I wanted this mornings title to be RIOTS OF COLOUR but there was no riot. Yesterday proceeded with business and purpose and NOISE but most of all – calm. The opposite of riot. But the colour is launching itself into the remnants of our sepia winter with thoughtless riot-like explosiveness. And I am glad.

Ton spends a good part of his day listening to the ducklings and chicklings in the Turkey House. Making sure they do not riot.


Part of Tia’s first month of training is dealing with me sitting or crouching or standing close to her. I am not getting too close yet, but she is not afraid which is the good thing. We have a year she and I – to become close friends.




Poppy’s Six have their next sized bed in their creep now. I held off on this because of the cold (cuddled together in a little tub is warmer – but now they have almost outgrown this stage. They are eating their solids very well. Can you see Number Six at the red all-day feeding bowl? In the corner?


Weaning time in a week or so I think.

EXCITING NEWS! My daughter has gifted me a trip to Greece, in June, to join her in Kalymnos. I have never been to Greece so this is an exciting development. I have spent a lot of time in Europe in my film days but never Greece. She and her partner Jack will be climbing there.  I love to rock climb too and she found a cheap ticket for me to join her in Athens. Then we fly to Kos, then a ferry to Kalymnos.

I love to travel as you know! So, for the next month, I will be saving all the egg and asparagus money for my explorations on the island, and getting the farm into an easy rhythm. Jake and Marty will manage the mornings and John the afternoons. I will be gone a week.

Being able to be spontaneous is why I am not milking this summer so I am embracing this fantastic offer. Sophie knows this and is taking advantage of my gap year – I need to get more details for you.

First I must learn some Greek!

Life is good. A challenge ahead.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Perfect – especially if we are able to catch one of those stray showers.

Saturday 05/05 0% / 0 in
Sunny. High 81F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 05/05 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 54F. Winds light and variable.

5:46 AM 7:53 PM


Waning Gibbous, 74% visible 12:14 AM 10:01 AM


57 Comments on “TECHNICOLOR

  1. Greece! -Sweet! A lovely trip this year! Thanks for pointing out #6 – I was missing her!

  2. The only riot brewing may be Poppys six. I love the textures in your pictures, I want to reach in and touch everything. Greece, Wow how fantastic, sea, rock climbing and sponge diving, no cows, sea ….. 🙂 I might want more details about the ferry though. Laura

  3. What a lovely gift! I have been in Greece in books & my imagination a thousand times, seeing the ruins, sipping retsina in a shady garden taverna garden, snorkeling in a sunny cove. I can see it now in my mind’s eye. Maybe not me climbing rocks……You’ll have a fabulous time doing your things. And a week away is long enough for one of Boo’s joyous airborne welcome homes, worth the whole thing.

  4. Gorgeous whiskery piglet snouts….
    Παρακαλώ να μου περάσετε ένα καραμπίνερ. (Please pass me a carabiner.)
    Η θέα εδώ είναι εκπληκτική! (The view up here is amazing!)
    Δεν υπάρχει άλλο ούζο, ευχαριστώ, αναρριχάμαι σήμερα το απόγευμα. (No more ouzo, thank you, I’m climbing this afternoon)

    • Have just spluttered into my breakfast coffee . . . . brilliant, Kate . . . I am ‘spending’ my nights this month next door in Italy watching Giro d’Italia all night every night: thank God for Foxtel 🙂 !

    • And – so you have another bottle of metaxa? We might have to lose the greek though – just the spoken language. I am going to start with hullo!

    • “Please pass me a carabiner”? Lol, at first I was thinking you’d said a carbine! (What?!). It’s all Greek to me; )

  5. What exciting and fabulous news!!!!!!!! I’m sooooooooo thrilled for you!!!!! I can just see you three kicking up your heels and having
    an absolute blast!!!!!!!! So wonderful!!!!! ::) 🙂 🙂

  6. How brilliant that you want to learn some Greek! It’s not easy, having a different alphabet, but at least you can learn it phonetically.
    I hope you were able to find Gerald Durrell’s Corfu Trilogy.

      • I know it’s had the rough edges polished for television, but they are such an endearing family.

    • And yes! I could not learn to read Greek but will learn the usual useful phrases like “where is the best feta made?” I also have my google interpreter that I use for my international guests.

  7. Greece! That is something lovely to look forward to. Trips are so much more than just the week of vacation – they give us a bit of joy in looking forward to them.

  8. When we went to Greece, we stayed on the small island of Syros. We went swimming every day and greatly enjoyed looking at the sea urchins and fish. The food there is amazing, and so is the coffee. Just be warned, depending on where you are, if you sit outside at a restaurant, you may end up surrounded by cats. We loved the cats, especially the mothers with their kittens, and always gave them some scraps.

  9. How exciting to be heading to Greece! It’s good to have reliable help to fill in on the farmy. I will be making my first trip to Europe in June also. Sixteen days with my eighteen year-old niece, in Germany where we will stay with the family of a foreign exchange student she became close friends with last year. I’m excited… and because of the length of stay, I’m not planting much of a garden this year. Forrest will have plenty to keep care of here as it is!

  10. Fantastic that you are going to Greece! Wonderful to get a change and be with your daughter!! I’ve always wanted to go there. I love the pic of the six from above.

  11. Thank you for point out # 6. They are so cute. We too are getting the riotous colors. It makes us feel alive again instead of just slogging through. Nothing like the plan for a trip to put the wind in your sails again. I love to travel too. But I’m a late follower so time in “Europe in my film days” leaves me with lots of questions. 😉 Here’s to lots of eggs and asparagus. Kate just cracked me up with her comment.

  12. I counted five and saw six’s little buttocks in the corner. I shared the beautiful peacock video with Bill last night. He was impressed. How wonderful to go to Greece. Your kind of place with vivid blue skies and water. What fun!

  13. Yes, Kate cracked me up too. Oh Celi, what a wonderful plan; I am green with envy just thinking about your trip but you have certainly earned it. It’s great that you can depend on Jake and John to cover for you. We will all be looking forward to going with you. ~Mame. 🙃

  14. Ah, Ceci! Do we get to see Greece too through the eyes of the New Kid or Camera House? We wanna go too, they all said wistfully! So exited for you! What a thoughtful, wonderful daughter and S-I-L!

  15. Regarding yesterday’s post about zia/tia….Tia is the Spanish word for Aunt, Tio is Uncle. We have many restaurants around here named Tia’s (Aunty’s), Tia Maria’s is a big one.

  16. You’ll love Greece! I backpacked around for my 60th, followed an old book I found and visited all the Goddess sites and temples in out-of-the- way places, a lot of them ruins now. I then joined a New Zealander and a Canadian lass, and we went to Paros on the ferry and rode around on motor scooters. It was fabulous! Well gifted, daughter!

  17. how lovely a gift for you….Happy Early Mother’s Day! Love those piggies and Tia has such a sweet face!

  18. What a wondrous time you will have. I am a wee bit jealous. Okay, I’m very jealous. I am half Greek, paternally, and have never been there, so, will travel vicariously through you. In-the-meantime, have a good day.

  19. What a lovely gift. So glad you are free to go! No woofers this summer, either, right?

  20. GREECE! (Squee!) I LOVE Greece (almost as much as Italy :] ) Oh the people are lovely and the food~ oh the food! I am SOOOO jealous!!!

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