Bye Bye Now Farmy

Have you ever seen a pig wave her little trotter, smiling weakly? The image wants me to add a  white glove and a tearful well made-up eye;  a sobbing Daisy and desolate Queenie, standing looking all forlorn. At the very least a heart broken dog. A peacock turned away so as to hide his quivering beak. But no.dec-2-004

They have all waved gaily, with a certain flick that led me to believe that maybe I was standing in their light, then peered around my drooping retreating form to see who was bringing in the feed.

I have closed the bags, checked the passport and terminal number. Turned my back on the litter that grew on the kitchen bench in the night. The waters and feed barrels are up to date. Notes and lists are written. This morning we will drive to a town 45 minutes away, where I will board a bus that will take me to O’Hare Airport then a plane to LA then another plane to Fresno. To see Third Son, his wife and family. I will arrive about 12 hours after leaving. They will have the bubbly on ice.

On my American Thursday I will fly from Fresno back to LA and then board a plane taking  me to Auckland, arriving on a NZ Saturday, then another plane to Wellington. And two more sons and their lovely ladies and a new baby.  But more on that later.

First California and a lovely big kitchen. While I catch my breath and get some sleep, we are going to cook.  Time I showed you two more Mama recipes.

Bye Bye Now, Farmy.  Take care while we are away.



58 Comments on “Bye Bye Now Farmy

  1. BEAUTIFUL farmy shots C. Well, we certainly do have a few a few busy weeks ahead of us with all this travelling. I cannot wait, so let the adventure begin.
    Travelling mercies to you.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. Quite the best pictures of the farm that I have seen. Just great. Have a wonderful holiday and remember to say sorry, from me, to the All Blacks.for coming all the way to Twickenham and then getting beaten:)

  3. Travel Safely I heave dear friends also living in NZ you have a very long ride ahead well 18 from my place on east coast

  4. The animals are just hiding their dismay Celi! Inside they are very sad. They are just showing you their ‘stiff upper lips’ so you won’t worry while you’re gone! Can’t wait to get to CA and then New Zealand!!! xo

  5. Safe travels into the arms of your loved ones. What joy to be with them.

    Your perspective shots of the farm today are simply, what shall I say, so prairie, so astute as to our smallness in this big, wide world.

  6. Finally it’s here! Looking forward to reading about your adventures….. Have a great time.
    BTW, my son#5 is returning home this week from Asia!! Surprise!

  7. I remember putting my children on the school bus for the first time…Bye little one, Momma loves you! Have a good time and learn lots. Momma will miss you.

    That’s okay, they would reply and say goodbye and get on the bus. One even said Okay…but I won’t miss you until I’m coming back home.

    Have a delightful trip, Miss C!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  8. Bon voyage, Celi. A few tears here for you and your precious critters. They are going to miss you and you them.

  9. What a sojourn, Celi — you’re taking everything but a boat and for all we know you may be on one in New Zealand before you are through. Your animals probably don’t realize how long you will be gone and I am sure they will greet you with joy upon your return. Get all the rest you can, drink a lot of water, dig into those books and enjoy your time with all of your family.

  10. have a fabulous trip Celia and if you are in Auckland i would love to catch up with you allison at

    • Morning celia, I have FOUR sons and a daughterI saw the eldest son last month and I will catch up with the rest this month, quiet a record! !!

  11. Happy trails to you! Happy trails to you! Until we meet again. Gene Autry, early American cowboy of Hollywood fame, sang this, and also I’m back in the saddle again – later spoofed in a song in film Semi-Tough; have a blast!

  12. Yes! You got away! Make the most of it Celi. 🙂 (and take lots of pictures)

  13. You are going to miss your little farmy, but the exciting adventures ahead of you will make up for it. Have a safe trip on the first leg of your journey to visit Third Son and family in California – enjoy!

  14. They’ll be fine, all of them 🙂 ! Two- and fourlegged!! Remember getting the ‘weepies’ one breakfast in Copenhagen, 1/2way into a trip to Europe. Missed my two SO much! Phonecall across the world: understanding grannie calling the two to the phone: ‘Mom, what IS it? We’re watching TV and it’s so good’! Talk about wakeup calls > laughter!!

  15. Travellin’ Mercies, Celi.

    Apparently the African American women in California use(d) this expression – according to Annie Lamott. So hope your trip is showered with mercy! 😀

  16. Adventure is so good for the soul. Enjoy every single minute Celi (as I know you will.) I look forward to some glimpses of your trip. Rock those bangles! Much love to your boys and families. New babies are the best. I just love to smell their necks…We will have one of our own here in four weeks!

  17. I felt a little wrench as I read this. You and the farmy have seemed inseparable. But now you will be adventuring far and wide – and even passing through Auckland. I will think of you while I’m out at the bach (from the 18th) and would welcome you for a cup of tea if you wanted to take a trip to the wild west coast.

  18. Passport, tickets, money is my mantra when travelling 🙂 Oh that and a glass of something on the flight !
    have dropped you a line about adding arrows, or indeed big Monty Pythonesque hands with pointy fingers on photos.

  19. And there she goes. Enjoy your offspring and don’t let the little things at home that are bound to be done differently get in your way. cheers c……..x wendy

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