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With 35,000 choices a day, how many do you Make On Purpose?

What an enormous question! I don’t feel like I make that many choices a day? I feel tired just thinking about it. And all our choices – even the unconscious decisions – can have a profound effect on the people in our lives, the… Continue Reading “With 35,000 choices a day, how many do you Make On Purpose?”

Farm Daze

Pictures for you! Today I am going to be outside pruning all the branches that are covering my windows. They are great in the summer for keeping the heat out but I want warm sun shining into the room for the winter to help… Continue Reading “Farm Daze”


I understand the biology but really sleep is so odd. Dark comes – we get tired. We all sleep at the same time even the birds even the animals. Our dogs. We all crawl into our safe corners and sleep. Except the nocturnal ones… Continue Reading “SLEEP IS FUNNY”

Pond Plants

I am off out this morning to find the gardens of a baking friend. A couple who I met through janiesmill who live about an hour from here, love to bake with good flour and have a small business growing plants native to this… Continue Reading “Pond Plants”


Dear darlings – it is Saturday. I have finished chores and am sat down here at my desk with you and a cup of coffee. I feel I am beginning to get my rhythm back. Starting an (almost) full-time job plus maintaining my (full)… Continue Reading “LETTERS AND CABBAGES”


I think. As you know the vet came yesterday and Del was diagnosed with a pretty bad attack of pneumonia.


Yes. Miserably the night before last the ducks were attacked. When I went out for chores I found two dead and three injured. All head injuries. The night before last. Classic mink. I hate the bastard mink. I know to lose a few ducks… Continue Reading “BASTARD MINK”


I want to put two ll’s in leveller. (There are going to be problems when I get to SPELLING in my English course). Anyway, Our John thinks we got over Six inches yesterday. Nice light fluffy snow.


As I was puttering about last night putting the ducks to bed, locking up the chickens and shifting the cows, I suddenly realized I had no images of the day.


… of her disappearance. Actually she is quite chuffed that you noticed that Miss C and Camera House don’t get down the back to photograph her often enough.