Welcome Home. queenie-022

This is just camera  trickery making Ton look so small.


She and Elsie are instant friends.  Absolutely no problem at all.

Though she has put on a bit of weight has our Queenie!  And hopefully pregnant. We will know in the New Year.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,



26 Comments on “Queenie

  1. A lovely welcome that I’m sure she appreciated! Happy winter solstice, c. xx

  2. A companion for Elsie, Queenie comes home! Maybe this will help Elsie settle a little faster so that milking can be easier. I know you are looking forward to milking. Happy day to you, John, and all the animals.

  3. I am happy Elsie and Queenie seem to be friends. Isn’t it just wonderful when you’re feeling kind of alone and all of a sudden someone much like you comes along? Companionship is a wonderful thing. And for Queenie, it’s lovely to be home with all of your old friends. Happy day, Celi… when will this sun ever show again? It’s been gray here for about three weeks now!

  4. It’s nice to see Queenie back and excellent that she made an instant friend. I hope she’s pregnant too 😉

  5. Aw, Queenie and Elsie look so lovely together. I hope Queenie is pregnant. I’ll be on tenterhooks until we know for sure.

  6. Want to wish everyone, especially Ms Cecilia a very Merry Christmas. I’ll be in Little Rock taking more radiation treatments and this will be my only chance to express my Christmas wishes for everyone and thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers, mantras, etc the Fellowship has sent my way before the 25th. Will get to come home and enjoy a little time off until the following Monday. Wishing everyone a happy holiday.

    • All our love is with you.. you are doing so well with the whole thing.. lots of good healing thoughts coming your way for weeks yet!! much much love and merry christmas.. c

  7. Glad to have Queenie back where she belongs. Better still to learn that she and Elsie are getting along so well. That’s a relief.
    I just saw a weather report and immediately thought of you. In the last 7 days, not including today, Chicago has had a total of 33 minutes of sun. That total is only going to get worse because I’ve yet to see anything but a gray sky overhead for the entire morning and rain is forecast for tomorrow. I think the weather gods want to make sure we really enjoy the sun when we see it next. I know I will. Have a great afternoon, Celi.

  8. Awwww…. she’s such a lovely big woolly girl, I hope there’s a mini-Queenie in there for us to enjoy. Bet she’s happy to be home.

  9. How quickly the two of them realized there’s someone new. Glad they will be friends.

  10. Maybe the bull likes them meatier so she decided to fatten up a bit to attract her guy 🙂 Hopefully, it was a successful attraction. Wink, wink 😉

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