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Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.

This was my first thought this morning. Facing the possibility of the planet reclaiming the earth back from the people sounds like a fine plan to me. Almost comforting. Not a popular thought obviously! But would it be such a dreadful thing if the… Continue Reading “Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.”


Replenish is a delicious word. It brings to my mind the drinking of tall glasses of clear water then imagining the cells of my body absorbing the fluid and plumping up, all fat and smooth and shiny and replenished.

It was only luck

It as only luck that I was on the tractor last night rolling out through the garden and along the empty grey fields, – past the pigs field, them runing out to meet me – we’re here we’re here … .. through the baby fellowship forest.… Continue Reading “It was only luck”