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To secure his corner in the sun room of the barn WaiWai goes to bed early. Usually about five pm. He settles himself right into the corner of the sleeping area, hugging the wall, as immobile as a very fat little rock. He lies… Continue Reading “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE PIG”

100 cabbages

Yesterday we planted out 100 cabbages in the cows garden.  (There are 100 more in the glasshouse and 100 more to sow). Today fifty pepper plants of different varieties will follow – the peppers are not for the cows,  they are for the Farmers Market… Continue Reading “100 cabbages”

One of those days

Yesterday morning the big beast, the Hereford steer, walked away and stood all alone in the West Barn separating himself from Carlos and his cows. I smiled. Thank you very much I said and  I shut the barn gate on him, gave him extra… Continue Reading “One of those days”


Welcome Home.  This is just camera  trickery making Ton look so small. She and Elsie are instant friends.  Absolutely no problem at all. Though she has put on a bit of weight has our Queenie!  And hopefully pregnant. We will know in the New… Continue Reading “Queenie”

A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

Someone laid an egg yesterday.  Was it you? Maybe not.  Certainly was not you and I know it was not me.  And we know for sure that Queenie, waiting patiently under leaden skies for a little sun, did not lay an egg.  Out of… Continue Reading “A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg”

Racing Cow and How to take photos of bees

Yesterday was a gentle farmy day. Queenie who spent most of the day on her string down the back in the long grass by the creek, and who protested loudly when she was brought back into the Corner Paddock, was in a high spirited… Continue Reading “Racing Cow and How to take photos of bees”