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The chickens went to the chicken abbatoir yesterday and  returned in their packaging and they are much bigger than I thought they would be. Must be all that milk. This one took over two hours to cook. Poppy is pretty big too. She is… Continue Reading “Chicken!!”

Cows Love wallows too

But only for the feet. In the heat cattle will stand in one area and urinate then stomp their feet until they have made a puddle for their feet. went one better and have them a wee pool of water. They seemed to like… Continue Reading “Cows Love wallows too”

An open world

Imagine if we could travel the world and stay as long as we wanted in any country we chose to stay in.  Just forget about a calendar, and politics and wander across borders and through towns and out into the wild. No paperwork or… Continue Reading “An open world”

Chick Therapy

It was hot yesterday. Breathtakingly hot. But more rain is on the way so we are not complaining. The Cadet needed a little extra loving yesterday so she came over to the farm for some chick therapy. (Above is a little peachick they are… Continue Reading “Chick Therapy”

That kind of cold

Miss c’s almanac says; get ready for another cold winter. Bad cold. I know it is summer and we are just beginning to harvest, and the last thing we want to think about is the winter. But if you live a simple old fashioned farm… Continue Reading “That kind of cold”

This was not yesterday

Yesterday I went back through some of our old shots so that I could compile an extra page that new people can refer to if they need to identify one of the animals or birds. It sits up there, (look up) right next to… Continue Reading “This was not yesterday”

Daisy the Virgin Cow

Yesterday Daisy met with the Vet. She was wild eyed and leery.  Daisy that is .. The Vet was calm and brave.  The Vet has known Daisy since she was a new born so everything soon settled down. Maximus is the name of the bull.… Continue Reading “Daisy the Virgin Cow”

Summer rhythm

We are now finally settling into a summer rhythm. After all the births and the weanings and the schedules. The setting up and taking down and setting up again. the milking, the feeding,  the cooking and the gardening move in and out, giving and… Continue Reading “Summer rhythm”

Walkabout on the hot, hot sleepy farmy

Ok,  back to business!   I rearranged animals the other day. Mia, Meadow and The Murphy are in The Daisy Paddock with the big gate closed so they have very little shade in the morning. I made them a beer tent. They seem more… Continue Reading “Walkabout on the hot, hot sleepy farmy”

Out of the mouths of babes.. a little story about love

You know how some of your  friends are not really your friends but you are their friend.   They love to visit. But they are just too .. well.. needy.  Too whiney. Too willing to bare their own souls and cleavage at any opportunity.… Continue Reading “Out of the mouths of babes.. a little story about love”