New bobby

We all melted in the heat yesterday but Leia managed to give birth easily to a wee Bobby calf before breakfast. She kept him under the tree for the day and has not brought him into the barn again. At this point I have to trust the mothers. There is no way I can get close enough to these babies to bring them up. The mothers are very protective, and aggressive with it. I just keep reminding myself that Aunty Anna hid Inky in the corn field for days last year before I realized she had even had a calf and all was well.

This new little bull calf is very sprightly – a strong tiny calf.

In a few days (once both the babies have found the creep room) I will let Aunty Anna and Tia in with Laia and Luna, then open all the gates, Luna and Laia need to get at that good pasture. And Aunty Del will help calm them down with her gentle disposition. These two cows are used to a big herd. Being cordoned off is part of their problem.

DSC_0171 (2)

Today is Anna’s last day. She has been a wonderful help. And stunning company.


I have SIX sleeps until I leave for Greece.


DSC_0191 (2)

This temperature gauge has been up on the Wendy House wall for years and though the mercury still rises and falls I am not sure it is accurate. The phone told me we were 97 yesterday but it felt like 100.

We drunk gallons of water to accompany our wine at lunch! Later in the day when I started the watering, I found the ducks playing in the sprinkler.

By this morning I had 96 views on this Instagram video. I wish this one would go viral so hundreds of people would get a smile – it is such a happy video.  So cool and fresh and innocent. Maybe not Memorial Day fare though. Having a day to remember the dead of miserable wars is essential to history and to the memory of those who died so tragically but not a happy day.

Another busy day ahead for us. I am hoping John will help me put up an electric fence and do some maintenance on the old fences today before it gets too hot.  I need things to be secure before I leave in SIX sleeps.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Monday 10% Precip. / 0 in
Sunny. Near record high temperatures. High 96F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
Clear to partly cloudy. Low 69F. Winds light and variable.

43 Comments on “New bobby

  1. I am so glad the last calf has dropped! Now you can breathe a bit of a sigh of relief. Greece! Will I fit in your suitcase?

  2. I am not one bit surprised those ducks are a hit, just the sound of the water and the happy quacks is enough to make me smile. There’s no point asking if you’ve started to sort out things to pack – you’re just going to throw your kitchen knives and a few garments into a bag and run, aren’t you?

  3. Those ducks will probably follow a sprinkler – they are so easy to please and keep hydrated. Well done Leia. I suppose those cows would naturally feel hidden in a large herd, but it does sound good that they have trees to hide under.

    • I finally got them all up and into the barn late this morning – heat like this can kill a newborn especially when they are black. But all is well

  4. You have hot hot hot in your area and we have wet wet wet. It has rained and rained and rained for days with no end in sight in NC. We rarely lose power but did twice yesterday as trees fell on lines outside our community. I know it is not a big deal compared to what many are going through so I am trying to just not mold. 🙂 Have a lovely trip, Ce;

  5. The countdown starts in earnest now 🙂 I actually think you may be hotter than Greece at the moment. So pleased you have two happy healthy calves on the ground before you go, sounds like their Mamas will look after their babies just fine. Hope they aren’t like Lady A who left them out. Laura

    • She was a fright wasn’t she – bless her. So far these mamas are doing very well- I am
      Looking forward to BOTH these calves being out in the field – just not at night or when it is blistering hot .

  6. What a sweet video! Like you, we are trying to get things done before the real heat sets in, and I wonder if we’re already in it. It’s been blistering hot the last few days.

  7. At least you will swim in Greece even if it is a 100 there too. Won’t that be divine? I’m happy for you that the cows are good capable mamas & their calving is done & easily. Blessings. Here in Asheville we have storm watches, flash flood & mud slide warnings as we are soaked & Alberto is headed our way. There Will be mold! But it’s not 100 & I’m very thankful for that. Have good sound Sleeps, Celi.

  8. SO glad the other calf is here so that you know that is done and dusted, so to speak. I hope he continues to thrive. Good luck with the integration into the rest of your lovely cow group. Love the ducklings! They are so much fun. Hope something cool is going to waft your way, if only some breeze. It is hot, hot here in Kansas at my brother’s too. But now and then the lovely prairie breeze offers a brief refreshment.

  9. oh boy they were having fun…isnt it lovely to watch them….and also two babies…one after the other…..lucky ladies being at the Farmy. Even if they are a bot wary of you at the moment time they will realise that they have arrived in animal paradise, and then start relaxing and enjoying their life. It must be very different for them …lots of love…go pack your bags! Bye bye Anna…have a great life and thank you for all the help you gave to Miss C

  10. How nice the second calf arrived before you depart for Greece. Give both those old girls a little more time and they will not care if you’re near their babies. I am happy it’s finally warm/hot here, the cold makes everything hurt and there’s no ice or snow to keep us stuck.

  11. I’m so happy the little Bobby presented himself before you had to leave and the weather will be cooler while you are gone. Wonderful photos all and I was able to see the ducklings in the sprinkler here even though I don’t have instagram. That was so sweet.

  12. I am posting your “just ducky” little video on my FB page….too darling not to share!

  13. Seing that wonderful splashing sprinkler has me wondering where your water comes from? When our temps hit the highs, we usually have water restrictions and there’s no way we could have a sprinkler going.

      • Aah, I wondered if that was the case. I have tanks as sell as mains, and manage it all very frugally too.

  14. I still do not understand Memorial Day, or Veterans Day. We had a nice parade and celebration on Saturday, which is great, but what is the point? We could have a parade on any good weekend. The celebration was in a park that is surrounded by memorial trees that very few know about. The trees were sponsored by friends and families of the deceased, but no one ever talks about them. Partying is more important.
    Okay, I will not go off on another long rant. It really was nice, and I got pictures of two of my favorite trees enjoying the celebration. I posted them yesterday.

      • Celi – you and I have ANZAC DAY, which is largely the same. For me, a very proud army brat, it is a day of immense pride of how those who went and fought did so that we might live in peace . . . and you know that both the New Zealand and Australian troops always have fought and died outside their homelands for people on the rest of the planet. For me this is a day of eternal thanks and oft happy memories all know to tell . . .

  15. We have a power outage too at the moment. Don’t know how long we’ll be out.
    I’m glad the second baby calf arrived in good time for you to be able to assess them even if from farther away than you’d like.

  16. It sure gets stiflingly hot in your area. I am glad the calf was born without issues, can’t wait to see pictures. Greece will be a wonderful break for you, looking forward to seeing photos.

  17. The duckies get so excited about water! Cute video

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