Scorching Bay

Coffee and scones on the beach. Perfect way to start the day. 

Every day more family joins our band. Soon, as many as possible will be together – then Christmas – then our traditional road trip. 

I am on “day three “-  the tiredest day. 

I hope you have a lovely day. 

Love celi 

30 Comments on “Scorching Bay

  1. Jet lag is awful, sneak off for a quick 40 winks 🙂 that Sea gull wanting a treat for posing so close by no doubt. Laura

  2. It looks good and hot in those photos… Would a nice glass of wine with lunch and an afternoon nap help with the jetlag or is it best in your experience to just soldier on? I’ve always found watching the sun come up helps to reset my body clock, and I imagine daybreak there would be pretty sensational.

    • So perfectly typical, isn’t it?
      Sea Gulls: See food, WANT food!
      Can’t help but hear the gulls from “Finding Nemo”… “mine” “mine!” “Mine!” “MINE!”

  3. Hi Celi have a fantastic Christmas with your family, I’ll say Happy Christmas to all of the fellowship today, as it’s going to be very busy tomorrow! So Happy Christmas and a Happy new year to everyone.🎉

  4. That heat sure appeals to me, but I will have to be patient for winter to pass to get mine. Kate is right, resetting your clock has everything to do with being out in nature – watching the sun come up, or simply bathing yourself in the elements and surroundings. Knowing it is the “tiredest” day is a sure sign to take care of self. Find a little niche of cozy and have a nap!

  5. Yes! it was always going back that way yearly from the US for us too when the jet lag was the worst! Sometimes taking days to recover fully!
    A snooze in the sun on the beach sounds absolutely divine! It’s getting colder over here! xo

  6. Such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the photos. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  7. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and joyous days of togetherness for those who don’t or can’t! Great photos, especially that of Mr. Fancy Pants! Odd, isn’t it, you can find seagulls nearly every place in the world where there are waters. Enjoy!. Wonder if they all speak the same language, or do they have accents with their ‘screes’?

  8. Coffee and scones… just the beach sounds wonderful, as does the coming together of loved ones to enjoy time together and create another layer of memories. I love Christmas traditions, that are particular and special to those involved. They are what makes Christmas not the Hallmark & Commerical stuff that we are flooded with.

  9. *laughter* Quite a few of your readers have suggested ‘a snooze on the beach’ to overcome the inevitable jet lag . . . . . Methinks one really does not need a hospital visit on Christmas Eve to manage heat stroke and sunburn!! If one has not experienced the ferocity of the Down Under summer sun . . . . So glad the tribe is gathering: have a most wonderful Yule . . . .

      • *laughter* You may not be ‘that silly’ but many from the opposite side of the globe simply may not realize 🙂 ! Actually – there are not THAT many trees around our beaches!! Hope you had a most marvellous Yule hugging all those rascals . . .

  10. Everything looks so wonderful and I know you’re having a lovely time with family. Perhaps the unaccustomed warmth is contributing to the tiredness?

    If there is a wee bit of rhubarb not earmarked for Aunty’s recipe, you might like to try rhubarb punch? Equal parts chopped rhubarb and water, cook on low till rhubarb is mushy. You can add sugar or sweetener (just enough to take the hard bite out) and then blend (or use stick blender). Some people strain the fibre out, but I don’t bother. Chill well, pour some in a glass, add equal amount clear soda (gingerale, fresca, whatever you have there), with or without ice cubes. Adults will likely enjoy it with a bit of vodka – white rum – or the best additive GIN. Mmmmm, might have to dig some rhubarb out of the freezer for Christmas Day, although winter in Southern Ontario is a bit chilly for summer drinks.

    Enjoy every minute!
    Chris S in Canada

  11. Celi how I wish I had crawled into your pocket. We have coooold coming in Christmas day, Tuesday’s high here in east central Wi. predicted to be -1F. I thought hearing this would make you doubly enjoy the sun and heat over there. Merry Merry.

  12. Oh, you’re here! It’s scorching at the bach too, but at least I can get a breeze coming through. You’ve chosen a bright, hot summer to be here. Hope you can get lots of swims.

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