Trying to write this really fast while the ducks and the chooks and the pigs yell for breakfast attention. I slept in a little. But it has been a long week and it is Sunday. DSC_00475DSC_00484

This piglets are seven days old now. They are smaller than usual. But are definitely loading iron now and are very playful.  Some are fatter than others as usual but overall are a small skinny bunch. I am giving Molly aspirin for a few days one of her teats is looking painful which may have been shortening the babies drinking time. That seems to be sorting out now too.


Those were now very good photos but show their size and the very odd variety of colours. Only a couple a red and a few brown the rest are a kind of motly grey. DSC_00316

This week I will call the vet out and we will do pregnancy checks on Aunty Del and Tia. Both are very relaxed and happy but I was not here last week to see if they came back into heat. He will do bloods just the be sure.

Merciful heavens those ducks are rowdy when they are hungry. I let them out earlier and they have wandered across the track and are approaching the house by the sounds of it. Loudly demanding breakfast. No sign of eggs yet. I hope they do start to lay before the summer drifts into the late summer zone and the lights begin to dim.

Yesterday we got the vegetable garden weeded. The zuchinni have done remarkably well this year. I have been surrounding their bases in ground coffee thinking it may head off the bad stem eating bugs. Maybe it has. But we are still picking! In fact my helpers and I took some monsters out yesterday and made the ratatouille above to go with the roast chicken dinner.  I was not cooking – one of my visitors is a chef!!. He plays this game where he goes through the freezers and the garden and cooks what he finds! His girlfriend made an amazing rhubarb crumble. We all went to bed well fed.

Very nice.

Today we will prepare the two finished pig fields for replanting in oats.

I hope you have a lovely day. Mine will commence immediately!


WEATHER: If we miss these showers the hay will dry well today.

Sunday 08/26 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 92F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday Night 08/26 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 73F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

6:13 AM 7:34 PM


Full, 100% visible 8:00 PM 6:11 A

PS –  (9.50 am) wrote this and posted fast – then went out to work  – when I came back in for second breakfast it in fact had not posted – this happened yesterday too – or did they post twice?  weird. c

20 Comments on “NOISY

  1. Mine says it posted at 9:52 am. Glad you’re back safe and sound and everything, family and farm, is back to somewhat normal.

  2. That food looks scrumptious! I had a bowl of Cheerios today as I do every day. Bah! Humbug!

  3. THat skillet of green and red is beautiful. Glad you got the veggie garden sorted. The new piggies are precious.

  4. The Ratatouille is glorious looking.
    My neighbor planted EXTRA zucchini because she lost all of hers to some pest or another last year. It was suggested that planting extra might not be a good plan. Zucchini are very prolific she was told. But she was determined to have at least something left if the pests hit.
    No pests this year.
    WOW. Zucchini have taken over the neighborhood. She’s handing them out like flyers on voting day. Everyone’s avoiding her. Not me though. I’m always willing to take a zucchini. 😃

  5. Please oh please ask the Chef if he would share his recipe for that skillet ratatouille recipe. That looked fabulous!

  6. I agree with nearly everyone else, the ratatouille looks amazing and so did the bum end of that chook!! xx

  7. Perhaps the Lounge thought the Noisy Ducks were coming to comment…. How wonderful to have a chef come and play in your kitchen, but you do have a great pantry to open up to him, everything so clean and fresh. Lucky Celi, lucky chef!

  8. Love the look of the food 🙂 ! Love the elegant, stylish pictures of those greyish moppets 🙂 ! Laugh at the ‘Breakfast’s late, Mom’ !!! They better deliver in spades for their good life . . . laughing at your ‘second breakfast’: so very European !!

  9. oh my goodness…..since you have been home it’s “full speed ahead!” Take care and big hugs to you- that tomato zucchini skillet looks gorgeous and I bet quite tasty too!i

  10. Now you mention the ground coffee! (used or unused by the way?) Last year my zucchini was awesome – this year I got a couple and then the stems went all mushy and they all died. Got the second round of green onions and radishes out though.

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