As I had extra help yesterday I decided to move the ducks to their permanent area. There is no house for them yet but they had been too long in their out of the way holding pen. Time to get them into the action – right into the corridor paddock where there is lots if foot traffic both animal and human. We set up the craziest race track in the world with pallets, and timber and buckets and the tractor and umbrellas and piece of string. 




Positioning people at each turn I let the ducks out and little by little squawking and carrying on and bunched so tight it looked like a mob three legged race with 34 legs they crept around the wall of the garage and through the gate into the little field.


(the recovering walnut)


We had a few break outs when the pigs suddenly rushed over for a look but in the end all the ducks were corralled in the tin chicken tractor.


They will stay in here with lots of visitors until the know where their new home is and settle down. Already they have had more visitors than before and because thus is a small house they will get used to us being close to them.


In a week or so – depending on their behavior – they will be let out into the enclosed field and I will herd them back in here at night. Sometime this summer I hope to find a better house for the winter.


(Please excuse the doubling up of images but the new download needs to settle in and I don’t have the time to muddle with it this morning).

The bad news is there is more rain coming. I don’t mind if we miss it as I have a lot of hay to cut later this week – if all goes well. The good news is that I saw Tia is in heat, yesterday, so this gives me a date for her and Del to visit the bull. I know Del is fertile but was not sure about Tia.

I hope you have a lovely day!


Monday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 82F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

Monday Night 50% Precip. / 0.09 in
Partial cloudiness early, with scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight. Low near 65F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

47 Comments on “DUCK DRIVE

  1. What a perfectly cherubic child. She is beautiful…like a little Alice in Wonderland gazing at the piglets. And the ducks are quite handsome in their new quarters!

  2. OMG this really made me laugh! “Positioning people at each turn I let the ducks out and little by little squawking and carrying on and bunched so tight it looked like a mob three legged race with 34 legs they crept around the wall of the garage and through the gate into the little field.”

  3. Ducks with adult plumage and all, will they start laying soon, after they settle in their new home? Rather you than me trying to collect those eggs 😆 Laura

  4. Whoa! It seems they grew so quickly! Yes, hopefully they will settle now and become comfortable with human beings close by! We received our 10 Muscovy ducklings and they are in the brooder, and will stay there for a week, or maybe two weeks more. They are more expensive ducks, I found out, after My John had already ordered them! We will carefully baby them. Those we had last year were great layers, and really good mamas too, so fingers crossed all with go well with both our our lots! 🙂

  5. I always thought herding cats or middle-aged motorcyclists (yes, I *do* have experience of that one…) was the hardest, but clearly ducks present hitherto unsuspected challenges! They are very handsome ducks, I like the smooth line of their beaks and foreheads.

  6. I just wish my six dogs were like your ducks..they had no problem going to new home. We have spent two weeks making nice individual kennels for dog, who at the moment have to be crated when we go out. Open air, good shelter, plenty of room for rough and tumble yet when we tried it out they all ran to the crates and would not move. I am convinced dogs are as thick as two planks….. But its good to know that ducks move was successful and that they are all happy Your life is never dull !!!


  7. Beautiful little girl. I hope the ducks settle down soon!

    • I cut all its branches off so as to take the weight off the big split and it is growing them all back as fast as it can. But it is vigorous! I think it thinks it is two trees now

      • That is often how they respond. There will of course be no nuts this year, and probably none next year, but it will probably make a few (proportionate to the size of the canopy) the following years. It should be worth the effort.

  8. Your walnut reminds me of my Lisbon lemon that split in half during the late spring and has recently started growing back another main branch.

  9. Your duckies have grown so much! They look gorgeous! Yeah if they have creek access and are not fenced they will most likely end up there. BTW, you have a suspicious looking yellow bill in that lot…that means a drake! If so, he will be in heaven with all those girls 😊

    • We had Mallards when I was little and this breed remind me of them so very much – oh those drakes with their dark green head, orange feet and brighter bill: ) Fairly certain I can see at least two pair of orange feet in the larger photo? A lot of good general information and descriptors for sexing here:

      • All my duck’s feet were orange until they got older, so that wasn’t an early tell for me. I found the bills to be a much better indicator of sex and I see a couple of yellow/greens in that photo.
        We had Muscovy on our farm and as a kid I always gave them a wide berth because they would hiss at me and were scary!! Haha…now I know they are actually very sweet…and not nearly so skittish as khakis. Although I do love my khakis, they have strong personalities and are very entertaining. Plus the eggs are amazing.

        • A friend swears by the Muscovy’s tick-catching abilities… But I totally get what you’re saying about the “scary” bit though; even without making a sound they always looked “angry”‘to me… ):
          I also thought I saw the two Celi and why I included that link – cause (one of the things the author mentioned was them ganging up when there are multiple drakes ):

          • I think their bumpy red heads freaked me out, too, lol. Muscovy are nice in many ways from what I read but each breed has issues like Muscovy go feral more easily. I would think two drakes among so many girls would be manageable but I’ll check out that link too. It seems like different ducks can exhibit different issues even if they are the same breed.

      • Actually, I looked back at the photo and you may have another contender.

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