave in the UK too. No air con here (we’re not known for our sunshine!) so my baby has been sleeping in just his nappy. Those poor pregnant piggies!

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