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Rain and Sunshine likewise to a little person, the hot summer rain no impediment. No problem. No bother.   His legs podgy and step to siding.  Nappies making cowboys of them all. Stumbling away from the words jersey and shoes. Arms alight for balance. Unbalance… Continue Reading “TODDLE”





Back to the Country

Travelling back from Portland to Chicago I found myself in a melancholy mood. My voice packed away with my makeup. My city face dissolving back into relief. Dragging my bag like a heavy weary dog with leaden feet on a short leash. Bumping at my… Continue Reading “Back to the Country”

Speaker Spotlight: Cecilia Gunther

Originally posted on Press Publish:
Cecilia Gunther Once upon an time, in a land across the oceans, a girl named Cecilia was born. If that sounds like the start of a fairy tale, it’s on purpose. Though speaker Cecilia Gunther’s life hasn’t actually been…

Press Publish calls Miss C

My Turn!  THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Great News  is that I have been asked to speak more than a few words at the Press Publish Conference in Portland, Oregon on March 28th – 2015.  I know most of you knew that already but I… Continue Reading “Press Publish calls Miss C”

Sprucing things up…

Tomorrow I am going to take a blog day off. It snowed a few more inches in the night and I can go nowhere anyway so I am going take the chance to spruce the look of The Kitchen’s Garden blog up a bit.… Continue Reading “Sprucing things up…”

I never thought it would happen to me

Buoyant with the notion that it was going to get cooler yesterday, I spent the late morning tackling some of the jobs I had been ‘leaving ’til after’. I heaved over water troughs and scrubbed the green out of them, refilling them with clear… Continue Reading “I never thought it would happen to me”