When I went out to check the two Angus cows Luna and Leia yesterday morning there was a perfect little calf all curled up in the dry straw. Luna (who has a bigger udder than Aunty Del in full production) is the proud mother.  Because Luna is new to the farm I am being very careful not to rile her up. She may become aggressive if I get too close so the photographs today were taken at a distance.


The calf is a heifer and her name will be Lucy. Anna named her. I love Lucy.


Anna’s family is coming down from Chicago today, for my first farm to table lunch of the season, so it will be a social day.

(Anna took next two shots – I love the ones of the cows tails.)


Often one calf birth will bring another on but I  am not sure Leia is as close and it is  forecast to be 96 today so I am sure there will be a lot of hanging about in the cool barn. I am just as happy if she waits a few more days – the flies are biting!

I hope you have a lovely day.


 Sunday 20% Precip. / 0 in

Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High near 95F. Winds light and variable.

Sunday Night 0% Precip. / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 69F. Winds light and variable.











50 Comments on “BABY LUCY

  1. Wow! Congratulations. A beautiful calf.
    It is very hot there. When did that happen? I missed reading your blog for a few weeks due to health issues and just a few weeks ago, it was freezing when the piglets were tiny.

  2. That tail shot is a Farmy postcard if I ever saw one! Congratulations on little Lucy. Let’s hope she get a little cousin soon.

  3. Lovely calf and a fine name that suits her. Sorry about the biting flies – no fun!

  4. Lovely little one! Lucy is a fabulous name. Thank goodness it won’t be 96 here today! But the black flies and mosquitoes are biting, more’s the pity!

  5. How efficient, professional & good of Luna to get on with her important business without disturbing anyone’s sleep. What a pretty little calf & how lucky for Lucy to be born into The Farmy family. Have a lovely Sunday dinner & a fun social time with your visitors.

  6. Beautiful little Lucy, hope #2 holds off until after lunch today 😊 Laura

  7. Brilliant news! No doubt those two ladies are experts by now and Leia will take it all in her stride. It’s nice that they have each other for company.

  8. 96????? Wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago that it was FREEZING? Hello craziness! Lucy is beautiful and has one of my favorite names of all time. x

  9. Congratulations to the proud mama. Lucy looks like a lovely healthy heifer. Cow tails and peacock tails … SOMEONE is displaying like crazy. Is it mating season for peacocks?

  10. I don’t know exactly where you are but looking at Chicago weather, you have a slightly cooler day coming tomorrow and then more normal temps for a few more days. I too hope the other calf waits. Lucy is sweet and I love the name. Anna did a good job naming her. And the photos. I like all of them. It’s my favorite place to visit. Mother Nature likes to show us how she is going to torture us later and then let the warning sink in. Have a wonderfilled lunch with Anna’s family.

  11. Congratulations on the new little girl. Yes, we’re hot in the 90’s as well. Was out early watering garden, then did a little planting and was dripping and in before 9am. Sheesh, I am not a heat lover. Keep cool.

  12. It has been cold, windy, and rainy here the past few days and we’ve had the fireplace going. The weather hasn’t deterred the Memorial Day tourists from travelling to Yosemite or Bass Lake for the long weekend. With the price of gas, the jammed highways, etc., we just stay home and relax. I love little Lucy! She looks so gentle, and that whorl on her forehead looks like a halo. Our favorite expression as kids…”Holy Cow!” ..chuckle! Looking forward to meeting and greeting the next little angel!

  13. Congratulations and Jubilations…what a lovely surprise…all went well

  14. Lovely Lucy. Hope the next birth is just as easy.

  15. Welcome Little Lucy…..and I see on Instagram baby #2 has arrived. Good news and wonderful they both turned up without fuss or bother. Stay cool.

  16. Been to Instagram also . . . such a lovely model babay – looks like another dainty female ? And you are going to be busy ere your departure rock-climbing 🙂 ! Hope all the guys involved during your absence are goof house-fathers!

  17. I’m so happy they delivered be fore you leave. And are healthy. What a relief.

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