Food, Friends and Runaway pigs

And now the fun starts!
seven fires

Sunday lunch is our favourite meal.  Yesterday we were joined by Kim who drove up from Texas for a few weeks.  So we delved into my new book and cooked empanadas, domino potatoes, and later in the evening we  made butter to go with our Chapa Bread.

Oh Life is good.

pregnant pig

While we were eating pregnant Poppy went under the fence and visited the cows.  She is really looking pregnant now and you think that would slow her down but oh no. pig drinking

Not our Hop and Pop Poppy.  (Drinking from her new spigot).


We tried to get Tima to lie down so we could trim her nails but she was having none of it.


The goats talked their way into the barn. They are always so quiet in the barn.

Unlike Mr Flowers who spent hours chasing Godot until they were both heaving exhausted. They were flying back and forth, back and forth between the rafters up in the Gods of the barn. Then Mr Flowers walked into the Peacock Palace to rest, so I dropped what I was doing and raced up the ladder to shut him in there. They will kill each other in this heat with that behaviour PLUS Mr Flowers has been seen eating the Flowers of the zucchini plants. THE FLOWERS! So, he can cool his heels in The Palace for a while.

Hazel whose name is Brenda

Herding chickens is like herding cats.

herding chickens

I realised today that I have always had trouble telling clockwise from anti clockwise. And I can never remember which tap is the hot tap or the cold tap without looking for the letters or colours on the top of the tap. I always check to make sure where reverse is on the gear stick before putting the car in gear. Though I intuitively know which way an animal will turn and hear the sounds of trouble in the yard before anyone else and can smell if an animal is in distress. I still cannot remember whether the switch up is on or off. Aren’t people funny.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


ps here is a shot I took for Fede’s Mum. I call it Gentleman Farmer – note the stick.  I don’t usually shoot in a portrait format for the blog. But this image begged. Lots of love. cGentleman farmer



36 Comments on “Food, Friends and Runaway pigs

  1. I looked up domino potatoes (I’ve never had them before) – they look fantastic – I must make some 😉

  2. Lovely shot of Fede, his mother will be so pleased! I think it’s a very good thing you’re feeding Kim up; she’s going to need all her energy to deal with inserting Miss Timatanga Moana into her carriage for a social visit to the vet. And the reverse, of course! I wonder if she’s going to be a dreadful backseat driver…

  3. Yummy, those domino potatoes have made me hungry. Welcome back Kim, hope to see more of you this time around! Laura

  4. I heard the roosters calling this morning, very early and there was light, so I got up and fed the chickens before it gets warm. That I know how to do from my experience last year. Lovely Sunday dinner yesterday. It is an 18 hour drive from San Antonio, TX. I stopped for the night in Blythville, AR. First time I have ever driven that far by myself. There was no one complaining about having to stop for a “rest” break…again. 🙂 I drank a lot of cold tea to stay awake. It’s so good to be back at the Farmy. All the animals were scratched and petted very soon after I arrived. Fede helped me pick a bunch of mulberries yesterday evening. All the animals were scratched and petted very soon after I arrived. We will have to think of something delicious to make with them.

    • Accident with that scratching and petting sentence twice, but in truth, everybody did get loved on at least twice yesterday.

          • Oooh, *thank you*! One day, maybe, I’ll be able to go and scratch the pigs, milk Lady A and collect eggs at the Farmy myself.

  5. Dog – pig – hen or hen – pig – dog: It’s a funny picture. – And the cat: What an interesting facial expression.
    BTW I did not tell yet, that I’ve tried Federico’s very yummy Empanadas – I had and made Empanadas for the first time in my life – delicious. I had them with tuna, cause I had no minced meat. The pastry is suuper flaky. Will make them again… Tell him Thank you for the recipe, Celi.
    Have a nice day all together!

  6. Hi Kim from Texas – – – – This is Pat R from Texas too.

    What a beautiful day it was yesterday even with the heat. My cooking skills are off again – which means I have too many swirls going in my head……. (swirls are like having balls in the air that you are juggling….. but mine are all plans and no actions yet – so like smoke balls that you get to juggle……)

    Today will be a day to make lists and get those smoke rings on paper!

  7. With Kim visiting we will now have two perspectives on farm life. This will be a treat 🙂

  8. I’m the same with taps and switches, etc. I can even stop and study the thing and still turn it the wrong way! Please tell Fede “Happy Trails”; we will miss him. Lovely to have Kim back. 😊

  9. I am not coping very well atm, Ceci – but just want to say how invigorating your posts are, and thank you for re-energising my mind xxx

    • I have been reading your blog – you are doing marvellously – wobbly sometimes is ok. .. If you took a step back and saw yourself you would see that. It is hard when you are right in the middle of such sorrow, such sorrow along with the smiles and laughter.. Tell me is your cold tap on the left or the right? c

  10. Ok, now we all need the recipe for the dominoe potatoes..oh my and what are the greens you had with them? What a gorgeous shot!
    Welcome back Kim! Have a lovely summer on the Farmy!

  11. I too looked up the Domino Potato recipe from your cookbook and they look gorgeous! Love the shot of Fede, he looks like the Lord of the land about to go out and inspect his “Finca”!

  12. Kim, what a woman you are to drive by yourself so far! My 80 yr old husband remembers being stationed in Blysville, Ark. when he was 19 years old in the Air Force. He hopes for your sake, it has improved!
    I want to know if TonTon recognized you. I can’t remember if Boo was there when you were, but I know Ton was.
    Cecilia, great pictures–the sweet cat and Fede and Poppy with hay on her nose! So glad Km is there to help you…fed the chickens first thing without having to be told…now that is what real help is!

    • Blythville, AR…a very small, rather bleak town, so no, probably not changed much. Ton and Boo both recognized me when I drove up. It was very nice that they did. The chickens were my job last year, so that was easy and it was so quiet and peaceful so early in the morning..except for the roosters, of course. Godot is right outside the coop, spreading his beautiful feathers for one of the peahens. She remains uninterested…ha

  13. The domino potatoes reminded me of fantail roast potatoes ( only sliced ¾ way through) I like the idea of them your way but without the butter for me. Gread photo of ‘The Farmer’ his mum will be pleased.

      • I use it all the time instead of butter and your cranberry cake with oil is now the base for several of my cakes. I made a pear & ginger the other day, but the ginger was a little heavy or shy and stayed on the bottom!

  14. The gentleman farmer is very handsome, even from the back. His Mom will be so proud. The potatoes are BEAUTIFUL as well. So funny your blog. How you can zoom from some stacked potato slices to the backside of an Argentinian man and it all works perfectly. Poetry in blog motion.

  15. If I had a son who had to go halfway around the world for an adventure, I would be incredibly grateful to know that someone as kind and loving as you was keeping an eye on him. You’re absolutely wonderful, you know that, right? 🙂 xxx

  16. Great shot of Fede. I know his mom will be happy to have him home soon. Ditto Celia’s comment, above.

  17. What a lovely relaxed Sunday feel, which I’m trying to absorb by osmosis as it’s workaday Tuesday in my world.
    Love hearing from Kim about her visit 🙂

  18. When I still ate potatoes I remember making a version of the domino ones, called Hasselback potatoes . . . same way as Grannymar makes them . . . . Yes, I love Fede’s ‘gentleman’ photo also . . . . am glad that Kim has joined you – Fede’s returning home will be easier . . . . .

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