There is thunder sounding off in the distance this morning. Let’s hope the rain does not come until this afternoon. My hay is so, so close to being dry. But if it rains it rains. We will get it up eventually. Funny how I have completely lost my anxiety about such things. img_3849

All the yummy pig vegetables and eggs ready to be mushed into the grain.

Babies under the leafy weeds in the pigs garden. Leaf Trees to a tiny pig.


They played or slept and fed  down there until bed time yesterday. She brought them all up in the evening.


A duck laid an egg yesterday! In one of the laying boxes of the little tin house they are sleeping in at night. The egg was small (the size of a medium chicken egg) but a wonderful sign. Like a pullet egg for ducks I suppose. Maybe there will be another one there this morning. Apparently they lay just anywhere and usually on the ground so I will have to do a proper search under the stock trailer where they hang out a lot.



OK. Time for me to get going. Let’s hope I can get the hay in today. Plus I need to go to the feed store and get some whole barley or oats to start the sprouts again. Both of these activities do not need rain. But it is looking pretty dark and cloudy this morning.

We will see.

Love celi

WEATHER: Unsettled.

Tuesday 08/28 40% / 0.02 in
Partly cloudy with afternoon showers or thunderstorms. High 92F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Tuesday Night 08/28 60% / 0.23 in
Partly cloudy with late night showers or thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. Low 71F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

6:15 AM 7:31 PM


Waning Gibbous, 96% visible 8:57 PM 8:09 AM

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi





27 Comments on “LEAF TREES

  1. Awwwww. Rain Rain go away – come again another day for Miss C’s hay!

    • Well we will see. It is not even that dry this morning. Sucking up moisture from the ground. I might have to leave it another day anyway and storms coming in tonight too.

  2. How exciting about getting your first egg!!! Congrats!!! Yes, it seems they lay just about anywhere! It was always like an Easter Egg Hunt when we had the Khaki Cambells free ranging. How big are your nesting boxes? Any chance you could post a picture of one? My John and I are debating the size. He’s made some for our Muscovies that I think are too big. I’m keeping my fingers crossed you get the hay in today. But you are so right, what is the point of being anxious and upsetting your peace of mind about it! xo

    • The nesting boxes are a surprise. They were not built for the ducks so they are hen sized. They lay early morning I am told so I keep them locked in until about 8. I guess she went up to the boxes to get away from the rabble.

  3. Send the rain our way, so dry and dusty here. Treat yourself to nice fresh duck egg for 2nd breakfast today – you need a treat. Laura

  4. A daily duck egg search! That prospect would be enough for me not to keep ducks. I’m easily annoyed by things like that. Although if they develop habits of where they lay, I guess it wouldn’t be terrible, just more exercise walking to all the spots. But it is certainly easier to gather eggs from boxes so conveniently placed. If only one could train ducks on where to lay an egg in a spot the way we house train dogs… Sorry. I’m all surprised by this completely foolish duck thing. In the wild that would just be crazy! You can’t just squat anywhere! You have to plan a nice safe cozy spot for you to hatch your eggs! I wonder if this wandering egg thing is a domestic adaptation… Sorry. Got lost in the tangent there.

  5. The pig garden looks like the Amazon Jungle, but great foraging and shade for the babies.
    Ducks are incredibly lazy and really do lay anywhere – even in their pond!

  6. Like the weather there, I’m often unsettled. But the rain moves off when I hear about ducks dropping their eggs and then waddling under the stock trailer. to watch and see who finds them.

  7. Piglets with snorkels – giggles! Perhaps Disney could put them in a movie with a script featuring them! It would be lovely! I was thinking – size is so relative…to the piglet, the leaves are a forest, to an ant, might as well be the rain forest! To a worm, unfathomably huge. To all of them, we are giants…and on and so forth. Beautiful piggies and ducklets!

  8. So exciting about the “new” eggs! I have to keep the coop door closed until later in the morning because the magpies get in there and eat their fill! Dang marauders! The piglets are so sweet. I miss pig babies…..

  9. Those baby porkers have such wise eyes for creatures only a few days old. Love their velvety little bodies and pink wibbly noses. I’m glad duck laying has started; the eggs are delicious and I believe more nutritious than hen’s eggs. I think you should save them for yourself while they are still rare…

  10. Lovely and fun photos. The piglets are so adorable. If you have to leave your grandkids in a country far away at least there can be some joy in coming home to such sweetness. The ducks grew so fast! Hooray for eggs. They can start paying for their keep. The eggs are to make $$, right?

  11. Our hens used to lay their eggs all over our little olive grove, and when one was broody and hid…We never found them until they appeared with their Chickies!

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