Herbie came to visit

Do you remember the piglet that was having trouble in the cold early last winter.  He kept vomiting up his food? Almost died. I brought him inside then gave him to the pig rescue lady just before I began my travels. Do you remember that one?

Well here he is a number of months later. He lives with Lori (the pig rescue lady) – she loved him so much she kept him – he even sleeps in her bed with her.  His litter mates were just sold at over 200 pounds and Herbie is barely hitting 35 pounds. He has trouble with food still. But is such a sweet pig. 

She took Rue with her yesterday to be Herbie’s best mate. Later she sent me a picture of them sleeping together on her couch.

In the meantime it got so hot yesterday ( 91F/32C) that much of my time was spent keeping pigs  and cows cool. Even the chickens got a fan. 

I flooded the piglets concrete pad with water and they were all in there cooling their heels. Today I will make a proper wallow for them down in the field.

All 16 are getting along well.  Though in the night they still sleep separately,  in the baby beds that they are fast growing out of.  I put their feed in a myriad of different bowls all around the barn so the little ones can get in to feed without the bossy big ones shoving them out. Though it won’t be long and they will be shoving ME out.

It was so hot and windy yesterday that I had to stop planting and watering by the middle of the day (I started watering before the milking) then I started again late afternoon and finished watering at 10 pm. Much better to water when it is not blowing hot, but it makes for a long day.

And we have more blistering hot weather on the way.  I am so glad the chickens are all finished – this weather would have been terrible for them.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather forecast: Good and hot and windy again.  Not good planting weather but unfortunately good hoeing weather.

Sunday 06/11 0% / 0 inSunny skies. High 91F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph.

Sunday Night 06/11 10% / 0 inClear skies. Low 71F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.

23 Comments on “Herbie came to visit

  1. Herbie looks very happy – Rue is definitely going to the right place. Those little pigs look like they love their swimming pool 🙂

  2. Herbie is so dang adorable! It is odd hearing people talk about temps in the low 90’s being so terribly hot. That is a GOOD day around here. It is easy to forget that most of the world is not used to that sort of thing.

  3. I have no idea why, but you seem to be entertaining hotter weather than we are here in the south! What’s up with THAT? I still think one of those mud wallows would be fun to try sometime. Even the deer like to splash around in the shallows of the slough and come out mud speckled. Call me crazy but I think that needs to be on my bucket list! 😀

    • Well, if making mudpies and stomping in puddles was good enough for us when we were little, why not now! 🙂

  4. Wow, 165 lbs is a big difference. Maybe you are onto something here, miniature Hereford pigs 🙂 We were down to 4C this morning with about 14C as a high. Laura

  5. Oh my goodness, having a pig sleep in your bed with you? hahaha that’s hilarious. I really do hope she’s been able to house train them, as far as bathroom requirements. If pigs are as intelligent as I’ve heard tell, then it seems likely that’s very possible. It’s a special bonus that Rue has found a best buddy though, and the pig rescue lady sounds like an angel.
    I don’t envy your heat… once the temps go above 90f I begin to melt; it just saps every bit of energy from me. Our region is under a “heat warning” for the next few days at just 31c degrees (that’s only about 88f)… so, yes, all things being relative, we in the north do feel the heat so much more. Hope you can keep cool! ~ Mame 🙂

    • When I had my pot belly house pig I caught a nasty stomach bug. I laid down on the daybed and had one small dog at my stomach, one small dog behind my knees and one rather larger pig stretched along my back. I felt very, um…cherished? And yes the pig was housebroken – sometimes better than my dogs!

  6. We already have three dogs that sleep on our bed so the idea of dogs and a cute pig is a bit extreme! 😎 But what a wonderful account of love for an animal!

  7. We are burning up here…hot, hot, wind and hot sun and major heat. It’s taking all I can do to keep everything wet!

  8. oh yes l remember Herbie. How lovely that he should come for visit… the Pig Lady must be really fond of him to let him sleep in bed..so cute.. it is good that other pig will have a friend to play with

  9. Herbie and Rue, may they live long and happily with the Pig Lady. It is very warm here too, a high of 91 F. The heat melts me too, so mowing must be done in the early a.m., tho the low temps are still in the low 70’s which is nice. Don’t forget to dowse yourself with water too, C, not just the pigs and cows. 🙂

  10. could we get a peek at the piggies sleeping on the couch? The Pig Lady is a lovely woman! Three cheers!

  11. Hmm! Know a few friends who have their dogs as bed companions but this surely must be the first time I have heard of a pig occupying the same space 🙂 ! And now I suppose there will be two . . . but going outside: methinks your menagerie of the porcine kind must just love their splish-splash-splosh playground. Good luck with night-time watering and counting down the days until the next wwoofer can be handed the task . . . . . .

  12. That is pure love! Look at that smile in the second photo! 🙂 He is darling…so is she!

  13. J & D > You certainly have a ‘continental climate’! Ours is maritime – no extreme variations in temps through the year. We just love the tale of wee Herbie! Nothing goes to waste – in the case, not even a grunt or oink!

  14. I’ve read that story in many different settings. The Herbies in our lives can bring out best within us.

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