Jiggy Jig

Yesterday morning I was walking Tima through Tane’s field on the way to Tima’s Diet Chain field and turned back to see if she was keeping up and there they were. Consorting.  Having a little jiggy jig. Getting frisky. And very soon  .. um.. deep in sexual congress.  I swiftly averted my eyes so as not to give offence, shut the gate and  left them together. Their very gentle but persistent sexual exploits were witnessed numerous times during the day. So Tima’s little ride in the car brought her into heat and luckily they were allowed to Get Together.

I am feeling confident that in three months, three weeks and three days we may very well get our baby kunekune after all.

Well, we did not expect THAT news  today. hereford

We had a wee visitor yesterday who is entranced with farm life and especially loved the peacocks. And when he got tired of the farm life he came in to play with the toys. I love children on the farm, love it.

We had quiche and salad for lunch. Did I tell you my quiche base.

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • salt and pepper.

Press into the quiche dish with your fingers until nice and thin.

So Kim made the quiche, we picked a salad, fresh bread and ate outside under the tree.  I took a slice of Fede’s cherry pie to the Old Codger. He loves sweet pies.

cherry pie

Of course now my confidence in pregnant pigs is all over the place but I think Poppy looks pregnant. She has just over two weeks to go and is definitely rounder and her udder is dropping a little.


Some sad news. We found Tui the peahen dead in a nest in the pigs shelter yesterday. Remember when we saw her the other day and she looked hot – well I think that she was not well. It was sad to lose her, dear old girl, but the wonderful thing is that she died as though asleep. She was not killed by a predator. She just died with her head tucked into her wing – peacefully. No violence. And as you know – a violent death is a clear and present  fear with free range birds. A peaceful death is such a relief.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm,


52 Comments on “Jiggy Jig

  1. How amazing! Perhaps Tane and Tima heard you talking and got the right idea 😉
    Sorry to hear about Tui.

  2. Oh. So sorry to hear about Tui, although very nice that she died peacefully . But, there is always life on the farm! Fantastic news about Tima and Tane! I hope it takes.

  3. Ha ha! Those two! Let’s hear it for baby kunekunes! Tell Federico that when he gets to Boston he should look us up at our farm! We are only 1/2 hour north of the city! Look how many friends he’s made, all over the world!

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all slip away in our beds asleep like that. Happy Flight Tui. Things some people (kunes) will do to escape the diet chain! 🙂 Laura

  5. Fingers crossed for baby kunekunes. Fedes cherry pie looks amazing! What a sweet little boy. Do you think he might be an architect later? Looking at his Lego building I think he might! Sorry about Tui, but as you say least she had a peaceful death. X

  6. Sorry for that sudden loos of Tui. What happens to her body? Will you have to dig a grave for her?
    Super yummi looking cherry pie…
    Have a nice day…

  7. Oh piggy heavens. All I could hear in my piggy head was “Let’s Get it On” being sung by Marvin Gaye. Snorts – too fun!! Can’t wait to see babies. You know I love piglets! XOXO – Bacon

  8. So sorry to hear about Tui C. It is always hard even with a peaceful passing.
    I love your pie crust recipe – must try that soon.
    have a joyful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. Aw Tui….. you can not go roost with Kuppa again poor girl. Cycle of life isn’t it….

  10. Lots of unexpected news this morning, both sorrowful and happy, but we have to accept both when visiting with Miss C.

  11. Sounds like the Old Codger must be doing well if he is eating that yummy pie! And so excited to hear about Tima!!! xo

  12. What a mixed bag of news today. Sad news, but the best possible way to go. And those cheeky little piggies…she didn’t want to go on a diet so got a bit of action instead! Lovely quiche crust, will be giving that one a go this week. And wha a gorgeous little man you had with you on the farm – lucky boy!

  13. Sorry about Tui, peaceful though it was. – and the prospect of new life, add a youngster playing and, well, a mighty fine day.

  14. What a lovely post!! So happy about all the new babies and farm news. My heart goes out to you about Tui…I’m so glad it was a peaceful passing. Thank you, for your beautiful pictures and words, Celi. 🙂

  15. That’s my girl! Nothing like a spot of jiggy to burn the calories! Although I suspect Miss C will be putting you in your Diet Chain field anyway, we don’t want all Tane’s efforts to be in vain because you’re still too tubby. So sorry you’ve lost Tui, but what a calm and peaceful way to go, no fear, no sickness. We should all have such a good passing…

  16. It was a gorgeous day on the farmy yesterday, cool breezes all day and lots of sunshine. Cecilia was so nice to let my friend Susan and her grandson come over from Iowa to visit. He was enthralled by the peacocks and had great fun throwing the stick for the dogs. The quiche turned out to be very good, tho I forgot to add the sweated onion. We had them on top of the quiche as a delicious garnish instead. Piggy love is in the air!

  17. I’m sad for you, Cecilia, losing Tui. Life is so fragile. But Happy for such a surprising turn of events for your little Kunekunes. Hope the timing works for them. So many different photos! Even the quiche crust recipe I might be able to handle.

  18. Yes I too am sad to hear of tui’s loss but also thank-ful that she just went to sleep…what we all wish for in the end.
    And Tima…you little rascal…. But she is bringing new life to replace one we lost…
    That didn’t sound right..no life can really be replaced…it just the circle of life…

  19. One life on the farmy ends while waiting for new life to begin.

    And thanks to Pig Love, I too keep hearing Marvin Gaye singing “Let’s Get It On”. 🙂

  20. When my time comes, I’d like to go out like Tui, with my head tucked under my arm! Celi what exactly did you say to Tima on the ride home from the vets? It seems to have done the trick for T&T the Kune Kunes! I like the sound of the quiche base … I have taken details to try it, just what I fancy for this evening!!

  21. your farm is a microcosm of life coming and going…..sad about Tui, but as you said she just went to sleep head tucked under….and almost simultaneously Tane and Tima might be
    creating new life……thanks for the quiche base recipe- I’ll be making one today- looks lovely! Big hugs to all on your farmy.

  22. What funny little pigs… Murphy’s Law never plays by the rules but they’re getting their in the end, jiggy indeed! Tui had a good life, and quietly went to heaven’s garden. As it should be.

  23. What a shock Tui’s death is. I’m so glad she passed peacefully. Tima…my my!

  24. Tui flies free now in spirit… what a lovely thought that is. Oh, Tima. There’s just something about running amok in the country. Not a darned thing wrong with seeking out yer fella when you’re in the mood, I say!! Ha ha!

  25. Agree with everyone before me: Vale Tui: you will be in the farmy ‘cast of characters’ for ever. Tima: getting probably preggers does not excuse you from the ‘diet chain’! Being a porky mum simply is not healthy [pun intended!]. Oh love your simple quiche base recipe also – even I can manage!!!!

  26. I liked your post because of Tima, but so sorry to hear about Tui. Still as you say it was a peaceful and natural death. Much to be said for that. Love your quiche base…I may steal that.

  27. I love your delicate description of the frolics in the field. So Tima is fat, not pregnant (I’ve just caught up). Goodness me, it doesn’t do to look away for even a day, so much happens on the farmy. Sad about Tui, but as you say, a peaceful and natural death.

  28. Who knew–all it took was a ride in the car? So glad Tui fell into a peaceful sleep. We’ve seen too many of the other kind on the farmy. I’ve never seen a cherry pie with meringue! I’ll have to make note of your quiche crust. Thanks!

  29. These days I don’t take a chance, any poultry that dies without help from a predator goes to the diagnostic lab, even if I think I know the problem. Luckily that hasn’t happened often, and California has a great lab that’s free for people with small flocks, with preliminary results available within a day. I’ll keep my fingers crossed everything is well with your birds.

    • I did not know there was such a thing. If anything else happens I will get onto it.. the Vet says wait and see.. a FEELING that something is wrong is not a lot to go on.. c

  30. I am going to think of that sunset as Tui’s Sunset. Have to be prepared for constant changes on the Farmy. Some good, some bad. Some happy, some sad.

  31. Nearly 3pm in Australia – after a day out thought to catch up late but I get ‘page not found’ whichever way I search . .. . ? Sme as ‘heretherebespiders’ . . .

  32. I only get ‘page not found’ for today’s post as well… hoping all is still well at the farmy!

  33. Yesterday’s post disappeared, and today’s is conspicuously absent. I, too, am hoping it’s just an internet or computer issue and not something more serious.

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