Test Number THREE!

Let me know if you get this! I miss you all – this is horrible. So, comment if you have this delivered to your inbox so I know my posts are going out again.

WordPress is playing Hide and Seek with my posts.

Hopefully they are working on fixing the problem and also reinstating all my lost posts AND the lost pictures. I talked to someone via email then the wordpress person disappeared again.

Definitely time to go to self-hosting.

Once I cleared my cache many of the pictures came back – the old version got stuck I think.

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

  • Click on the three dots running vertically – top screen right.
  • Click More Tools.
  • Clear Browsing Data.

This will dump your history so you can come back clean (make sure you have your passwords saved) and refreshed.

OK – I am going to stop here in case this does not post at all!

Merciful heaven!

Take care

Talk soon

Celi in a Mood!

14 Comments on “Test Number THREE!

  1. just text all is double spaced and broken link for all photos.

    • Ok
      There should be no photos in the body of this post. How about the header photo? Can you see the rabbit?
      Most importantly:
      Did you receive this via email? Or did you have to go and look for the post?

  2. This one looks correct as you note above- just header photo of Nelson and then text. I never receive notification of your posts by email- I turned that off in my settings of all the sites I follow and simply see new posts pop up in reader as they are published. Remember everyone reads in a different format- phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Sounds like some formats are working and others not so much.

  3. Is that Nelson? A commentator above suggested the bunny pictured is, indeed, Nelson, an Easter rabbit, looking cozy and comfortable.

  4. You got it done in the end. The worst of it was the missing images. I could go to your blog and read, rather than waiting for things to appear in my reader, but the images are so integral to your posts that it felt very strange… I’m glad Nelson got to make a starring appearance as the Easter Bunny!

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