Look at all this beautiful sky. This is one of the reasons we struggle through the deep grey of winter. Once summer finally pulls the curtain the sky opens up and I feel like I can SEE once again. This is the natural home for those of us who suffer from environmental claustrophobia. Beach people. Brought up with air and space.


I am sure that is not a real term and though I do NOT get anxious when locked in a small space like the turkey house with twenty growing fast ducklings and twenty not growing very fast at all chickens, I DO feel a soaring soul-full freedom when under the big open  loud free skies of the Midwest.


I still spend hours a day in the asparagus beds. And already my endless (and kind of addictive) weeding has begun to pay off. Yesterday I took out three pounds of lovely fat asparagus. And there has been little rain and the nights have been cold so the beds are still not into full production. I am noticing many self sown baby plants too which is a good sign. I have to be careful not to disturb or cover them as I weed and mulch my way up and down the beds.


The kit I carry down the back.


It makes me laugh that when a person grows to sell she only gets to eat the seconds of everything! I don’t mind – misshapen asparagus and double-yoker eggs too big to fit in the cartons taste just as tasty in my morning omelette.

This morning has dawned sunny and cool at 47F/ 8C.  I can get a lot of work done in a cool morning like this.

Have a lovely day.

Love celi

PS. My airbnb is booked every weekend this month! My second line of a little income is doing well. I am so pleased. If you would like to come and stay for a weekend-get-out-of-town don’t forget to enter your dates and make an inquiry, telling me you are one of the Fellowship, so I can give you the Fellowship of the Farmy 10% Discount.

WEATHER: Beautiful.

Monday 05/07 0% / 0 in
Sunny. High 74F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday Night 05/07 0% / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 48F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.

5:43 AM 7:55 PM


Waning Gibbous, 56% visible 1:39 AM 11:49 AM



  1. Double yolk eggs are rare here, and really if the asparagus differs in size and slightly bent should be coveted as a sign of organically grown. Label or no label. How wonderful that the coop is booked up ☺ Laura

  2. Yum! Bendy asparagus and double-yolk soft boiled egg to dip it in, maybe eaten on the steps in the sunshine with the infinite midwest sky a thousand miles overhead. You have made yourself a most excellent life…

  3. I see you are spoiling those ducks. 🙂 Is that some kind of sprout in their bowl?

  4. The ducks look so eager to eat the sprouts. How are your sprouts going for the other animals? I’m so glad the coop rental is going well. Makes for some nice pocket money. We almost reached 90 degrees yesterday. Quickly warming up now after the chilly spring. Have a great day!

  5. You are like the Basque fishermen who traditionally kept the heads of their fish and sold the rest. These days the cheeks and throats of hake and cod cost more than the fish itself!
    Those ducks are growing faster than the pigs.

  6. Sweet little chicks are just lovely to see as the sun rises here. Our sun is here to stay as well. Have a wonderfilled day.

  7. Playing Monday catch-up. Greece!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!! Lovely daughter you have! FYI: I am leaving for a big trip on Saturday! Cruise – 15 days – Portugal and Spain, then flying home from Paris. I have NEVER been to Europe and only have day stops everywhere. I may get a full 10 hours in Paris before the flight – at NIGHT of course. But I’m so excited to un-tether again!!!! Asparagus and poached eggs – – – yum!

  8. The ducks are so beautiful. Their feathers look smooth, like velvet. Are they as lovely to touch as they are to look at?

  9. I think grilled asparagus with a poached egg and a glass of chilled white might work nicely. Such lovely things to eat! That sky is almost fake, it’s so blue…like the dome in the Truman Show.

    • Funny you should mention the Truman Show – Ii was thinking about that the other day too – I heard a reference to it in a podcast as I was driving somewhere…

  10. Must go check the road-side patches to see if there’s any sign of life yet. Just been so darn cold for so long! (I’d just about die to get my hands on some of your “seconds”, Celi; )

  11. That asparagus looks really nice. I do not grow it. I am satisfied with the yucca, and it grows wild once established. It is not as good as real asparagus, but does not need the attention. Asparagus grows only a few miles away, but in loose sandy soil that is quite flat. I suppose one kitchen does not need very much area to devote to it, but like I say, yucca is easier!

    • Yucca? I have never grown it or eaten it – do you think it would handle the winters out here? I am always looking for perennials that I can harvest in the spring for the chefs.

      • Although some yuccas have very small ranges, and a few live in only a few square miles, some have huge ranges. Of the contiguous 48 states, only Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Minnesota lack some sort of native yucca; but some sort of yucca would likely grow in any of them. There are probably at least a few specie that would live where you are, and some probably make nice (for cooking) floral shoots. However, I would NOT recommend growing them as a vegetable crop. They need quite a bit of space for just a few floral stalks, sort of like artichokes, and the bloom only once annually. Although good in the absence of asparagus, they are not as good as asparagus is. We only cooked them because they ((Hespero)Yucca whipplei) grow wild south of here. When they bloom, there is plenty for us to go out and gather. What you might want to do is try growing a variety that both grows in your climate, and that also produces good (culinary) floral stalks, and then taking the stalks for your own kitchen only. That way, if they are no good, it would be no big loss. Yucca glauca probably grows wild where you are at, so should do well in the garden, and I believe that it makes better stalks than our yucca. The shoots are much smaller, but more abundant. If you do not like them, it is a pretty perennial in bloom!

  12. I think much of the world would be more than happy to have “seconds” like yours on their breakfast/lunch/dinner plate. Still waiting for asparagus here, maybe another week or 10 days – then I’ll eat it every day until it’s done. One of the best parts of spring!

    A couple of weeks ago I was going to meet my daughter for lunch – as I drove through the little town of Paris, Ontario there was a sign up “fresh maple syrup”. You can be sure that I stopped to pick up a bottle from the Mennonites! My daughter and her partner love the stuff so it’s a little treat for them. I’m a really bad Canadian, since maple syrup is not one of my favourite things – ooops!

    Chris S in Canada

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