We have finally arrived in our little country house in Martinborough in the North Island of New Zealand.


No wifi here so I will be in and out.


Not to worry though I can use my daughter’s HotSpot as long as I am fast!

We are staying in a perfectly New Zealand cottage -right in the middle of nowhere surrounded in vineyards.


I will be back tomorrow. The young people have taken over the kitchen and the scents are tantalising.


I will write more tomorrow.


It is rainy but warm here and cold,  cold in Illinois.

Have a lovely day









37 Comments on “THE COUNTRY HOUSE

  1. A cosy cottage, the comfort of family around you and the waft of delicious food smells in the air. It sounds perfect. I’d love the sound/sight/smell track for that visit!

  2. What a beautiful little classic villa. And you don’t have to WORK or try and keep warm. Lovely to have you in our time zone. I’m [briefly] back from the bach & soon will be returning to the sea and ultraslow broadband so I’m grabbing this opportunity to post & to let you know I’ve just caught up on your posts from the last 2 weeks with as much pleasure in the reading and looking as always. Wishing you well, and a good, well-earned rest.

  3. . . .. . the ‘country house; . . .. the little boy . . . .the house . . comfortable . . . please enjoy . . . c’mon Celi – how many others are there in NZ to take your heart . . .

  4. Isn’t Martinborough lovely, particularly at this time of year. Just back from a few days in Taupo. Warm and dry until today. But who cares if it rains when the company is great?

  5. What a lovely place! How nice it would be to stay for a few weeks. However, enjoy your time there – and the warmth! Best wishes, Marina

  6. Nice to see you again 🙂 What a gorgeous little cottage, and the kids cuter. Very quiet chrinbo here, but I am madly rushing around getting my house ready for New Year visitors. We too are cooler and overcast today, saw Chicago was listed at -13C today, I didn’t try to convert to Fahrenheit as I estimated it would be too scary. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Laura

  7. That house is like a dream to me. I love it. Your photos are beautiful, with people disappearing behind hedges and children tucking into doors. Hide and seek and quiet places for everyone. I love that.

  8. What a beautiful looks my place. I hope to are able to enjoy the time with your family.

  9. Alas! Terrible typos thanks to auto-correct on my phone while typing with my thumbs. I meant to write:
    What a beautiful looking place!

  10. such lovely photos and I can imagine all the memories being created…what a wonderful family time. Happy New Year!

  11. Charming niche! Manna for the soul.
    Today in Chicago it is the coldest day so far this year:10 degrees.

  12. I can sense the joy. Looks perfect and the sounds of little feet would make it even more so.

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