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Replenish is a delicious word. It brings to my mind the drinking of tall glasses of clear water then imagining the cells of my body absorbing the fluid and plumping up, all fat and smooth and shiny and replenished.

Back to the Country

Travelling back from Portland to Chicago I found myself in a melancholy mood. My voice packed away with my makeup. My city face dissolving back into relief. Dragging my bag like a heavy weary dog with leaden feet on a short leash. Bumping at my… Continue Reading “Back to the Country”

Landing in the land of FAST internet.

I left the damp and sepia plains at 6.30 in the morning and drove in  a very bumpy bus up to Chicago. Sometimes I question whether these buses produce their own sneaky versions of square wheels.  The jiggling out of focus red hat of… Continue Reading “Landing in the land of FAST internet.”

Bye Bye Now Farmy

Have you ever seen a pig wave her little trotter, smiling weakly? The image wants me to add a  white glove and a tearful well made-up eye;  a sobbing Daisy and desolate Queenie, standing looking all forlorn. At the very least a heart broken… Continue Reading “Bye Bye Now Farmy”