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Sharing the Milk

Lady Astor and I had a good think together yesterday. Cows and I mind-think  – think like a cow and all that.  My Plan has always been to share-milk with the cows this year. They are older girls and have not ever been house… Continue Reading “Sharing the Milk”

Lady A

Oops, I am late. Just got back in. I went to bed early last night, and got up late. I must have needed the extra sleep. Mucking out the stalls is hard work. And my muscles are still wintery and stiff. It is all… Continue Reading “Lady A”

Lady Astor

Yesterday was one of those pot lid days. You know the ones. When the clouds hang heavy and grey right above your head..  all day long.. but nothing terribly much happens in the meterological arena, just a lot of pot lid above your head. … Continue Reading “Lady Astor”


Welcome Home.  This is just camera  trickery making Ton look so small. She and Elsie are instant friends.  Absolutely no problem at all. Though she has put on a bit of weight has our Queenie!  And hopefully pregnant. We will know in the New… Continue Reading “Queenie”