Filthy Little Pig

I will let you choose which one is the filthiest, but yesterday was hot. We have not been having temperatures that are too too high but the ground is soaked and the humidity is thick. So any animal with a penchant for mud is IN it.


Federico came home yesterday from his jaunt to the Springfield. He thought he might stay a while and see the big city  but after he had completed his test he ate some more horrible city food and after a sleep he took the next train home. “I missed the farm.” he said, as he dragged his little suitcase back up the path. He said the test was hard. It was five hours long with one ten minute break. He thinks he may have done OK but does not want to think about it anymore. We will know in a couple of weeks what the result is and I will let you know.

He will be doing his PHD in architecture. He wants to go to the Boston area. I am sure there are a few reputable Universities in Mass,.

Anyway last night we invented a couple of ‘welcome home’ and ‘thank gods that test is over’ champagne cocktails.


One was made with a rhubarb simple syrup with lemon. But that was gigglingly horrible.


The other was made with this liqueur that he unearthed  from somewhere, that he says is a very popular drink in Argentina. It is now a pretty popular drink on the farm – especially mixed with champagne and cherries picked from the night time tree and crushed into a tall champagne glass with a little bruised lemon  peel.

Fede  presented me with a stunning book on Argentine food (I will show it to you later) that we went through with him while he explained all the dishes and terms and origins. Later John shambled off to bed and Fede and I were left, drinking and laughing, still in our dirty pig work clothes.  “How are you going to cope with being clean all the time when you go back to Buenos Aires. ” I said.” I don’t know.” He shook his head and turned the page.  He was thoroughly enjoying explaining all the words and techniques from his home. The tables were turned.  As we drank and talked it got later and later and now here I am loading my pictures and posting this blog late.

We discussed serendipity. “Do you know what that means?” I asked. “I know what pity means.” he said.  “Not pity. Serendipity is A Happy Coincidence. No pity allowed”. I said.” Luck brought you here”.  He nodded – understanding.  “It was a lottery”, he said,” is that the right word  – Lottery?.  And I am the winner”.


Our own Kim P arrives today and I must zoom around the chores then finish preparing the Coop for her. All my Fellowship visitors stay in the Coop.  We are planning an Argentine feast from my new book to welcome her. Thank goodness she is coming. Fede will be leaving in a few days (his visa is almost run out) and it will be nice to have her around when I say Goodbye to my new Little Brother.  He is so like my own kind little brother.

This is the problem with the Summer People. They leave.   However this time we have a lifelong friend.  The farm brings good people.


Not Peghorn though. Peghorn has more lives than a cat.He will never leave.  He got in a fight with two roosters from the chook house and has been sent to Kim’s Half Way House to recover.

I hope you have a lovely day. We will.

Love your friend on the farm,




41 Comments on “Filthy Little Pig

  1. Sounds like you and Fede had a lovely evening. The farmy is a very special place, even got those who do not visit physically.

    Oh I hope Fede passed his test, it must have been exhausting.

  2. Fergus Henderson swears by Fernet Branca as a hangover cure. When I go to the St. John to buy bread I can always tell if he’s had a heavy night!
    Tane is looking very handsome 😉

  3. It will be difficult letting Fede go in a few days time, but I am sure he will find an opportunity to return on a regular basis. You evening of celebration sounded wonderful. Have a great Sunday.

  4. I hope Fede comes during his studies. I think we’ve all got a soft spot for him. Perhaps you could persuade him to start a blog and keep us up to date.
    Tima must get clean before the birth day.
    ViV x

  5. I assume that is Tane with the thick mud coat? How funny to see, but I think it must be heavy to move about in when it dries, but perhaps there is little movement…just laying about and sleeping.

  6. Be warned, Kim’s bringing her sewing machine and some work she has to finish! I can’t wait to hear what you two get up to, and we’re all going to miss hearing about Fede’s exploits, the food, the creative construction projects. Surely, surely he’ll be back one day…?

  7. When Fede comes to Massachusetts for his studies, he will be very welcome to visit me when he needs a little dose of farmish 🙂

  8. There is a saying somewhere about special people that come into our lives that once they leave, they never really do…in spirit. Something like that but it seems Fede will be one of those special souls.
    And I think Tane is the filthiest! 🙂

  9. The parting is difficult and we go through this again and again in life. I suppose it is like the yin and yang of everything – we have understanding because of the experience of knowing and then letting go of what has become familiar. Then something different comes along, and we experience again. I have a feeling Fede will be back maybe more than once. Ah, the mud photos… I think it would be grand just to spend a day like that – well I did one afternoon many years ago (in my 20’s) playing mud volleyball at a small town summer festival. Except for mud in the eyes, it was actually a wonderful feeling!!

  10. Those piggies look like they are content. To clean them do you hose them down? Also has Federico been able to construct the water supply for the animals?

  11. I love that you had a little party yesterday – for the home coming, for the reunion and for that overcome exam…
    You’ve been talking about that evening so lively that I feel I’ve been there too… 🙂 – so nice Cocktails — mmmmh!
    So sad, that Fede will be leaving soon, you had such a great time together. Looking forward to hearing of him now and then…
    Yes, it’s true, Your Farmy brings good People…
    …. Serendipity, so true – and I have learned a new word too 🙂

  12. I was intending to head down the road last night but circumstances got the best of me. Sorry I missed the evening.

  13. Yum. Fernet-Branca. It’s Italian, I believe! There’s that Argentina – Italy connection again. The rhubarb version may have been icky to drink, but it sure is pretty. Sorry Fede is leaving, but so happy a life-long friendship has been forged. That is such a happy story.

  14. Man, a five-hour exam for simply English! That’s a little over the top, I would think. Phew! But if he doesn’t get the results for a few weeks and is gone home in a few days… I have a feeling it will be a very long time before we hear results. Does the PhD course begin this fall, and has he been accepted to a university in Mass.? I wasn’t clear on that one. Too bad he won’t be in Chicago, then he could come ‘home’ on the weekends… lol
    Maybe, just maybe, you have brought out the farmer in him and, when he returns to Argentina, he’ll become a big rancher… lol And, yes, it will be sad to see him return to his home, leaving behind just memories — an even greater reason for this blog, to record many of those memories for posterity!
    I guess Tima’s ultrasound is tomorrow, is it?
    Hope Peghorn’s injuries aren’t too serious and, with a little peace, he recovers quickly. Being Sunday, am wondering what’s for lunch under the tree… raining here, so we will be staying indoors. Hope you have a lovely day! ~ Mame

  15. I think we are all rooting ( no pig pun intended ) for Fede’s exam success and his being able to go to a University in Massachusetts…..Harvard comes to mind as my dad went there after the war…..have a lovely Sunday!

  16. I too will miss hearing about Fede’s adventures on the farmy. He feels like a permanent fixture there now, so it will seem strange reading posts without his presence.

    It is a reminder that this great big world, is really quite small. A woman from New Zealand and a young man from Argentina built a new friendship in Central Illinois. Wonderful memories created and the rest of us, from all over the world were lucky enough to join the ride. AWESOME!!

  17. ‘Serendipity’ was such a correct word for you to use – Fede was good for you people in more than one way and you will always be precious to him: he’ll be back sooner rather than later! But surely he is too young to be doing a doctorate – I thought you said he was aiming for MArch in the States? Boston area: Harvard? MIT? Would be wonderful!! I have always called the ruddy Fernet Branca ‘bitters’ and I hate it with a passion!! Why on earth would you add anything [bar a spring strawberry perhaps!] to beautiful champagne – best on its own for me at least! . . . .

  18. I have the worst memories of Fernet Branca as the drinking of it always coincided with relieving a nightmare hangover. It has an older brother called Underberg, who is even more disgusting. Only desperation can lead one to drink such liquors for pleasure. One such time in my life had me drinking Cynar,, an artichoke liqueur, which probably takes the prize for fucking awfulness:)

    • I have to say that an artichoke liquer does sound pretty awful and yes you guessed it.. the bubbly was cheap (nothing else to be had in this neck of the woods) and we were desperate! Funny really.. c

  19. How the farmy has changed from a year ago. So many wonderful helpers are coming and going, each of them bringing a different flavour.

  20. My parents love Fernet Branca – they drink it a lot in Italy as a “digestivo” after dinner, or is it as an “aperitivo” before hand…can’t remember!!

  21. What a wonderful fellowship you have created, among us readers and among those lucky lottery winning visitors. So much goodness comes from you opening your heart and home, Miss C.

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