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lots and lots of mud

Golden Fall

Autumn has come.  It came on fast actually.  The leaves held their green for as long as they could in this wet warm autumn. Now finally the trees have begun to turn their coats and the leaves to release their tenuous hold on life and… Continue Reading “Golden Fall”

Grim weather and Great Escapes

Yesterday began cold and blustery. Sprinkles of rain but nothing to write home about. This morning is more of the same. I hate to say it but winter is coming. Yesterday I miserably hunted out my winter jacket shook the spiders out of it… Continue Reading “Grim weather and Great Escapes”

Daisy puts her foot down

It rained, no snow but big slushy droopy mushy plops that looked like they had been hurled out from the murky clouds by a vast muddy shaking dog. And it was cold. Wet and cold. A wintry day.  By afternoon I decided to throw… Continue Reading “Daisy puts her foot down”

Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn

Hmm. Skunky dog on a rainy day. Not a pretty olfactory picture. Poor fellow saw the Skunk Off bottles come out and he hid under a bush, not realising that the bush was losing its leaves, and his smelly little snout and little eye… Continue Reading “Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn”

Feeding sugar water to Bees

At this time of year the flowers have begun to fade. There is not as much food around for my friends the bees. NOT because winter is coming yet you understand!  Even flowers need a break sometimes too you know.  So I set up… Continue Reading “Feeding sugar water to Bees”