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The most natural air freshener ever

Other than opening the windows and doors? The most natural air freshener in the world is 179 bales of freshly cut hay stacked into the barn. Hay has this newly mowed grass crossed with bright notes of sunshine kind of scent. If we could… Continue Reading “The most natural air freshener ever”


There is thunder sounding off in the distance this morning. Let’s hope the rain does not come until this afternoon. My hay is so, so close to being dry. 


IT rained last night so no cutting hay today.  I have the fear. I think I am losing my nerve for hay. But every few days there is a chance of rain and if it is over 40% the risk is too high.


After being rained on the day we were to bale and then all the next night, yesterday evening we finally got the hay baled and under cover. About one hundred bales are pretty good – a little wetter than they should be …

10,001 AT 7.47PM

I realized last night when I was loading pictures that my blog has attracted over 10,000 follows now. This blog is my solace and comfort and company, without you all I would never have survived out here in the Midwest. Thank you all so… Continue Reading “10,001 AT 7.47PM”


I am cutting the hay today. Interesting that when I decide to cut hay EVERYONE says ok whatever you say. No-one else wants the responsibility. But I have four dry days in the forecast and some beautiful leaf in the fields and no hay… Continue Reading “HERE WE GO AGAIN”



Weather coming in

My beautiful field almost ready to be baled and now there is weather coming in early this afternoon. So I am going to try and get it baled and into the barn before the storms roll in. There are three fields like this.  I cannot… Continue Reading “Weather coming in”

The shiny path

Aunty Del and the biggest bobby watching the milking. I was driving back from the West Barn when I saw rain coming.  Out here you can literally see the rain coming.  Can you see that shiny patch approaching up the road? That is a… Continue Reading “The shiny path”

Pigs do not bend

Pigs do not bend in the middle. When they walk they do not curl around the corner like dogs – they shuffle like little fat buses. Here WaiWai’s head is quite still while his rear end tap dances across to get in line before… Continue Reading “Pigs do not bend”