Lady A

Oops, I am late. Just got back in. I went to bed early last night, and got up late. I must have needed the extra sleep. Mucking out the stalls is hard work. And my muscles are still wintery and stiff.

It is all go outside – warm and gorgeous. So this morning the cows and I  did an early pretend milking sequence. They were perfect. 25

Lady A the Dutch Belted cow has an udder on the move and she is not carrying her calf as high in the last few days – she was suddenly showing more ribs yesterday. I think all that movement in her belly yesterday was the calf repositioning. Though none of that means very much. By the looks of their udders both of them have a while to go yet.  Remind me to order the new bits and pieces for the milking machine.

The cows (both lots)  are pretty annoyed with me for locking them up on the concrete yard. The fields are  much too soft for a cow at the moment. everything-077

Poppy was not in any kind of heat yesterday.  She finally laid down and took a break.


The Cadet and I got the middle pen finished and ready for the goat kids.  They could come anytime really so best to be prepared.


So today I will pick up some baby goat milk powder and pop it in the freezer to wait. That and some teats.  Though I will not put the teats in the freezer. That would be weird. It will be interesting bottle feeding Four hungry babies goats.


Missed flying Godot again. Sometimes I wish I was using film, a fast film is much better for catching action.


Kim’s Hen house was re-placed by the barn. When our chicks are ready this is to be their half way house. Though they are still too small. This Sunday I will begin  to incubate another batch of eggs.


John took the old chicken tractor and covered it in plastic to give his brassicas a head start.  Jake and I are making new chicken tractors this year.


And Look! A Robin. The harbinger. The man with the drum marching before the band. A big fat Robin.

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Your friend on the farm




43 Comments on “Lady A

  1. No winter lasts forever, no spring misses it’s turn! All through the winter, I have to keep reminding myself of that! And now that spring is finally here, I can feel a wonderful shift of spirit in everything…Seeing your towels flapping on the line, I can almost smell that intoxicating scent of a spring breeze!
    C. don’t forget to order the new bits and pieces for the milking machine! 🙂

  2. That’s a mighty fine looking hen house! Good luck with your next incubation, hopefully Boo won’t ‘help’ this time!

  3. I’m curious to see how the goat thing works. I tried them once. The last one lived to be 18 and we had a small celebration when he finally passed on. No more goats for me, ever.

      • Fences. To a goat, there is no such thing as a fence it can’t overcome. My fences were in very good condition when I took in 5 young wethers. They pushed under it and bent the hogwire, and got out to eat my flowers pretty much whenever they wanted. If one got out, they all got out. When they got bigger it was harder for them to squeeze through small places. Then they turned to brute force. Open the gate and they’d push you out of the way and all run out. I had horses all my life and trained them to be respectful. The goats were untrainable, like a band of pesky juvenile delinquents. We obtained them to eat weeds in our horse pasture. They never did that. I still think goats are fun to watch, I love to see baby goats playing. As long as it’s at someone else’s place.

  4. I was getting worried! Its 11:00 a.m. And finally, Miss C.
    Don’t think I’ve ever known a busier person, juggling so many balls in the air, or as in this case, critters critters critters! Do you ever get plain old dizzy with all your responsibilities? I’m dizzy just reading them. Not only what you are doing at the moment but how much foresight you have and need to keep things going smoothly. Just incredible.

  5. You are so far ahead of me.. sigh.. beautiful as always.. another day below the freeze mark, and they say that we can have more snow coming but I still planted just a few more seeds.. just enough to do up a couple pots of this or that for the greenhouse, still to soon for either the six or four weeks before frost yet.. that will not come till april.. but the time is flying by

  6. It’s warm enough here that the houseplants are outside for a few days. It’s glorious. I know we’ll have dips and dives in temps between now and official Spring, but I’ll take the little tastes as I get them. Wishing you the best of luck with your feathered hatchlings this time around!

  7. It’s lovely seeing ground without snow! We have a strip where it’s melted, but for the most part the yard is still 2 ft deep in white. One of these days I’ll look out and it’ll be nude once more! Can’t wait!

  8. A big fat robin. Bet that bird doesn’t realize how much joy and hope his appearance brings. (outstanding picture) We are still overcast and heavy misty rain, but they keep promising 70’s and improving weather. The Spring Breakers really hope so.
    City people used to laugh when farmers said they brought the horses and mules up out of the pastures. But in winters like these with all the rains, horses can break an ankle/leg easily in the mud. The mules? You needed those to tow the car out when it got stuck. (and I grew to hate walking in ankle deep mud. *giggles*)

  9. As if you weren’t busy enough those hungry kids will up the ante for sure! I can’t wait to “meet” them.

  10. Poppy looking most pleased with herself! It sounds like the goat kids arrival may be eminent? I’m looking forward to the calves. Laura

  11. You are going to moving quadruple time nursing your four new babies Celi! But you’ll love it and and you’ll become their new mother! I’m going to send you a short video of our baby La Mancha dancing and being wild and crazy, just to get you even more fired up! 🙂

    • PS: I just love your heading shot of the clothes dancing on the clothesline! So, beautiful, cheerful and Springy!!!!

  12. I love the Bridal tail on Godot! How does he keep it so clean? I had a visit from Mr Robin on my Birthday this week, and he sang his greeting to me!

  13. it’s chilly here today (Oz) I’ve been up a while and it’s still dark, but I’ve had to put a cardi on and socks……..not for long, once the sun pops over the rim it’ll heat up quickly into mid-thirties (mid-90s) again. I love this about our autumn, crispy cool mornings and lovely hot days. Lots of good stuff going happening on the Farmy…..look at that Boo, little stocky boy he is, built like a brick dunny 🙂 Don’t forget to order the milking bits.:)

  14. 25 C? wow! That was quick. I was thinking of you today when the sun broke through the clouds. A summer drink. Miss C’s L&P. Think on it 🙂 I patiently await the recipe ….

  15. It might have been a late start, but you sure did cram in plenty of work…. I’m so happy it’s warming up for you. It’s 5.30am and 26C here, and our road trip starts this morning; gonna be a hot one. Sending warming thoughts out to everyone in the Lounge who’s still ground down under Winter’s heel…

  16. Clothes on the line is my favourite housekeeping item, even here in the city on the balcony, no clothes dryer or fabric freshener can replicate sun & breeze! I love the pic of the robin, so storybook. Remember to order the milking bits! 🙂

  17. if you thought pigs were houdeni’s
    just wait till the goats get here

    a baby goat is the best alarm clock there is.

  18. Hmmm! Any way to teach Boo to hold one of the baby goat bottles? The Cadet would probably love to take care of two . . . . don’t even know whether they are four-hourly initially like human babes: oh those 2 am feeds 🙂 !! And the robin is definitely telling you something . . .

  19. It’s amazing how different it all looks in just a few days. I’m looking forward to seeing the goat arrival. I suspect there may be a few butts between the goats and pigs… 🙂

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