Landing in the land of FAST internet.

I left the damp and sepia plains at 6.30 in the morning and drove in  a very bumpy bus up to Chicago. Sometimes I question whether these buses produce their own sneaky versions of square wheels.  The jiggling out of focus red hat of the man in the front of the bus was a welcome

To the dirty blonde tones of the misty slumbering fields. travel-one-003

I flew United. I have no interest in frills when I travel, merely arrival after an uneventual timely departure and I am fascinated by the maturity and near exhaustion of the United attendants hanging in there until they are eligible for their pensions.

I was entertained for over an hour by a beautiful Asian girl dressed in white wool, her hair falling straight to her glasses, her feet in sheepskin boots, her bright bag a pillow behind her back.  Her head was bent forward to show the pale nape,  as she harvested the tiny fruit jewels out of a pomegranate, delicately picking  them into her hand using her pink chipped fingernails as a miniscule tool with studied exclusive precision, popping them from her hand to her mouth one by one, she did not chew, merely smacked her mouth and swallowed, in a tiny satisfied moue, drinking the fruit down,  daintily wiping her fingers on a paper towel between each tiny taste. travel-one-005

Chicago did not bother to wave goodbye. It had other things on its mind. Shock at the exquisitly warm overcast day being one of them. This much heat in December is unsettling. My plane landed without fuss in LA four and a half  hours later.

I drunk a bottle of Corona in the airport, as I made my “I am almost there!” calls, the waiter trying to close me out five minutes after I got there because he was Off at three. I did not mind being hustled for his tip. I appreciated the honesty.

Our departure two hours later from L.A. was delayed somewhat when the pilot realised he had lost his petrol cap. Or the flap was open or something.  So he reparked the tiny plane, powered down, came out of his cramped switch laden cabin and as he opened the door and lowered the steps he announced with a laugh, that he was going outside to sort this out himself. We were comforted as his well cut grey head descended. I have always wondered why pilots often have beautiful silver hair. Is it a prerequisite?

And then off we flew into the setting

Bound for the Central Valley – California; family, fast internet and food! And a lovely cold glass of sparkling wine.

Good morning. Have a lovely day. See you tomorrow.



43 Comments on “Landing in the land of FAST internet.

  1. It’s so gratifying to be along for the ride- the excitement and small, quiet pleasures if travelling alone. I love how being in transit leaves wide open spaces for thoughts to wander in.

  2. Did you write that on the plane, miss c? My writing always sounds like words in flight when I write on a plane, as yours does here.

  3. Great, great, great photos…and a lovely trip to you, Celi! I have never really been separated from my family, and I get a little teary imagining how excited you must be. And THEY are undoubtedly counting the minutes. Blessings all the way! D

  4. Interesting trip, Celi… I can imagine you, absorbing it all, taking pictures and going on your mind about how to put it in words… Enjoy sunny California 🙂

  5. What exquisite descriptions miss c! I´d have been ticked off though at being hassled for a tip (but then, I live in the land where if someone doesn´t do something amazing they don´t even expect one, let alone expect!)

  6. I’ve spent the day with this amazing friend and probably relative. I have people- watched with her. I share the excitement of what lays ahead. Again I am a little taken back by a shared common thread Celi. Pomegranates. About the same time you were watching the ritual of pomegranate eating I was buying two perfect pomegranates. Pomegranates tp eat and write about. Life teaches us there is no such thing as coincidence. Bon Voyage my dear Celi.

  7. Cheers!
    It hadn’t occurred to me that Chicago to LA was more than twice as far as London to Barcelona – I had to get the map out 😉

  8. It’s very true about grey pilots – there are a lot like that in Australia too. It must be so exciting to be finally on your journey xx

  9. So glad the journey has begun without crazy flight delays, cancellations and such! Just know you’ll have a fabulous time with the CA family!!! xoxoxo

  10. You wretch: you know exactly where to leave us for the next exciting episode, don’t you 😉 ! [Damn long day . . .!]

    • Chicago! Chicago! Love it or hate it, when I get back i must visit for a show and dinner! It was warm though! c

  11. Celi
    I wonder how it is for you when you go out into the big wide world say a busy airport after months out on the praries in relative solitude. I don’t mean mentally (I know you are a well seasoned traveller) so much as the physical difference the sheer number of people around you and the noise etc? Does it feel a little jarring?

    I often feel that way after bush camping for a few days and I live in a place so quiet that my city friends start becoming obsessed with the traffic, or lack of it, on our dirt road within about 24 hours “oh my god it’s a car, do you know who that is?”

    • I think I zone straight down, and all the noise and people become a study, an interesting thought tho, I know what you mean about cars, john will look out at a car on out lane and say.. I have never seen that car before, who is that! as it speeds past.. c

  12. I love the shots of the sun setting! Gorgeous! And pilots do all have that lovely graying hair. 😉 Great observation!

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