The Kids

Here they are. Our new milking goats. La Manchas are here.

I have just a few photos for you and some introductions. They are such  nice animals. They love to be stroked and are not noisy at all. Quiet wee goats but busy, busy.  Goats love people and also love chewing on people.  I am really enjoying this little herd so far.

I have named my two does Freya and Hazel.  goats-015

This is Freya she is brown and looks like a little dog –


and Hazel is black and white and she has the most beautiful markings.


They very sweetly posed together.

The two handsome Billy Goats are to be called Hans Halkon and Carl Gustav –  they belong to the lady up the road so she has named them.

Hans (the little black one) was hard to capture an image of as he is a very energetic wee goat. But Carl is quite the poser and the epitomy of  goat. goats-065

A stunning boy. I will keep them all here while I am still bottle feeding them and after a while the Billys will toddle off down the road to  live with their owner and keep her grass down. Then in the late winter we will borrow one buck back to breed our two girls. Using the other one the following year. goats-022

There is Hazel in the front and Freya standing behind her with Carl Gustav on the left. I need to take their tape collars off now that they are named.

Boo spent the first half of the day watching them from outside of the pen but by the late afternoon he was in there. Sleeping with them. He cannot resist babies. goats-134

There is Hans in the foreground.

So there you are. The goats are here. I guess it had to happen! And if all goes well – this time next year we will be milking goats and cows.

I will see you in the morning..

Love your friend on the farm



62 Comments on “The Kids

  1. Oh Miss C, they are wonderful, and I feel privileged to be the first to comment. How lucky that I was just about to sign off when your post popped up. It will be beyond fun to watch these girls and boys interact.

  2. Ha ha – they all look a bit like dogs! I know they are American, but a breed like La Mancha deserves a few windmills and a donkey, perhaps named Sancho Panza 😉

  3. Yay! Welcome to the farmy, goats! I knew Nanny Boo would be excited to be on duty again. How wonderful!

  4. Cuteness cubed! There might be cats in there with them before the night is done. 🙂 Can’t wait to see their antics. Thanks for breaking the rule!

    • oh and that picture of boo and the teenager peering through the gate….priceless!

  5. Oh they are darling!! CUTE!! Oh that Boo!! Loves his babies!!! He’s the best babysitter!!! The Celi farm is just becoming the greatest!!!

  6. Oh, I have waited all day to see the new kids! They are adorable! You will love them! I love Hazel’s little gopher ears! 🙂 Congratulations C. on your darling, new arrivals!

  7. OMG!!! Goats are by far, my most favorite farm animals and the thing I want most!!!!! Can the girls and I please come out in the next couple of weeks? We would all love to help feed them 🙂

  8. How adorable! When I was small we lived on a little farm and had milk goats named Mary Jane and Snickelfritz. Lovely and loving creatures.

  9. Why the Nordic names for Freya and the boys? They are all absolutely adorable and you definitely do need to get a donkey or two for the Farmy. Check out the blogs 7MSN Ranch and On the Way to Critter Farm to see why.
    If we didn’t live in the city, we’d have goats and donkeys, and pigs and cows and sheep and chickens…

    • Hi kippy, the lady who bought the Billy goats is of Danish extraction. her grandmother was from Denmark i believe, maybe she will come in and clarify that for us.. c

  10. They are so cute and cuddly! It didn’t take Nanny Boo long to put her back into her ‘mummy mode’. It doesn’t matter what kind of baby it is, she just loves babies, bless her!
    I’m going to love watching these babies grow on the farmy.

  11. They are adorable, love Hazel’s little pixie ears! Goats are just such happy creatures to have around, they always make me smile.

  12. Oh what a dessert after my Sunday lunch!! Before I looked at them I just had to grin at Boo! Here we go again!!! Thought three of the names to be Swedish/Norwegian and wondered why . . . but love it that a Danish lady from the happiest country in the world will be looking after two!! Can’t wait for the next chapters!!!!! And ‘Freya’ means so much even to me!!!! Be happy! Be well!

      • It is also a most feminine name: often taken to mean ‘Venus’ in Scandinavia and the rest of NE Europe 🙂 ! ‘Sexy’; good omen!!!

        • I had a dear little bantam hen named Freya, the first time I picked her up and wondered aloud what her name was, I heard loud and clear “Freya”. She would come running when I called. Love all the wee goaties and sweet Boo in his element 🙂

  13. I don’t know about Celi naming Freya, but I name all my goats after Norwegian family,past and present. That’s all.
    Oh, I’m the lady up the road.

    • Oh Linnea: now we have two families of happy goats to follow! Hello 🙂 !

  14. So sweet! I do love goats. I go to the Los Angeles County Fair every year to play with some. LOL! Seriously…it’s the best I can do! I will certainly enjoy Freya and Hazel. They are delightful!

  15. I’ve looked at these little “Kids” umpteen times since you posted the big news on the farm!! They are so lovey dubby looking! Looks like you could spend hours just pettin’ and playin’ with these little cuties!! Think Boo will sleep with them tonite? Can’t wait to see more pictures of them !! Good job

  16. Wonderful 🙂 My great-grandmother was Hazel, and your Hazel is lovely… they all are. The photos over everyone getting to know one another are gorgeous.

  17. Oh they are just gorgeous. Do they grow much bigger or do they always stay pretty small? I have a four-year-old niece named Hazel, I will send her a picture of your Hazel, I think she will be tickled pink!

  18. I do love the Scandi names for the kids. Perhaps if I ever get one, I shall name her after my Norwegian great, great grandmother, Klasina Kagenhjelm-Laribi…. or maybe not!

  19. They are beautiful! I love their names as well. Goat cheese and goat milk are my favorite things to eat and drink. I have a very good feeling about them.

  20. Thank you for letting us see the babies straightaway. You must have been tired after your long day. Boo is a treasure – like Nana in Alice in Wonderland! You called the females “does” which I thought was rabbits or deer. I always thought females were nanny goats. I hope they settle into their new home quickly – they already have so many Farmy Fellowship Fans!
    love, ViV

  21. they are absolutely gorgeous….beautiful , cute and very cuddly…Boo always does an excellent parenting job.,,what animal next I ask? Llama?

  22. I am like Boo. I cannot resist babies, either. We have a farm close by that has La Manchas. They have a Great Pyrenees that lives with them to keep them safe from predators. He’s a fierce thing and takes his job very seriously. Those goats were the first earless I had ever seen. It will be an advantage in the coldest weather, I would think.

  23. I will follow up Patrecia at 4 a.m. with my comment at almost 9 a.m. (Reading this at my regular good morning time for your news, Celi.) I wanted to add my delight at your’s, Linnea’s, & Boo’s new babies. They are so adorable & have completely won me over…I was never sure about the La Manchas ears…because I had Toggenburgs for a few years and their ears were so beautiful & distinctive. My goats were descendants of Mrs. Carl Sandburg’s Flat Rock champion Toggenburgs, one of her main breeds. I just wanted to add the names of my goats–they came to me with the names: Milky Way & Snickers. I had high hopes of breeding a dear little Baby Ruth, but instead got the irascible Zero! In the end Zero went on to life as a “Brusher”, eating weeds on a farm down the road. Though all of them preferred iris & azaleas to ragweed & poison ivy, my goats were such fun & Unforgettable. Judith

  24. Didn’t see this post earlier! Love, love, love those babies! And Boo is such a sweetie, it warms the heart to see him with the babies.

  25. The farmy family grows, May their stay be healthy and fruitful. I am a day late. I had Buffy a four legged Patterdale terrier to play with for the weekend, she brought Elly & George to share Mother’s Day with me.

  26. I adore goats! I always have. A friend and neighbor of mine has about 60 or so and whenever my granddaughters visit they love to stop by and see them. Especially in the spring 🙂 . Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a lovely week ~ Lisa

  27. Boo hasn’t had babies to tend for awhile. 🙂 Pretty goats, I like your new additions to the farmy.

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