Sorry to send one more test Post

But the only way I can make absolutely sure that I have reached you all again is to send another post.

The last two did not go out to anyone!

Hoping that you all receive this.

The last 24 hours have been hell.

Let’s hope we are back to normal.


PS – Just write a Quick Comment so I know you are receiving your notifications again. Thank you so much! And make sure you are on my email list so I can load you into the new site. (within a few weeks now) I am just not sure of anything anymore. And I don’t want to lose you again!

124 Comments on “Sorry to send one more test Post

  1. No need to apologize! Love getting your e-mails and hope things will be better soon.

    • She is right? I just grabbed any old shot so I could get this post out while I had the WP help desk close by. It took them a while to get to me but I think we are back in business!!

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. I’m here! 👋 I’m sorry you’ve had WP troubles. Technical difficulties suck! Love your pic.

    • I cannot tell you have unnerving that was – I have been writing to you all for so long that the thought of losing my list was terrifying! But here you are! YAY!! Have a great day in the garden! My latest lot of kale is popping up!

  3. Your posts are coming up on my WordPress reader, then I’m jumped to your site. This is happening with all the sites I follow, and the rules keep changing.

    • Yes – I can’t keep up but the good news is; there is backup – as long as one is patient (which I am most certainly not). Thank you so much for letting me know that you received this post!

  4. I was blocked on my computer and was receiving only your email. I am back on with the computer now too. Thanks.

  5. All good now if you like double spaces lines, all photos are now available, as well a old archive pages.

    • Thank you so much Skip, you have been so good helping me see what you see along the way. This was written super fast so I could test it while I had the WP people paying attention – hence the double spaces. So glad out old images are back!!!

  6. Ok, got this… & the earlier one… Hope all is straightened out now…

  7. Hi , I can see the header photo 🙂 , previous post it was blank.
    No worries about testing … I work in IT and testing is an essential part of the process. Now if only all these App-Producers would Test/Verify their updates instead of ‘testing in production’. That’s a sure way to tick-off the users!
    M in NC

    • That is much better!

      I will post a proper blog post tomorrow morning and rest multiple images – but I am assured that the problem has been rectified. And I do agree – things that just don’t work can quickly put me off!

  8. When I set up my new blog, the part that took the longest and caused the most frustration was getting the email subscription to work. Hang in there!

  9. Kia ora! Got this third attempt, not the others. Thanks so much for spending your time figuring out the problem. I really enjoy reading your blog, love your photography too. Hope you have a more pleasant day today now you’ve sorted out the technology. Quiet autumn day here in Aotearoa, great day for gardening!

    • Thank you ! And hullo you out there at home! We have about the same weather at this time of year! I hate technology but this is the worst scare WordPress have given me – losing touch with you all!! But they fixed it for which I am grateful! Take good care Nicky! Maybe we should o a NZ readers catch up when I am there !

  10. I got your message too, I hope your problems with the internet have all been sorted out now x

  11. Not sure if WordPress will allow me to comment, but I’m still here and following. XO

  12. Hi Celi.
    Been having trouble with mine too – several emails I’ve sent out come back n say undeliverable- it says that email rejected mine n I know all those emails are correct and I’ve used all of them before with no problem. Carol

  13. There you are! Back at full strength. And you’re back on my list, and your photo is back on my Blogs Followed side bar. Well done for battling with the secret masters of WP and coming out a winner…

  14. Happy Easter Milady to you and yours! Yes, it came thru’ as you see – I have been having similar problems . . . hugs . . .

  15. Received. Tech problems are some of the worst to have. We feel your pain.

  16. Hello, I only got what I think was the third post. But at least I did get that! Thank you for working so hard to get the challenge figured out.

  17. I rarely write anymore so no problems for me and so backlogged on reading, I’m not sure what I missed. Happy Easter and hope all is well now.

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