Replenish is a delicious word. It brings to my mind the drinking of tall glasses of clear water then imagining the cells of my body absorbing the fluid and plumping up, all fat and smooth and shiny and replenished.

And so to travel. airport-001airport-002airport-003

I am in a replenish period. So I drink three quarts (about 2 1/2 L)  of water a day.  But not when I am packed into a plane like this.

They say keep hydrated when you travel but I do prefer to hydrate before and after travel. Being strapped in during turbulence with a complaining bladder is not fun. We all learn that lesson early on in our adventures.


I don’t mind being packed in – empty seats are not efficient.  And planes use a lot of fuel. We manage,  humans have an ability to extricate the mind from certain situations. Dig into a book. Think like a pig.  Close your eyes and dream yourself away. Be where you are. 


I stay detached until I arrive at my lovely little hotel and begin to drink the days quota of water (and wine)  – though you should not drink your days quota of water AS wine!.


replenish the earth‘.

For a Christmas Present to my Host Planet I am going to try and keep in mind if my actions replenish the earth or simply steal from the host to keep me alive.  I know that much of the bible has been twisted by endless interpretations, chinese whispers over thousands of years and cannot be taken too literally.  Unless you are reading it and understanding it in the original old style biblical Hebrew or Aramaic.  I should not take three words translated into English (by whom?) and then create an idea of how I should live my life from those three words. I mean, I am not even particularly religious. But I will.   As a historical document, I find the bible interesting and I choose to interpret these three words as meaning: look after the earth,  the ground under your feet, mind the soil, fill our very foundation, our earthly mother,  with greenery and water and growth and compost and goodness. Don’t take more than you put in.

Yes, Don’t take more than you put in.

Now, travel is a toughie. I am fairly sure I am using way too many natural resources to visit with my family. So, while I am in New Zealand I will plant and water as often as I can and work towards replenishing this earth that I walk so heavily upon.  Plant at least three trees.

Just an idea.

I hope you have a lovely day.

After a day of walking and water drinking – I will be loaded into a big jet plane tonight and fly in a curve around the world until my pilot finds Auckland, New Zealand.  Then another terminal change (terminal is a terrible word for an airport) and I will be loaded onto another plane to Wellington.  If all goes well.  I just need to get to the loading gates at the right times.

So far everything is going very well which makes me nervous. (My hotel room is full of lovely wood to touch!). I am such a superstitious person! Merciful heavens.

I hope you have a lovely day.


A screen shot from one of my weather apps.



45 Comments on “REPLENISH

  1. “Be where you are.” Always good advice. There have been times when I was in a bad place and needed to not be there. Mental escape was imperative.

    May your travels be smooth and rich with memories.

  2. Yes, replenish, a wonderful word, with healthy, uplifting connotations! And off you go to replenish your mind, soul and spirit with your family in New Zealand. Sending wishes that your flights are relaxing and that all connections are made with no stress or anxiety! xo

  3. I hope you get to the beach! The hotel room looks nice. Wishing you an easy journey. I love your meditations on replenishing.

  4. (terminal is a terrible word for an airport) I agree completely with that sentiment. Glad travel has gone well so far and you are one step closer to your family. Keeping good thoughts for you.

  5. Can you smell the fires in Manhattan Beach? I love traveling and could do it all year long. How does a pig think? Have a great trip.

  6. Enjoy your walk and replenishment. Nice room to dial down and prepare for the next leg of your trip.

  7. I’m wondering too. And I lost the joke of the Christmas pig. Love the hotel room lovely and inviting.
    How long is the flight to Auckland? Are you able to sleep on a plane? I remember you’re able to “bite”!

  8. Squish your toes in the sand, probably too cold there, but soon soon. Take a deep breath of that ocean air and find that little girl that cycled down the beach road every day 🙂 Laura

  9. Planting trees is a lovely way to repay our sweet planet. and I like your “don’t take more than you put in”
    Safe journeys today and every day.

  10. Safe travels, sweet dreams as a replenished spirit. My son is coming home from down under (Brisbane). This is the first time I’ll be seeing him in two years. So my prayers are with both of you.❤️🙏

  11. It’s heartwarming to know you will be passing by so close. There is a wonderful photographic exhibition on at the Auckland Museum, New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017. Opened last Friday.
    I wish you safe travels.

  12. That bed looks like it will provide sweet dreams, and after a day replenishing your lungs with sea air and your cells with water and your creativity with wine, I should think you’ll sleep like the dead and wake up ready for the next round of sardine-can sensory deprivation, horrible lighting and creeping noisily ever closer to your destination. Homeland and family call and Miss C is answering. She’s on her way…

  13. Replenish the happy those words make me feel. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I often think of a word or a phrase to focus on throughout the year. And I feel that you have just given me a beautiful gift of these three marvellous words for 2018…Thank you lovely Celia.

      • Silly me, obviously the three words to which you refer are “replenish the earth”… (Better late to the party than not at all, hey?; ) but, after gone looking for the origin (and context) of the phrase; I must say I prefer your interpretation than all of those in (paternalistic/King James): context. I would dearly love to have access (and understanding) of the original words and phrasing…

        • I have heard it said (by those who know) that the John Nelson Darby translation of the Bible is the closest to the original Hebrew texts, as he used original manuscripts where possible to translate from. There is a very interesting notes in the front of the copy I have, saying which sources he used, and why. Although the King James Bible is a very good Bible, back when it was translated they did not have access to a lot of those original manuscripts.

            • This particular passage is translated as ‘fill the earth’ in the JND version. There are a number of other Bible verses about the earth. Numbers 35: 34 ‘And ye shall not defile the land that ye inhabit’. Also Ezekiel 34: 18 ‘Is it too small a thing unto you to have eaten up the good pastures, but ye must tread down with your feet the rest of your pastures; and to have drunk of the settled waters, but ye must foul the rest with your feet?’ This is what I frequently want to tell people! Take what you need, why ruin the rest for everyone else? The Bible is mostly symbolic language, but there is an interesting instruction in the Mosaic law, Exodus 23: 10 ‘And 6 years thou shalt sow thy land, and gather in its produce; but in the seventh thou shalt let it rest and lie fallow’. I read somewhere years ago that it was because the Israelites did not follow this, that they now have large desert areas, although I can’t find anything online now to back this up. Resting the land is still an excellent agricultural principle.

  14. May your spirits be greatly replenished by the travel, the changes and comforts it offers, and the return to the farmy when the time comes. We all know you are a dedicated and committed protectress and replenisher of the places you inhabit for both the short- and long-term and the creatures with whom you share your life, two-legged and otherwise. It’s only fair that you should enjoy similar gifts in return.

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