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Once the little pigs are big enough to drink from their mother while she is standing up they start to put on weight quick smart.  No need to talk her into lying down so they can have a feed, they just wait until she… Continue Reading “SITTING PIG”


I did not get back from Chicago until early in the evening yesterday so by the time I had finished feeding everyone and come back in for Camera House the day’s light had begun to fail.


As I had extra help yesterday I decided to move the ducks to their permanent area. There is no house for them yet but they had been too long in their out of the way holding pen. Time to get them into the action… Continue Reading “DUCK DRIVE”


When I went out to check the two Angus cows Luna and Leia yesterday morning there was a perfect little calf all curled up in the dry straw. Luna (who has a bigger udder than Aunty Del in full production) is the proud mother. 


TWENTY days until I take off for Greece for a week. Merciful heavens I had better get a wriggle on. It is shocking how much slower I am without my help.  I am simply not as driven. The gardens are way behind and yesterday I… Continue Reading “TWENTY DAYS”


A FIELD of thistles needed hoeing yesterday so Wai and the dogs and the hoe and I got to work and hand hoed the whole area. I am going to learn how to sow seed myself as this weedy patch is the direct result… Continue Reading “HOW RUDE”


AUNTY’S BROWN RICE SALAD A great salad – the trick to this salad is adding the soy sauce and onions to the hot brown rice and letting them steam and soak and cool together. My sister first introduced this to me at New Years… Continue Reading “AUNTY’S RICE SALAD”


TIMA and Tane were so fascinated by the calf getting his little horns removed that they lined up like kids at a movie watching under the door.


Today we have abundant sunshine all day long. And the cows and I will be out in it all day long too.  It got a little windy yesterday. I hope you have a lovely day. Love celi WEATHER: Perfection. Saturday 11/25 0% / 0… Continue Reading “SUN”


Well, thankfully the thunder and lightning and wild storms never came yesterday, all we had was a bit of dark drizzle so I let Aunty Del and her leggy calf out into a sopping afternoon for a stroll.