Rain and Sunshine likewise to a little person, the hot summer rain no impediment. No problem. No bother.   His legs podgy and step to siding.  Nappies making cowboys of them all. Stumbling away from the words jersey and shoes. Arms alight for balance. Unbalance all she has known. Of no concern. Bodies poised to drop forward or backwards. Escape foremost. Laughing.


Sat on arms. Slumped in elbows. Cuddled in pillow bosoms.  People as wall paper. Surroundings. People as Chairs. Beds. Or brooming along the floors.


Great – grandfathers eyes.


Have a lovely day.

Love celi.



36 Comments on “TODDLE

  1. so wonderful to see the sight of natural warmth. We are burning wood to keep warm at this time!

  2. How sweet, life through the eyes of a little one. It’s a big refresher on how to see the world anew.

  3. What a beautiful child and that she has inherited her great-grandfather’s eyes! He lives on! These photos are especially beautiful today C. Especially when we are all craving summer so much! What are those orange beauties on the tree? Nectarines?
    I love that old gate!

  4. ‘nappies make cowboys of them all . . . ‘ That gorgeous and loving comment will be oft repeated in this household . . . . yep, with your name alongside . . . . . *smile* my garden has hundreds upon hundreds of both blue and white agapanthus madly blooming also . . . . and the crepe myrtles have gone crazy . . . .

  5. Ah, the colours: the sky, the fruit, the flowers, the eyes, the blooming cheeks… What visual richness you have around you, Celi. The happiest of Happy New Years to you and your dear ones.

  6. That beautiful face and expression looking through the glass is priceless and could win prizes. I was awestruck by it. Your photos are always wonderful but that one moved me. I’m so delighted for you and the warm weather must feel wonderful to you. I’m so sorry your John is freezing his tush off. It looks bad in the Midwest and East. We only got a night of solid ice. Counting our blessings.

  7. The balance we all seek is not even available and yet happiness and adventure are boundless to a Toddler…..hmm

  8. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. The farm and all will get through the cold. Happy New Year!

  9. Squeals with piggy excitement. All of your pictures are always wonderful. BUT today we have a favorite. The one with the baby looking in the window in astonishment. OMP! That picture is priceless for sure!! ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  10. Aw beautiful babies! I’m so happy you are having time with them. I held the 3 year old long and hard on Sunday. Well as long as you can hold a 3 year old. But she wanted me to read to her – and I read a few books and all of a sudden, with a very heavy thump, she fell asleep on my shoulder. I was in ‘hog’ heaven!

  11. A potpourri of lovely thoughts and images. And I love that the great grandfather is here to see his eyes “reprised”!

  12. Oh dear! After reading all of the other comments, there isn’t much left to add except “Thank you for gladdening my heart today!”. My own children and their babies are coming today to stay for five days…s-o-o-o long between eye-contact visits!

  13. Such fun watching little ones toddle around. Kids and puddles, lovely flowers and fruit. It’s wonderful to see through your eyes. And, yes, it is COLD in Illinois.

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