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Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.

This was my first thought this morning. Facing the possibility of the planet reclaiming the earth back from the people sounds like a fine plan to me. Almost comforting. Not a popular thought obviously! But would it be such a dreadful thing if the… Continue Reading “Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.”

The Taste of Home

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and at the end of the interview the interviewer posed a question. “What is the taste of home for you?” He said Hush Puppies were his taste of home. I thought hush… Continue Reading “The Taste of Home”


We have lost the wee fellow on the right he died in the night but these are such sweet shots I thought I would share. Please don’t be miserable. And after such a rocky start he needs a proper goodbye.


A Winter Storm Watch in the first days of a midwest Spring.  The old people keep telling me anything can happen in March and it happens they are right! 


“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life”. Lord Byron

The March Give-Away

Goodbye, March! Hullo, April. (Only a day late). Here are some of my favourite farm photographs for March.  A wee anthology of the month. And a give-away. I am shortly sending off an order for some prints so I would like to do one… Continue Reading “The March Give-Away”

In between Time

I am sitting in my hotel room in Los Angeles, California. I have a long list of paper work that is not really paper work  it is all done on the computer but you know what I mean. First order of the day for… Continue Reading “In between Time”

How I write the Farmy Blog

No pictures today! It was ‘one of those days’ yesterday and Our darling Barb at Just a Smidgen. has passed the baton to me to discuss writing so I am only writing today. Barb is a poet, photographer and designer of no small renown so I find… Continue Reading “How I write the Farmy Blog”

Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals

Day Two of the Farmy Round up. Wow. It takes two days to walkabout the farmy now.  So much to see. Here is a grubby Paisley Daisy… ..with her good friend Queenie Wineti.  We tried to breed daisy twice this season but both times… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY with the Big Animals”

Walkabout the FARMY

I do love our walkabouts. Come along then. I shall name everyone as we go along for the newer members of the Farmy Clan. First into the barn and here is Pania and Tui, hiding out in the dimness.  It was still a little… Continue Reading “Walkabout the FARMY”