To secure his corner in the sun room of the barn WaiWai goes to bed early. Usually about five pm. He settles himself right into the corner of the sleeping area, hugging the wall, as immobile as a very fat little rock. He lies very still and quietly bear cub growls as the others shuffle their way through their night time routine. 


But they are all sleeping together. Slightly apart but a success. Tima is not being a bully anymore and Wai is not afraid. Both Tima and Wai are wearing their zinc sunscreen every day. Wai on all the new skin and Tima on her ears.

Speaking of pigs:


I filled the piglets bucket with the spigot on the end of a pipe for drinking and we had lessons. It was exhausting work for the little pigs.


While I am away everyone has two sources of water just in case.


Did I tell you that the rescue oak has come into leaf. Alive. And looking better than ever.  Our John saved it from the chipper on a job site and transported it home on the back of his truck – it is a very tall tree but he has a soft spot for oaks.  It’s bark is all horribly dried up and crackly but alive.

And speaking of trees:


The walnut that was split in two right to the ground by a falling elm branch has come back into leaf too. I have no idea how both sides of this tree are still alive. I am going to swap out this orange strap for a black one soon. For aesthetic reasons. I think it may be a year or so before the sides can stand up by themselves.  Amazing trees. It all comes down to water.

All the trees in the Fellowship Forest down the back survived the winter too.


The garden is blooming.


I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Another lovely day.

Tuesday 05/08 0% / 0 in
Sunny. High 81F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night 05/08 40% / 0.02 in
Partial cloudiness early, with scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight. Low 56F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

5:42 AM 7:56 PM


Waning Gibbous, 47% visible 2:15 AM 12:46 PM


  1. Lovely lilacs! My old house in the city had a massive hedge of lilacs, which I miss so much. I need to plant more up here, but it’ll be a good half-century before they get as impressive as those other ones!

    • These are only about 8 years old and are coming along nicely- they send out suckers too – I dig them up and replant them.. perfect bushes for around here

  2. I love it when the garden begins to come alive again..each morning before breakfast l wander around and ‘look’ at things..pull a few weeds and generally feel pleased and happy that all is flourishing as it should…. It makes you feel that life is worth the struggle when all the shoots start popping out from their winter covering… Just like your trees..just waiting for the right time. It is good that Wai has recovered so well…but its all down to your dedication… Have a GREAT day….

  3. Wonderful photo of the lilac blossom. I scrolled down to it, and could immediately smell the flowers in my mind. It has been many years since I smelled lilacs in real life, so it’s a tribute to your beautiful photo…

  4. The cat on the rail looks natural. The chicken on the rail, not so much. Get down chicken.

  5. So pleased both the oak and walnut trees have survived. That rooster looks like he might be checking the ducklings out. Beautiful blooms. Laura

  6. Ohhh! Lilacs! Lilacs don’t grow here in Texas and I miss them this first year away. Smell them once for me!

  7. Lovely photos today. I am so glad John’ Rescued Oak & the split walnut have come through the long hard winter, with enough rain to soak deep into their roots and ground. I once lived across the street from two old ladies with a glorious orchid collection hanging in their trees & little orchid arbors. They tied up their exotic specimens however with anything & everything that came to hand from old nylon stockings to Christmas ribbons, plastic bags & ragged head scarves. Misses Addie & Sadie cared not a whit for aesthetics though & it gave those rare blooms an extra touch of je ne sais quoi.

      • Indeed they were & with many colorful expressions. Once they were visited by an FBI vice squad for receiving packages of perishable materials from Colombia. Hrrrphmf! They would have the vice men tell Mr. J. Edgar Hoover they were very respectable orchid collectors!

  8. What beautiful pictures sweet friends. All of the anipals look so happy and content – and I know that have to be because I would be. And the piggies. OMP – I just love their cute little pig butts. And yes I can say that right? One piggy to another – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  9. I’m so glad that elm survived. Trees are so much more resilient than animals. I hope it thrives. It certainly got a good soaking this winter and spring. And it must have roots that go all the way down into the water table.

  10. I long for the blooming of lilacs here in Minnesota. But with such a late spring, that shall not happen for awhile. While I wait, I appreciate your image of that lovely spring flower.

  11. There is an old Hungarian saying, ‘In May, you can steal kisses and lilacs.’

  12. We had an old oak in the front yard of our last house, I just loved that tree. So tall and majestic and it was very reserved in propagating in huge contrast to our present (and annoying) maple. I pullbout at least 500 budding helicopters (seeds) every year!
    Glad the children are behaving better and so happy to read that Wai is so much better.

  13. You will probably be amazed when you return with how much growth there will be. And so fun to see how the pigs have come together, working it out. Love that.

  14. That walnut probably should have been pruned severely, and possibly back to the stump. As long as it is not cut below the graft, and any suckers below the graft are pruned (or plucked) away, it should regenerate just fine. I an not see the tree, but I would guess that it probably has more branches and will get more foliage than it should try to sustain after such damage. Besides, all the foliage adds weight and wind resistance. Pruning at least some of it away relieves some of the stress to the trunk and main limbs. Pruning also stiiulates more vigorous growth.

    • You are right. I pruned all that was damaged but I will go out and take more off today. I am afraid we will have to prune with the chainsaw! Makes me sad. To tell the truth I am not even sure how it survived this far- it is split right down the center.

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