The Diet Chain

When we were children growing up on the beach we had a dog, her name was Tessa, she was a Golden Labrador Cross (no-one was terribly sure what she was crossed with) – often she would run off up the beach road and up to the little  shops around the bay and  beg for scraps from the back door at The Butchers.  (The Butchers was right next door to the Fish and Chip shop so all was not lost if The Butcher had his door shut) She received all kinds of cut offs  and scraps and treats and she got fatter and fatter. So every now and then Dad would get out the long chain and put her on the Diet Chain by the shed. And there she would sit growing thinner, under the gum tree, surrounded by children and tree swings and cats and the sound of the beach and chickens but no butchers shop.

Tima is not pregnant. We took her to the vet in the borrowed jeep, and he rolled him machine outside and scanned her flanks but she is empty. Which is very good to know. Now we can proceed with all the cards on the table.

pig at vet

Not even a little bit pregnant. What she is – is a little bit overweight. A lot overweight.  So onto the diet chain for her and no fraternising with Tane for a while.

kunekune gilt

Then put them back together at a romantic moment when they have missed each other for a while and she is in a more fertile mood. Ah well. We still have Hop and Pop Poppy, God help us all. And if Tima breeds it will be lovely but not critical.

kunekune gilt

She lives on pasture (and no more scraps from the kitchen) so she and Tane are free to keep.

Today Kim and Fede and I will lay out the new pig area, with one big pen (and a hut and creep) for Poppy to farrow in. The goats are in the Rat House paddock, now that Kim and I have goat proofed that.  Things are ‘moving right along’ as Our John says.

Once we have built them a shelter the goats  can stay out there at night too.


We have had more rain, downpours, and it is still so humid that the sunflowers and corn are growing at a startling rate but we cannot get in with hoes to weed, so today we will have to go in and hand weed the worst of it between showers or that will get all out of hand.  It is like living in the tropics in the rainy season.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farmy,



40 Comments on “The Diet Chain

  1. Hilarious concept! We have three Golden Retrievers. Our friend describes the breed as ” a stomach with four legs. ” They have a huge range of things considered as “calories.” If something falls next to their mouth, their first response is to eat it and evaluate the contents after. Poor Tima. She’s not fat, more of her to love 🙂

    • Our GR ate shoes and tights(pantihose) the whole Christmas turkey and a zoo birthday cake including plastic animals. Also partial to the odd alcoholic drink put down anywhere near his head height. Tail was also useful to sweep goodies off the coffee table.

      • Love it! Lumi, our one-year-old “stud,” does his rounds on the coffee tables. Intermittent reinforcement, the science behind slot machines and Golden Retriever behaviour.

  2. Well Kim sure has had a full day. Wish I was there with you. I was looking forward to little kunekunes, sorry to hear she not pregnant. You know I’m going to miss Fede as well. He really has become a part of the farmy. Have a lovely day too.

  3. I’m sad that Tima is not expecting, but what a wonderful bonus of those lovely photos of her! I also love the idea of a romantic assignation for her and Tane once she is a little more svelte and agile! Today we had a huge downpour, which put paid to my tree planting plans, but is great for the farmers. It’s also delaying the sugarcane cut and crush, which is not so great. The minute the sun comes out again, we’ll be having the same problems as you!

  4. Poor Tima on a régime (as they say in France) – a pregnant pig gets to eat more, as does a pig that’s going to market. I hope she gets lucky with Tane at a later date 😉

  5. Methinks for the last year or two all my wallpapers have been ‘pinched’ from the farmy ! The one of Fede with that huge pile of leaves hopefully able to be composted has just gone up instead of Boo peeking twixt the nursery door! He’ll ‘stay’ around awhile longer that way . . . 🙂 ! We’ll all miss him and wish him happy!!!

  6. Burdock! I have been out chopping, trying to get to it before it flowers. Last year I chopped after the flower started, and they matured and grew seed anyway. What do you do with a load like that? I have been just letting it lay in the field to decompose and hopefully not go to seed anyway. Faith.

  7. I think the Kunes enjoy their trips in The Matriarch’s Jeep! I too am sad Tima isn’t pregnant … aah well. Those smoothies look delicious. Laura

  8. Oh isn’t this the best time of year? I love watching my little garden coming to happy production. Wish I had more room and then I would grow sunflowers and corn too. Actually, one or two sunflowers are happening round here this year. 😀 The birds love them so much in the fall. I know we’re in a rain forest on the West Coast, but it’s been dry, dry here! We could use a little of your downpour. But not in the next few days because I just harvested my garlic! I’m so proud! Hopefully Tima will be pregnant at some point because Chloe was just saying the other day how we could use some chickens or a baby Tima for all the lovely weeds and veggie scraps round here. 😀

  9. The goats are so pretty. I can’t remember the names – but the red/brown one has such beautiful coloring!!!

  10. Rhubarb time has come to an end for this year so far… Fede is removing the remnant stems now.
    Tima in the city: I like being included to that date with the doctor, it’s interesting for me, being a city girl… Examination in the streets… Nice.
    And nice photos with Tima in the car in her transportation cage. It’s not an everyday occurrence and it looks so funny seeing a pig in a car. I love her black foot on the one and her white foot on the other side. 🙂
    Have a lovely day with your work plans being succeeded.
    (How do you say: Have a nice workday??? It sounds a bit weird to me, but maybe it is right though?)

  11. That little? Rascal Tima … She had everyone fooled in order to get extra rations! 🐷
    C. What is in those gorgeous smoothies? I love the before and after photos of them!

  12. Do they make a diet chain for people? I could sure use one. Maybe I’m a golden in disguise? Sorry to hear Tima must diet and wait for love. What an adventure for a pig. I think it’s wonderful that they can roll the machine to the car so you don’t have to move the poor dear in and out more than once.

  13. I also am sad that Tima is not preggers I was looking forward to the trot of tiny trotters. How did she manage to get so overweight when all your animals are fed proper food, or was somebody naughty and feeding her from the table…still never mind, she enjoyed the ride!…so we all wait expectantly for Poppy…..God Bless us all xxxxx

  14. We may all feel sorry for Tima on the diet chain, but we do know that you have her best interest at heart. I am sure it will be difficult to bid farewell to Fede when his time is up. I think we will all feel a little lovelorn. He has not alone become very much part of the farmy but of all our hearts too.

  15. TIMA!!! Oh my goodness, you are on the DIEt. Horrible my sweet friend. Personally snorts-snorts I think you are beautiful! XOXO – Bacon

  16. I’m sorry about Tima. Next time. Is that a tractor load of Rhubarb?? Or is it weeds…..

  17. Sorry about Tima, but it’s good to know for sure and be able to make plans accordingly. Better luck next time, after the trip to the thinning spa, Tima!
    Is that a load of burdock leaves to be fed to someone? It’s one of the few plants here my goats are not interested in eating, unfortunately.
    Out to do chores in the rain…have a lovely day 🙂

  18. Oh what a shame but cheeky little missy she is for taking all the extra rations! Hopefully her little stay at the Farmy Spa will do her the world of good and it will be like a honeymoon when she gets back to her boy! It looks liek rhubarb ont he tracotr but I’m sure it’s not?!

  19. I’m sorry about TIma too. She’s so cute you know she’ll have cute little ones –hard to wait though. At least TIma won’t be stealing Poppy’s thunder. Poppy will have sweet little piglets too.
    We got flooded yesterday and I don’t know what to do. Spend the day hosing and disinfecting the basement today only to be flooded again the rest of the week…more rain coming. Also our hot water tank is “out” and it isn’t just a matter of relighting the pilot light. The inside has to be dried with a heating element. Takes days.

  20. Maybe I should be on a diet chain 🙂

    Between kid’s activities and the rain, the weeds have gotten out-of-hand in my garden. Today is supposed to be a rain-free day, but again, we have activities which means I won’t be able to spend the time I need in the garden. UGH!!!! Somehow, I will get it all done. Nothing seems to be happening the way I had hoped it would this garden season, but if I can get a good crop of tomatoes for canning, I’ll be happy with that.

    In the meantime, I discovered a beautiful zucchini plant growing in the compost bin. I had thrown heirloom zucchini scrapes in the compost pile and the seeds love the compost. That’s okay with me!!!

    I hope you have a lovely day on the rain-free farmy today.

  21. Poor Tima. I’m hooking myself to the Diet Chain, too. If it doesn’t fit in my Bento box, I do not eat it for lunch. Fortunately, there are a lot of squishy foods. I can pack a bit in there.

  22. My sunflowers and corn are going nuts also. We have had a ton of rain and I am in Colorado were it is mostly a desert or at least semi-arid. Global warming?? Lovely animals.

  23. Aw, Tima. She’s so cute. 4:51–Rise and Shine–I hope that was instruction for the sun! Looks like a busy day, with a vet visit thrown into the mix. What a blessing to have extra hands around to help.

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