Tia found her confidence today and allowed me to give her head a good scratch for quite a long time. In fact each time I stopped she would angle her head into my hand again. Every cow has a sweet spot and Tia’s is right between the eyes. 


Aunty Del’s favorite scratching spot is behind the crown of her head between the ears.



The little chicks are very happy in their new enclosure. They had had enough of the turkey house and sharing with those filthy ducklings. They had started to fly up onto the wall which is my sign for the first move. Now they are in the chicken Tank Tractor –  that big metal chicken tractor that no one can move. It is perfect for young birds. Today I will exchange their small carry box for a bigger house so they can get in out of the weather. They are a bit small to be outside really but the weather is warm and they have their wing feathers and it is much healthier for them to be out on the ground.  They have roosts in there – it is important they learn to roost when they are young.

As well as getting bigger fast the ducklings voices are beginning to change. Soon they will be quacking instead of cheeping. I have switched them to a lower protein feed so they are not forced to grow too fast. Best they proceed at their own pace.




I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Stormy with heat. Hope this rain comes in.

Wednesday 05/09 80% / 0.26 in
Windy with periods of thunderstorms this afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 84F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Wednesday Night 05/09 20% / 0 in
A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible early. Some clouds this evening will give way to mainly clear skies overnight. Low 57F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

5:41 AM 7:57 PM


Last Quarter, 37% visible

20 Comments on “TIA FINDS HER SPOT

  1. Aww Bless Tia, long may you be best buddies. Mr Flowers really is a good example of Mother Natures art. That rooster is planning a wifenapping very soon. Laura

  2. Those are some happy looking pigs. 🙂
    Spring is a happy season for nearly everyone. Something about putting hands in dirt makes me happy. Even if it is just pots on my balcony.

  3. OH look at the little chicks…. boy they are little! Everyone looks happy on today’s post, even Wai! His jowls just gives him a grumpy man look.

  4. I want to be friends with a cow and a pig … you make it seem very rewarding! Love to see how everyone is doing!

  5. That Mr. Flowers is so beautiful! What prompts him to display?

  6. Mr. Flowers is so beautiful! Is he noisy? Cows love to be ‘scritched’, don’t they? Thank you for the most beautiful pictures today! Curiosity – what keeps the baby chicks in that enclosure? The wire/gap size makes it seem as though they could walk through three abreast!

  7. OH, I see! There is chicken wire held up by the larger wiring! Didn’t see it til I took a closer look at the rooster! Silly me!

  8. That Ton can’t resist a photo-bomb opportunity. Just the sneakiest glimpse of black and white fur behind Tima…

  9. Seeing Mr.Flowers brought back a memory of my time in Austin. I frequented a park connected to a small art museum that had peacocks. I loved their sounds and antics. Have a wonderful day!

  10. That peacock photo is Just Gorgeous!
    Is that Wai with the teeth? Cracks me up every time.
    “Filthy ducklings?” hmph! 🙂 Lol, amazing how they can be really dirty but keep their feathers soooo nice and tidy.

  11. The sun is a wonderful thing and it’s nice for all your animals to go out and bask in it.

    Mr. Flowers doesn’t have any peahens to display for? Guess he’s keeping in practice. 🙂

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