We got the call! I am running back outside to finish the chores then Our John and I  are going drive away and pick up the baby goats. The Kids Ma, The La Manchas, I am off to pick up the kids. YAY.  When I collected  their milk replacement powder yesterday I  had my hair done so I don’t scare them with my woolly head.  No laughing at miss c’s hair-do Poppy!pigl-013

It is about an hours drive so I had better get a wriggle on. Anyway,  I am going to break all the rules and bring you pictures of them later today.

Usually I post early in the morning about yesterday – how about just this once I post later in the day about Today. Outrageous – What is she like?

Later my darling Fellowship.

Love celi

27 Comments on “Later

  1. You spoil us 🙂 Drive carefully, we’ll all be waiting I’m sure! Laura

  2. Can’t wait to see the kiddos! And let’s see your hair-do too!

  3. all poshed up for the new arrivals…they are highly honoured

  4. Oh how I wish you could post a video – but I’m sure you will capture the action well with your photos! Can’t wait!

  5. Oh my goodness…CAN’T wait! I love to hear their little squeeks, (which can be quite loud actually) 🙂 Hurry C.!!

  6. Kids (baby goats) are such a fun delight. They are cuddly like puppies and sometimes like to be in your lap and yet are wanting to be into everything. This is going to be a fun adventure for all of us. You know how we love the spring babies…..and how we adored the kittens. Drive safely.

  7. Yes, I wish you had sound, Celi, so we could hear their screaming! Nothing funnier. Much luck! Can’t wait to see these little tykes.

  8. Celi!!! you’re the cat’s meow!!! busy! busy! busy! but I want to see a picture of your hair do!!! according to Poppy it is super! or she doesn’t like it!! wondering who that really is!!! can’t wait to see the little baby goats!!

  9. How about a combination shot of Miss C with newly poshed-up hair, holding baby goats? Two birds with one stone! You’re going to be very, very busy this spring, aren’t you…

  10. It’s a fine fine thjng you do to engender the feeling of excitement of the impending arrival of baby goats for me here when you and they are there…

  11. Hope it all went well! Agree with Kate: let Big John take a family picture!!!!

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