Yes! For the first time in Months, we had a sunny day all day. The whole day.  And tomorrow is the shortest day.  Oh JOY!

Here is something I found on the internet. I don’t know what half that means. All that is really important to me is that from tommorrow on the days begin to lengthen again. Sighs.

December 2014
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Local Time

Winter Solstice Time = 17:02:28
Sunrise = 07:14:41
Sunset = 16:22:37Day Duration = 09 Hours 07 Mins 56 Secs
Previous Day Duration = 09 Hours 07 Mins 59 Secs
Next Day Duration = 09 Hours 07 Mins 57 Secs

The chickens will begin to lay more eggs. cold-sun-057

The piggies will have more time to roam about.



(And with the sun out they roamed about all day and fell into bed exhausted by evening.)

I know it will get colder now that the days are longer – it always does. cold-sun-029

But – Oh how the sun makes us SHINE!


I hope you have a lovely day. Tomorrow I hope we will go and pick up Queenie Wineti. On the way we will drop Aunty Del back with the two bobbies at the West Barn.  Queenie will have Elsie for company now. It will be interesting to see how that goes.! And today I am off to see a movie (my birthday movie and dinner but I had to wait until I stopped coughing every time I opened my mouth).cold-sun-044


Love your friend on the farmy



24 Comments on “SUN!!!

  1. Glorious sun. I cannot wait to see it again. Still gray here. Enjoy your birthday dinner and movie. Heading to central IL today to see my grandparents. We’ll wave as we shoot past. 🙂 Love that the days get longer again!

  2. It’s stone-cold here today, and I’d sure like a bit of sunshine. Enjoy your evening, c — it sounds quite wonderful! xx

  3. Nothing is as good as a bit O sun…it makes everything seem right with the world, even tho we know that it is not! I hope that you enjoyed going out to dinner, are rare treat indeed…love to you also

  4. Kick up your heels and enjoy your dinner and movie date!!! And may this be your best year yet Celi!!!! xoxoxo

  5. I like it when the days get longer and I miss the sun when I don’t have it . Right now, I’m enjoying the rain here in California. After a three year drought it is much appreciated . Enjoy your evening out !

  6. I don’t know when the sun will shine here. It has been raining very little and drizzling a lot. The temperatures are agreeable so I won’t complain. I am glad the sun has presented itself in your neck of the woods. It will come peeking out here any day now… I’m just sure of it!

  7. Ahh sun, it is a mood picker upper, isn’t it. Welcome back Queenie. Hopefully, she will be a good friend for Elsie. She is definitely a calm one, that Queenie. Have a good time at the movies and enjoy a good meal with John. Two weeks off starting today…yay!

  8. Enjoy the movie and dinner, you deserve a little spoiling! I am with you on greeting the Winter solstice. The older I get the harder the dark days are to deal with. I will be counting the extra minutes of daylight and praying for sunshine to warm my bones. I think Godot is becoming more used to the camera these days. Stay healthy, young lady!

  9. Technically, since tomorrow is the first day of winter, it’s both the shortest day and longest night of the year. After that our days begin to increase and our nights shorten until we reach the first day of summer which is the longest day and shortest night of the year. The earth then begins to tilt away from the sun again.

    With that said, those of us with young kids enjoy winter. Since they can’t tell time, they go by sunlight and it’s easier to convince them to go to bed when it’s dark outside 🙂

    Regardless, our days will very soon begin to get longer and hopefully we’ll start seeing more sunshine. We’ve had more than our fair share of cloudy days.

    Enjoy your movie and dinner out tonight.

  10. Still waiting for sun here …but glad someone’s found it. Enjoy your night out.
    Oh, here’s a shepherd’s song you might appreciate. It’s posted on a friend’s blog. The only copy of this old Spanish shepherd’s song printed in 1556 in Venice is held in a Swedish Univ….after a stop in Prague.
    It’s a very pleasant song – and while an ordinary folk tune, sounds so much like a rural Christmas song

  11. Lovely photo of Aunty Del basking in the sunshine. Hope Miss Sheila continues to improve. Now the long cycle of the year comes round again, and you are looking forward to longer days and shorter nights. Meanwhile down on the bottom of the world, we’re hoping for shorter days, a little less heat, and please God, some rain.

    • I have rain Kate, it’s all topsy-turvy this year, usually up your way is wet and her, just south of the border we’re praying for the rain. It’s turning my cucumbers into monsters overnight 🙂

  12. I’m still coughing as well. Solstice, that means the days are getting shorter 😦 so today I harvest garlic and shallots and bandicoot a few spuds. Its been warm, humid and grey here for what seems like weeks. Today we too have sun and I can’t wait to go get muddy. I love the shot of Tane’s spots (he is becoming a favourite of mine amongst the farmy friends) 🙂

  13. Do hope you will enjoy your night out – and do tell us afterwards what you saw!! Am happy for your longer days [tho’ initially they increase by but a few seconds a day] but sad ours will go the other way: in spite of the heat [not bad here so far 🙂 !] I DO blossom and bloom on light!!!!! Do hope you’ll have acceptable weather for the Yule week – here on the Highlands we are threatened with a whole week of rain and storms . . . again!!!!!

    • We need about a week of constant moderate rain or 3 days of heavy rain, followed by a couple of weeks of sunshine, then some more rain, then some sunshine, etc. If we get that, the cane harvest will be OK, gardens will survive and waterways will be restored. If we don’t, there’ll be a lot of hardship amongst the farmers. I can keep my small bit of garden watered using bathwater, condensate from the aircon and a bit of judicious hose action, but the dust is dreadful, and it’s very hard to sleep when the temperature doesn’t go below about 27C/80F at night… So please, everyone, send me the rain you don’t want!

  14. My great grandmother (who I remember well as she lived a good long time) always said 21st December was her favourite day of the year as it promised better things to come!

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