Full Steam Ahead, as my old Sailing Da used to say

Technology is not always predictable – especially for the Great Unwashed like me.

Yesterday and the day before were frightening days for the Kitchens Garden Farm Blog. I downgraded in preparation for the move (not wanting to pay another year of full price) and this made a nasty impact on the WordPress site. I lost you. Our string broke.

BooBoo the Blue Heeler cross laying down outside the barn doors looking off into the tree lined farm yard.

But WP customer service came in and rescued us and now we are back to smooth sailing. We will toddle along here until Duane and I have our new site ready – there is still a ton to do over there.

The Farmyard

The Grass is greening up fast and the ducks are eating it and chasing bugs as though they have never been fed in their lives, ever.

brown ducks eating grass and chasing bugs in the farmyard.

This means that their laying is stepping up too.

And no – these are not for human consumption.

Brown Ducks around a dirty puddle that they have laid their eggs in.

I think the ducks sit on the sides of the puddle to think duck thoughts and lay their eggs as an afterthought. Then the eggs ROLL down into the water when they get up and waddle off.

Sprouts on work bench with basket to their right. Machete and brush and glove in the foreground

I boil them up and mix them with sprouts (and veges from down the road) and they become the most wonderful pig food.

Head of a pot belly pig - Wai - looking at empty feeding bowls and bucket of torn up sprouts.

The Wheat Fields

As the end of the day began to descend I took a few minutes to sit on the Wheat Seats.

This is Soft Red Winter Wheat and it is literally growing centimetres a day. I am going to try and work out how to sell the flour, ground from the wheat from my own fields, at The Sustainable Home. We have Warthog in the other fields so I could sell that too! Working on that!

Imagine buying flour from a field of wheat you have watched grow. It is magic.

Often I feel like The Little Red Hen except I do have help!

Woman farmer from behind resting in a cast-iron chair in field of wheat. Outlined on the horizon. Her dog  and greening wheat in the foreground

Wear your hat

I got a couple of bricks and a 10 second delay, set my phone on the bricks and took a photo of myself sitting on a Wheat Seat.

My hat is back on my head.

I never work outside without my hat. This sun is mean to skin.

You should not go without a hat either. It is an olden days habit but a very good one.

They were not dying in droves from skin cancer in the olden days.

Comment or email me

When we were finally reunited on the blog yesterday I was ecstatic!

Screen shot 104 comments.

Commenting is the best way to stay in touch and add to the conversation. PLUS, if I lose you in the shift – which will be in a very few weeks – (now that we have WP firing again) – I can pop back to an old comment and send you a message.

All the posts and all the comments since 2011 are already in storage so we will still be able to look back over the years. But a recent comment will be easier for me to find if I lose you.

Comments are a beautiful thing! They make my day shine. So make sure to comment over the next few weeks even if you have never commented before. This way I can guarantee that you come with us. When the site went down yesterday I got lovely emails from a number of you saying you had been reading for years and though you do not comment you wanted to make sure I knew you were there.

This was great!

So If you cannot comment – and I know there are tons of you out there who cannot – email mecelima.g.7@gmail.com. Your email will stay with me. This is just between us.

We have an outstanding comment plug in for the next rendition of The Kitchens Garden. It is so intuitive and you should be able to comment from anywhere. This is one of the most important reasons for me shifting. Building our community.

And I do not want to lose you.

Technology fired a warning shot across our bows yesterday making sure we knew that this house of cards can easily come tumbling down and we might get separated.

I got a real fright.


Weather in Central Illinois. Sunday April 09 2023.

Warming up!!

Have a lovely Easter Day!

Take Care, Talk Soon


39 Comments on “Full Steam Ahead, as my old Sailing Da used to say

  1. My duck disappeared for a few days, but started coming back at 6.30 with two friends! There’s a heron who’s taken a keen interest in the fish too…
    I’m sure you’ll do a post warning us of the blog change, the day before. That way if there’s no email post notification the next day we know to look for you 😉
    Happy Easter!

  2. While pondering what poolside thoughts a duck may be thinking , the old ditty (to the tune of “Stars & Stripes Forever”) popped into my Sunday morning brain: “Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody’s moooothhheerr….” which set me to contemplating all that fresh green grass & juicy bugs may bring on broody inspirations in the colony soon now. The ladies circle by the daffodils may be discussing it. Do you think?

    • Oh yes! Those ducks are a broody bunch – so sad that their eggs are not fertile – hmm – this makes me wonder about getting some fertile eggs for a broody one! Hmm – now theres a thought.

  3. Reading in Alberta as I visit sister Del for her retirement celebrations! Only yesterday I was on the other side of our great country cleaning out flowerbeds. Nothing is green here though. My current comment complete. Have a lovely water weekend.

  4. That ongoing wheat field is going to be marvelous to watch. So glad WP did not cut you out entirely and worked to help save everything. Others have talked about their crankiness when they feel their $ is not coming in so if they are lurking and reading this comment I will say thank you for not sending C out into the ethereal realms never to return.

    • There is a space for lurkers too! Love them! And there will be warning when I cross over so will just be a matter of entering the URL again.

      And yes this wheat field – I will shoot from many different angles but the seats will remain where they are. I am looking forward to the progression too!

  5. “The Little Red Hen”..
    Brought a smile to my face😁
    I wonder how many of the Farmy recognize that series of children’s books from the 40s and 50s that taught good behaviour? I still have 3-4 of those tall, skinny paperback books….. my grandkids think they’re weird 😁😁😁
    I also have some Golden books!! “Grandpa Bunny-bunny can still bring tears to my eyes.

  6. I read your blog always. I do not comment often but please don’t lose me.

  7. I see you are at 19c and we made it to 15c yesterday! Was spectacular and helped melt more of our snow. Front yard is greening up but our back yard is a very large cube of ice still! Will be a few weeks before it melts back there! Spring is on its way for sure. I even had a lovely purple pansy awaken from under the snow in bloom!

    • I will try and put Celsius in my weather image for you – it might be fun for you all to do a direct comparison. Not everyone here is in F.

      Sorry about your ice! I hate ice.

  8. Sooo glad you’re back…and in your honor, I’m sure, the sun is just gloriously doing it’s thing. Just the tiniest of snow piles scattered below the emerging daffodils.

  9. I love that photo of you! You look so very cool in it–as you are! Not surprised about the 104 comments. I accidentally subscribed to them and my inbox was inundated, which made me happy for you. Though I did go unsubscribe promptly!

    • I love that shot too! Seeings as it took itself! All those Notifications should not arrive in your inbox! Not unless you ask for them. I will make sure that does not happen on our next platform.

      • I think it was user error on my part! I like getting your replies to my comments, but I didn’t want to get all of them. Seems to be fixed now. And I’m excited for your new site.

  10. When that wheat comes in I want some of that flour for sure!

    Spring is definitely here. It’s shirt sleeve weather 66 F right now. I’ve been exhausting myself digging stuff up and moving things around, getting areas all dug and ready for plants that should be arriving soon! So much fun, but hard work.

  11. The crocuses here have bloomed and gone. I haven’t looked to see what other things might be here, temporary quarters, yet again. Oh for my own little house. We’re looking at mid 70’s this coming week and I’m more than ready. It wasn’t a hard winter here, fairly mild in fact, but winter none the less. there are brown creepers here, goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees, several different woodpeckers and lots more birds. Even with the quarters temporary, I’m glad I have finally escaped Chicago. It was becoming dangerous where I was and I don’t miss the uncertainty.

  12. Happy Easter Miss C. After a flurry of Easter cooking we downed tools for the remaining 2 days of the holiday. The weather is now properly autumnal but unseasonably windy yesterday and just breezy today. I’m pleased TKG blog is back up and running. I love popping in while I drink my morning coffee.

  13. Happy Spring to all esp. the pig. I love it so.
    If ever I move to a place it is feasible I hope to have chickens like yours.

  14. I was so afraid we were going to lose you permanently. I would miss my Farmy Fix.. Such a relief to have you back up and running. I’ve finally stopped baking (cinnamon scrolls, scones, grain free dog bickies) and picked up my needle again. These days I seem to ricochet between the mixing bowl and the sewing machine. Last night was the first cool night of the year (ie, under 20°C) and hurray, hurrah, winter is on the way, with temperate weather and the chance to actually grow stuff! Tell Miss Timatanga Moana that she has cousins down in North Carolina; I’m sure Zeke and Elvira and their 7 piglets would send cordial greetings if they knew about her. I follow the Sow the Land YouTube channel and love watching those kunekunes…

  15. Love the photo of you with your hat and Boo ❤
    Catching up on the posts while drinking my mushroom coffee! ( it's not too bad)
    Sunshiny days are ahead of us.. and the warmth is coming! ( and maybe a little more up and downs)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend C

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