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Herbie came to visit

Do you remember the piglet that was having trouble in the cold early last winter.  He kept vomiting up his food? Almost died. I brought him inside then gave him to the pig rescue lady just before I began my travels. Do you remember… Continue Reading “Herbie came to visit”


The chickens went to the chicken abbatoir yesterday and  returned in their packaging and they are much bigger than I thought they would be. Must be all that milk. This one took over two hours to cook. Poppy is pretty big too. She is… Continue Reading “Chicken!!”

In my Kitchen

Timatanga Moana the KuneKune Pig walks about the house squeaking like a badly oiled door. You know the one. The Hitchcock Door.  The Virginia Wolf Door. The elongated Footsteps Man squeak as it opens and the bad guy creeps through.  Accompany that with the pitter patter of… Continue Reading “In my Kitchen”

The Cuteness Factory

Not too many words today. Words seem to tax my brain and my back more than images and hay bales do when I am tired. We are building up to Busy here and every step I take I have to take with care making… Continue Reading “The Cuteness Factory”