Traveling around the curve of the earth.  And now I am here – home again.  

The sunrise from the plane.


Intense colour.


The sun bobbing  just behind us as we flew ahead of the fire.

Then as I plane hopped with unnerving ease across the world and down the country. New Zealand – that is the place of my birth. Home am I again.


Wellington is dried up after an unusually protracted period of dry heat.


No-one has touched the rhubarb because it is growing for Aunty’s rhubarb crumble.

Lot’s of dill grown for Mum’s dill chicken. Thyme for the beetroot salad and on they go my children. Growing vegetables with recipes in their minds.  Christmas time feeds.  Teaching their children to cut from the garden and bring it into the kitchen.


A whole new generation of gardeners and cooks in the making.

I will not say terribly much this morning. It is 5.40 am and my kitchen assistants will be out of their beds and roaring into their morning soon. I have presents to rescue from the depths of my suitcase and I need to wrap them before I am caught. I think everything survived the journey.

I have been promised breakfast in bed from a certain milking shed farmboy excited to show me his new skills. Evidently, I am to be treated to whipped cream and strawberries on toast.   Goodness.

The morning has dawned a little cloudy and still for the moment.  It is Wellington though – there will be wind coming.

I will be where I am, quite happily.

Love celi

WEATHER: Wellington, New Zealand.

Thursday 12/21 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. Gusty winds during the afternoon. High 69F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Thursday Night 12/21 40% / 0.03 in
Windy early with showers becoming likely after midnight. Low 61F. NNE winds shifting to SSE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

5:43 am 8:53 pm

Waxing Crescent, 5% visible 8:03 am 10:49 pm



  1. you are relaxed and happy…so have a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year

  2. Oh, the joy of ARRIVING home! The anticipation of getting there is half the fun, but actually being there in familiar surroundings brings a comfort to the heart and soul beyond belief! Have a glorious time, Miss C!

  3. Ahh ~ so happy for you!!! Your footsteps on your birth home again ~~ always a special feeling in your heart!!! Rest up, close your eyes for a while ~ then you’ll be ready to give big hugs and chatter chatter chatter!!! Home Again, Home Again, oh how my heartis happy again!!!! Have a good one ~~~ Carol

  4. oh how splendid a sunrise- glorious and yet not as glorious as being home again with your babes! Have a wonderful time!

  5. So good to hear you’ve arrived safely and just in time for the Summer Solstice too? Wow, how marvellous to be able to pick fresh from the garden for Christmas dinner! Your photos are jaw-droppingly gorgeous; thank you for sharing them: )

  6. So happy you are there safe and sound after your long journey. And now breakfast in bed! Heavenly. What a well-deserved break from your busy mornings at the farm.

  7. I can feel the joy in your post this morning. My heart is so full of happiness for you dear friend!!!!!! Hug them all tight please.

  8. And I have to add Ditto to every post above. the photos are spectacularly beautiful. Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas and visit!

  9. You need to remember to make a post card out of that first picture. It’s not quite farmy but it IS grogeous and fascinating.
    I hope your jet lag is only momentary and that your visit is full of hugs and excellent food.

  10. Welcome home Ce. And now at 7:50 the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and no wind here in Ngaio. Have a lovely day with your famiky and enjoy being fussed over

  11. So lovely to hear this particular kind of I’m at home with family joy in your words. And the anticipation of family recipes and festive traditions, makes me smile because that’s what Christmas is about for me too ♡

  12. Oh, I love the sense I’m getting that you’ve got home and slotted into your place and your family like the right sized peg in the right sized hole, no wriggling about to make it fit, no adjustments, just… there. And you know how everything works and you like what they like and the weather feels right for the season and all the beloved people are around you. Miss C, I wish you days of bliss, contentment, joy and satisfaction. I wish you the clean air of your homeland, the big skies of Aotearoa and the delighted faces of your children and their children. No need to hurry back. We’ll be here when you’re done.

  13. Maybe other people besides me feel nostalgia this time of year for our old childhood homes & first families, there still in dear memories, but we have moved on & now have our own families we’ve created somewhere in the present day, maybe even nearby. I find your story very poignant, as your two beloved families & precious animal charges are divided by hemispheres & the whole curve of the whole earth. I admire you with all my heart for balancing these worlds & I wish you very happy holidays ahead in your native familial NZ. Judith

  14. * the hugest smile in this wide world* For me there is just one photo at which I am stuck, staring in wonderment: a little boy taking a very determines step! God’s blessings . . . .

  15. Hello, here I am, same hemisphere but 12 hours behind you 🙂 Like Eha above I too am amazed to see the Little One running, just have so much fun. Beautiful photos of the sunrise …. promise of much to come. Laura

  16. Home. Wonderful place to be. Knockout sunrise photos. A Little zipping around. Food fresh from the garden. Happy Holidays.

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