Yesterday surged past with mowing and weed-eating and shifting the cow and calf and throwing up the last one hundred and thirty bales of hay and chores. Then more chores and more mowing and more milking. hay-014

A very short  and delightful little friend of mine asked to call the new calf INKY. And so it shall be. Names being easy to bestow.  And this one will not be difficult to live with. It suits her.  Little shadow of a thing. She looks like a dark heron. So delicate and leggy. hay-016

Aunty Del was desperate to get a look.

We managed to bring Aunty Anna and her calf back to the home fields. I carried the baby into the stock trailer with her mother following close behind.  Then to her horror  I locked the baby into the first compartment so she was not stepped on during the short trip.  She is very light little Inky, weighing way less than a bag of feed.

Once we got to the house I carried the baby like a sack of wriggling potatoes into the barn and then when she was settled I let her mother back out  of the stick trailer and they were reunited. Aunty was furious – snorting and pounding about like a bull until she saw her baby through the barn door then immediately was all love and kisses. hay-018

They will stay in the shady corner of the barn until after the milking today then once I have led Miss Nosy and her lot off to Daisys field, the mother and daughter can come out into the side field by the barn for sun and pasture.  After a while Aunty Anna will introduce her baby to the others through the fence then I will put them all together. But we don’t want Inky underfoot in a tussle. So I will take my time.  hay-009


Little Inky is a wild sprite and will not be impressed with fences she can not run under.

We have sent a request to the wordpress engineers about the odd coding appearing in some comments yesterday (among other things). Hopefully many of you comment today so we can trial it again. (Could you mention if you are using a phone or tablet or on your computer – this may make a difference and help them with their prognosis – more information is always better I think). There are always wee glitches when one begins something new. We at the farmy just say “hmm, excellent”, and proceed to find the answer. I love a good mystery. Especially one as small and un-life threatening as this.

It is Sunday, the day of no rest and the sun will rise in fifteen minutes. Time to get moving.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi

WEATHER: Sun then maybe a little rain. But all the hay is stacked away in the barn so I am sure it will not rain.

Sunday 09/17 40% / 0.03 in
Cloudy skies during the morning hours followed by scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 82F/27C. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Sunday Night 09/17 20% / 0 in
Mainly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 61F/16C. Winds light and variable.

6:35 am 6:58 pm
Waning Crescent, 6% visible 3:36 am 5:45 pm


82 Comments on “INKY

  1. I wonder if she will turn out to be as naughty as the pigs…
    thekitchensgarden is back in “From” on the emails 😉

    • Yes – thank you for the heads up – minutes after you told me my daughter called from australia to point it out too. That one at least was an easy fix.. c

  2. Celi – I am back to normal, not WordPress any longer – missed out on all the other hoo-ha. I work on a desktop computer. Those eyes, Inky, those eyes . . . you are a sprite, but your name suits you well . . . .

  3. Chromebook being used here and Chrome for the browser. Inky, a perfect name. Well done.

  4. iPhone for me. Inky is beautiful! I missed out on everything this week so couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this post! I live in SW Florida and the eye of Hurricane Irma came right over us last Sunday. We just got our power back last night after 6 days of relentless heat, humidity and contaminated water (still have that) and I am even more in awe of how you live off the land. We all need to become more self sufficient!

    • Oh Marcia – you poor thing – how awful. It is good to be able to b self sufficient but if a hurricane came through here we would be in the same mess. The gardens would be gone and a breach in the fences would result in the stick racing off too. The heat on top of it all just have been awful.. I wish you well – 6 days wiithout power is rough.. c

  5. On an iPad here. Today so far everything looks normal. The calf is gorgeous. I may have to come visit and see her….and you!

    • YES! Connie. I might come and find you as soon as i get the airbnb posters ready – we can put them up on the P.O’s. They will be small (the posters) . I am thinking our guests will more likely be overflow Aunties from weddings and funerals and events and suchlike. Not a lot of accom around here. Local knowledge will be important. c

  6. Using iPhone here.
    Her name suits her well. I see your temperatures are still nice. I had to cave in and switch the heating on here today. We had a high of 13 and low of 7!!

  7. Cow eyes are so wonderfully soft and gentle, and Inky’s are particularly big and lovely! And Aunty Anna sounds like a great momma. (As you requested, I am on an Android phone and my email sender line is back to normal today.)

  8. I must go back and find out if this baby was a total surprise! She is gorgeous. Commenting with my iPad

  9. I love nosy Auntie Del! And I don’t blame her – the baby is lovely. Congratulations! Oh, and I’m on my iPhone while sipping coffee and wishing for a surprise Inky of my own. 🙂

  10. Aunty Del wants one of those as well! 🙂 Inky is a gorgeous girl. I am always on Chrome with a Chromebook when I comment. My Pacific Northwest has fallen quickly into fall. Low 60’s and rain. Our summer is over.

  11. All seems normal again now! Getting your blog post notice on my laptop, although it says [New Post] right before the title INKY. Will see if tomorrow it still has [New Post] in front of the title. Looks like I’m back on automatic delivery to my inbox now! 🙂 That Inky is just precious!!! xo

  12. I had noticed the visible coding here on the WordPress app on my phone a couple of times before. Not sure exactly when you did the upgrading, but I think this may have been going on for longer and from the same person…(perhaps?)
    Such a sweet wee babe. What a face!

    • You know when chocolate sits uneaten in the fridge and the edges go pale? That is the colour. Very cute. (Or is it only me who will understand that description – not being muc of a chocolate eater) .. c

      • I know precisely what you describe, which is why I never put chocolate in the fridge; it rarely finds the opportunity to hide from me in the fridge, actually. m

  13. I switch from an iPhone to a Mac desktop for the gorgeous photos both with Safari.
    Inky is a doll. What does it feel like to hold a newborn calf in your arms!

  14. Dinky Inky has beautiful eyes and enviable eyelashes. She’s so gorgeous, she’s like a Disney incarnation of a calf, all big eyes, long legs and satiny coat. And those profile shots of Aunty Anna show she has a beautiful head too, so Inky isn’t just beautiful from her Dexter Daddy.
    I’m on a MacBook Air with Chrome as my browser. The notification email has gone back to ‘thekitchensgarden’, but I’m also seeing [New Post] in front of the INKY title. No more coding in today’s comments, unlike yesterday, when there were three sets of code in various comments.

  15. iPhone. Heading still says just the kitchens once I open the blog from the link in the email. And no picture behind. Is that deliberate? Today the email says post is from kitchens garden for the first time no longer
    Like the font. Miss the green background. Inky’s birth story and appearance were amazing to read.
    Lovely calf!!! Love the name! Such a busy day for you on Sat.

  16. Inky is a perfect name! I just love surprises but it seems like THAT would be one of the most difficult kinds to have (Android phone)

    • Getting her into a safe space was difficult – i am grateful she survived ok in the corn for those days – the corn is not a good place for a tiny calf by herself. Her mother could not have gotton to her if there was trouble.. all good now though

  17. What a sweet little calf. So small! Feed sacks are not heavy… I can only imagine that it was comparable to carrying one of my dogs. But maybe your feed sacks are larger than mine.
    I always use the WordPress Reader to read your blog and I usually comment through there as well. I don’t get to see the pretty layouts that way, unfortunately, but it’s very convenient. I also use chrome on my laptop. My phone is not smart enough for such things.

  18. On a desktop here. When my computer crashed and I used an iPhone for a while it nearly drove me mad, trying to look closely at your wonderful photos… so am glad to be back with the desktop. And, like others, nothing seems amiss today. I like everything about this new set-up you’re using except for one small thing — and I don’t know why this nags me but I really miss the time stamps on the Lounge of Comments postings.
    Your photos of the calf are delightful and I could look at them all day. Inky just looks like a perfect wee baby and Miss Nosy’s reaction is perfect too. A great name for the wee one. Hope you’re having a lovely day too ~ Mame 🙂

  19. On ipad here. Email alert now displays correctly, but if I go directly to site (rather than via the email alert) the newest post doesn’t show up. Love the new baby – such a lovely little beastie

  20. Inky Dinky par les vous (sp?) Just want to kiss her on her little head! Oh, and Ceci, why would your sticks run away during a hurricane if the fences were breached? This, according to your reply to Marcia when the hurricane’s eye passed directly over her land? Didn’t know you were raising sticks, chuckle! Just joshing you about the typo. Laughter goes a long ay to cheer the day and lighten the load! Be well!

  21. Oops! Using a desktop computer – no problems except for fining the Newsletter. Is it shown only on the specific day it’s published, or does it run for a week or so?

  22. I love your new baby. Have been working on getting my husband to ok a little cow, ie–a Dexter or any other small cow. Have you thought of selling her? And, will you be AIing her mother in order to breed her? I didn’t go back through posts to look but Inkys mom is your Dexter right? Or have I got it totally messed up?🤔
    Look forward to your posts and good luck on the Airbnb!

    • The above comment is from Jenny–Our Wholeistic Life. WordPress just changed my display name and kept saying I was logged out, then I couldn’t remember my password, then finally figured out how to changed the display name back. I really have a love/ hate relationship with technology!!😲

    • Inkys mother is Aunty Anna a hereford/short horn cross. Alex is the Dexter and she is for sale. PLus Txiki her very small Dexter/Miniature Angus cross. Though Alex might be pregnant too so we will see. Txiki can go anytime she is an adorable wee heifer.

  23. pc here and the email posts are correct now. So nice to see some wonderful pics of the surprise Inky. Been a long weekend here, prayers and good vibes would be appreciated as my John has a mass on his chest wall. Biopsy tomorrow to see what we’ll be dealing with.

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