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The humidity is getting into my brain and turning it to mush. 


To secure his corner in the sun room of the barn WaiWai goes to bed early. Usually about five pm. He settles himself right into the corner of the sleeping area, hugging the wall, as immobile as a very fat little rock. He lies… Continue Reading “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE PIG”


This has got to be my favourite photo of Sheila ever. 




The chickens went to the chicken abbatoir yesterday and  returned in their packaging and they are much bigger than I thought they would be. Must be all that milk. This one took over two hours to cook. Poppy is pretty big too. She is… Continue Reading “Chicken!!”

Porcine Excitement

Poppy (the Hereford sow) has been re-located to the house of sinful pleasures also known as the West Barn. She leapt into the trailer without any enticement and the red truck towed her chariot around the corner.   If there had been a sunroof she would… Continue Reading “Porcine Excitement”

Taking herbs to a new level

When you have a new puppy things get rearranged. It is a bit like having a toddler, so all the herbs at the back door have been moved up a level and  popped into big pots or broken pots are stood on end to… Continue Reading “Taking herbs to a new level”

And then the water stopped flowing

See that small roofline right there on the right of this picture, in the foreground, that is the top of the well, 88 feet down from there dangling on the end of a long long rubber hose is a little submersible pump. Right when… Continue Reading “And then the water stopped flowing”

Country Air Conditioning

I have begun to feed hay out to the animals now. There is a little feed left in the fields but they are grazing very low to the ground now. And my fields are very young. There are lots of dried off tops which… Continue Reading “Country Air Conditioning”

Water, water everywhere, give me a drop to drink

Yesterday as I walked about in the heat with my hose making sure animals had water to stand in and cold water in their troughs I began to wonder about how much water I was  using. How much water is needed to run a… Continue Reading “Water, water everywhere, give me a drop to drink”